SmartHalo Review: the device that makes your bike smart

SmartHalo is a device  with an attractive and compact design that makes your bike smart thanks to 5 technological functions. Let’s find out together in our review.

SmartHalo: packaging

The square cardboard package obviously contains SmartHalo, the magnetic key to hook it and unhook it from the handlebar holder, the support with adapters to two different sections of handlebars and templates that help to mount it. The instructions are are digital via the app.



SmartHalo has a very minimal design, its main feature is the fact that it does not have a real display but a series of LEDs. This choice means that it has a great deal of autonomy and makes it very robust and unappetizing to the bad guys.



The device alone does almost nothing and all the commands and functions must be configured by smartphone. SmartHalo is therefore a satellite navigator, a light with automatic ignition , an alarm system, a physical activity monitoring tool and finally a system of notifications of calls and SMS received on the smartphone.



This device is not designed for a particular use, so please a little ‘everyone, both the cyclist on Sunday, and those who use the two wheels for urban travel. The functions it performs are rather elementary but simple and above all I have not found an alternative product on the market, therefore we must also applaud the originality. The price  is not very low and is equal to $149.99 on Amazon (with Prime) .