The benefits of cycling every day

The two-wheeler is friendly with the environment and our health, because it keeps fit, trains fatigue and helps you regain a good mood

Go cycling helps to develop “resilience”: overcoming obstacles and differences in level, do not give up even when the effort seems unacceptable and learn to resist are the ingredients for a real life lesson , critical to the physical and mind . At the turn of the two wheels we find contact with ourselves and nature, training our heart and mind. This means, practical and ecological, is in fact an excellent tool for practicing physical activity and combating aging day after day thanks to a regular workout.

The benefits of cycling every day

PEDALING TO SLACK – According to some estimates, the body begins to burn fat twenty minutes after starting physical activity. Cycling is an optimal sport for those who have a few pounds in excess to dispose of: over 50% of body weight, in fact, you download on the structure of the middle and buttocks, without over-exertion of the knees . So, unlike the race, it is excellent to combine at the beginning of a diet , when you still feel weighed down and not very relaxed. Attention, however, to the rhythm , fundamental if you want to lose weight: alternate different speeds and change routes often, all this will have a positive effect on the results obtained.

BODY BENEFITS –Pedaling works on resistance and has positive effects on the heart , as well as on pulmonary ventilation . And although the medicine has questioned the possibility of the onset of pathologies of the uro-genital apparatus, recent investigations have defeated these hypotheses. An English research team analyzed a sample of 5,300 cyclists aged between 16 and 88 who practice this sport from three to nine hours per week: data have shown that there is no correlation between cycling and urinary diseases. On the contrary, thanks to the activation of the circulation and the stimulation of the legs, also the pelvic areabenefits from this activity.

HAPPY AGING –Those who love cycling know how the simple commissions of everyday life can become a pleasant diversion, in which to appreciate the pleasure of being outdoors and pedaling forgetting every thought. In addition to being an eco-friendly vehicle suitable for short journeys, the bike is a gentle and non-stressful workout , which adds to the exercise the pure pleasure of movement and curiosity towards the surrounding world. At menopause women are recommended at least two or three appointments with the bicycle every week: a simple and inexpensive way to keep fit, adjust your biorhythm, promote good mood.

GOOD DEPRESSION –For one year, John Ratey, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, treated a group of depressed patients with bicycles: the results showed numerous psychophysical benefits. Pedaling lowers stress levels and helps the production of serotonin , a factor boosted by exercise in the open air. Excellent for the back and able to strengthen the lumbar area, pedaling helps to obtain a tonic and harmonious body, improves the venous and lymphatic circulation, has positive effects on the mood. A real burst of pure energy, to be practiced consistently every day.