The bike does not affect sexual health

A research published in the Journal of Urology and conducted on 4000 amateur cyclists exonerates the bicycle: the consequences of the saddle on sexual activity are void

For experts, it’s almost a non-news story. But considering the large number of cyclists in Italy – over two million is estimated by Federciclismo – it is still a welcome confirmation. The benefits of cycling to health are far greater than the risks: this is the message put on paper by a group of English urologists in the conclusions of their research, published in the « Journal of Urology ». The specialists wanted to investigate – on more than four thousand sportsmen – the consequences of the saddle on the health of the genitourinary apparatus. Result: nothing different than what is detected in swimmers and runners, who play sports without subjecting the testicles to the same stress.

THE BICYCLE – The researchers started from the conclusions that some publications had advanced regarding the hypothesis that cycling could favor the development of erectile dysfunction . The authors submitted a questionnaire to over four thousand sportsmen enrolled in the study, in order to determine their sexual health status . The substance remained unchanged, although among the cyclists it was found a greater predisposition to develop the stenosis of the urethra , the channel that carries the urine from the bladder to the outside: passing through the prostate and the penis. A condition that, if lasting over time, could lead to an increase in resistance to the flow of urine or sperm and require surgical treatment to restore the proper diameter of the canal. It is difficult at the moment to establish even if the numbness of the genitals often reported by the cyclists may be the “spy” of future problems. The condition was however reported more often by occasional cyclists , while it was less recurring as the time spent on the pedals increased . Sign that, in all probability, more time is spent on the saddle, less frequent is the loss of sensitivity at the level of the testicles.

THE BICYCLE USEFUL ALSO TO GO TO WORK – It is also good news for Italy, which is trying to play the card of cultural revival also enhancing the cyclovie . Today there is also a strong emphasis on the concept of active commuting: the time spent there has a significant impact on individual well-being, against more time spent traveling to work with the car that was the worst for a worker’s mental health. However, even today, the vast majority of people use the car to get to work. The rest of the people mainly use public transport and, lastly, the bicycle. “Cycling offers enormous cardiovascular benefits and a low impact on the joints,” the researchers concluded, as if to appeal to society, despite the winter: winter is stiff, but the benefits of a ride are unimaginable.