“The bikes are there, the cycle paths are missing”

Nice initiative, very useful, well done in Turin as in the center have made many cycling paths connected to each other. But how should I move to the city at Nichelino?

The nichelinesi do not lack the bicycle, but where to ride a bike. If we talk about the Sunday walk then you can think of going to the Grove, but for various errands I would have to venture into Via Torino where there is not only normal traffic, but also cars parked in double rows just to go to the bar to have breakfast.Years ago, the municipal bike experiment failed miserably for this reason. First you have to make the cycle paths, otherwise incentivize the use of the vehicle in these conditions means to incite accidents and injuries.We could begin by assessing via San Matteo where a very large sidewalk was made, it is not clear why. A cycle path in this street would allow a parallel shift to via Torino, maybe then with bike parking when you get close. Better than nothing.