The Monday Roundup: L.A. story, Good Company, harms race and more

The Monday Roundup: L.A. story, Good Company, harms race and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days…

Pavement and emissions: A recent study found that warmer temps pull more toxic vapors from road surfaces, adding to the long list of ways cars and trucks destroy our planet.

Death of Melrose: A heart-wrenching blow-by-blow recap of how one L.A. city councilor tanked a great project based on inaccurate and unfounded fears that one of the city’s most famous main streets couldn’t possibly exist with less space for car users.

In Good Company: Inspiring story of how a group of friends in Brooklyn started riding together and have now formed a bike club that welcomes Black and brown riders — and anyone who wants to have fun.

Walking > busing: Portlander Sam Balto writes for Streetsblog that it’s time for “walking school buses” to play a more prominent role in getting kids to class.


Shitty saddles: Turns out one very effective way to keep your bike from getting stolen is to simply place a bird poop sticker on the seat.

Harms race: There’s a battle going on between government regulators and business owners who trade in toxic masculinity in the form of souped-up trucks whose owners pay to “delete” their exhaust systems from emissions tests.

E-bike fatality: Someone riding an electric bike share bike in Chicago was struck by a car driver and died.

Who needs roads?: “In an attempt to recast its residents’ relationship with the car,” the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands has removed several road lanes built through its city center in the 1970s and restored a historic canal.

Video of the Week: Don’t miss Streetfilms’ look at a street that has been transformed for socially distanced living…

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