Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike In-Depth Review

Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike In-Depth Review

Features Included:

  • Offers a wide variety of colors including: Black/Red, Blue/Black, Blue/Red, Grey/Green, Matte Black, and White/Black
  • Sizes available include: 50cm, 54cm, and 58cm
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Easy conversion from single-speed to fixed gear; reverse tire as needed
  • Easy assembly takes less than one hour
  • Durable steel alloy frame
  • Free pedals
  • 700c frame fixed gear
  • Includes a rear flip-flop hub
  • Parts simple to replace
  • Flexible design
  • Simple adjustment
  • Available through Amazon Prime
  • Fast, efficient shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Urban saddle
  • Drop bars
  • Versatile, parts easy to customize and replace
  • Functional out of the box

What Makes the Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike Special?

Flashy and colorful, the Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike certainly has plenty of aesthetic appeal to offer users. Unlike other options, this offering from Vilano is up-front about what it offers. It is a simple, cheap product with barely any frills. This does not mean that this is a bad choice. In fact, it is actually surprisingly versatile and is something of a hidden gem when it comes to fixie models.

It features a 700c fixed-gear frame. A flip-flop rear hub ensures you can convert it quickly and with ease from a single-speed model to a fixed-gear. All one has to do is simply flip around the rear wheel, and you are all set to go. The frame is constructed with a durable steel alloy, making it especially suitable for in-town riding without worrying about how well it will hold up.

This model comes in a small handful of colors and sizes, making this suitable for a variety of users. This is great to have when you just need a simple starter. The handles are surprisingly ergonomic and for users who prefer drop handles, this is a decent model and easy to handle.

Any Complaints?

[box]There are not many complaints about it, especially when you consider how simple it is. Some customers have complained about the handlebars and back wheels of it not lasting longer than a year. However, the parts can be replaced or customized with ease which is great.[/box]

It does not always handle hills and inclines as well as you may hope but for in-town riding, it more than makes up for any potential incline handling flaws by being flexible and easy to ride.

The Cost

This is certainly affordable, and that is exactly the niche Vilano hopes to fill. It is a basic, single-speed bike without an ego. Its low-cost construction makes it an affordable option, suitable for users who just need something to ride and do not care about a brand name or expensive frills.

Replacement parts are simple to acquire and relatively cheap. While it is just fine out of the box, at least for the first few months or so, fixing or customizing it really is not too pricey. We are happy that this model, unlike a lot of lower-end priced ones, does not feel especially cheap and is guaranteed to last, at least for most active users.

Setup, Installation, and Customer Service

What is nice about this product from Vilano is that there is virtually no assembly required. You can practically lift it right out of the box and start riding it immediately. You will need to attach the pedals and wheels but, otherwise, that is it.

No tools are included, so you will need to buy Allen wrenches and other tools separately. Most users will want to tighten up the gears and pieces before riding it but this process should not take long at all. Assembling it takes well under one hour and you should be good to go shortly after the package arrives!

Customer service is excellent, with the manufacturer offering attentive care in cases of wrong orders and replacements. This is certainly one area where they succeed.

Shipping and Arrival

Shipping is efficient, with UPS handling most of the orders. Most users have been able to receive their bikes within 3-5 business days from most vendors. There are some concerns about the box’s condition upon arrival but this is not a major problem and has more to do with the carrier versus Vilano.

Much of this is due to the box’s thin cardboard construction, but it is packed efficiently and it is also very light to carry, making it suitable for most users to bring inside and remove from the box without any major issues. As we touched upon in the last section, installation and setup is very simple, and you will barely need to perform any assembly in order to get it up and rolling. It is available through Amazon Prime, allowing for Amazon users to receive it within 2 days.

Final Verdict

Overall, this quality product is a surprisingly strong fixie bike. Low priced and offering plenty of value, customers will find that they thoroughly enjoy it. It is suitable for in-town rides and for most users who just need an affordable way to get around town. This is especially suitable for beginning riders and people looking for an inexpensive way to test out single-speed rides.


This can be easily switched between a single-speed and a fixed gear platform. All you will need to do is reverse the back wheel. This is due to the simple to use flip-flop gear hub. It conveniently comes in a variety of colors and sizes and thanks to its minimal assembly, all of which can be done in a matter of minutes, it is usable virtually out of the box.


Shipping is fast and cheap. For a no-frills bike that offers most users a simple, versatile riding experience, we highly recommend this product. It is wise to do your own research and browse through the other reviews on our website, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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