Six reasons why it’s good to ride a bike

Six reasons why it’s good to ride a bike

Going cycling is a healthy activity, fun, accessible to all ages and all year round. We asked Dr Michele Albano , a physiatrist, head of Humanitas Gavazzeni Bergamo’s orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, to outline the advantages of this complete sporting activity.

“Pedaling is an aerobic exercise that, when performed in a moderate and constant way, trains the cardiovascular system, tones the muscles and improves the respiratory capacity – explains Dr. Albano -. Especially the lower muscles of the body are working, with less impact on the joints than walking and running. The heart, with regular and constant activity, increases its mass and therefore improves its pump function, optimizing the consumption of oxygen. In addition, pedaling loses weight, improves the metabolism of sugars and fats, reduces the values ​​of blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL) in favor of the good (HDL), facilitates the peripheral circulation preventing swelling and venous thrombosis.

The advantages of the bicycle

 1. Joints

The bicycle is excellent for primary prevention of the joints. The rotary motion has a protective effect on the cartilages, there is no overload for the spine and for the knees because much of the weight is discharged through the medium.

2. Metabolism

Regular, low-intensity aerobic activity performed while cycling can progressively reduce fat and control blood sugar , cholesterol and triglycerides . The required metabolic commitment is equal to or greater than swimming. Therefore constant training improves the ability to consume fat and save sugar.

3. Cardiovascular system

Going in cycling is an activity of cardio vascular prevention when proceeding regularly and in moderation. Cycling allows a harmonious increase in the size of the heart at the level of the cavity and the thickness of the wall. At the same time it helps to lower diastolic blood pressure. Pedaling regularly also helps tone the respiratory muscles.

4. Calories and fats

Pedaling at an average pace, you burn from 300 to 600 calories per hour. Pedaling at a fast pace (around 20 km / h), you can burn up to 500/600 Kcal / h. In addition, after about half an hour of practice, fat reserves begin to be thrown away.

5. Silhouette

Pedaling strengthen the thighs, the calves and the buttocks. And the torso, the arms, the lower back and, when you are pedaling without sitting down, the abdominals, especially the lateral ones, are also urged. It is also a recommended activity for overweight people with fragile joints. It is important to adjust the seat and the handlebar according to your needs or problems, to ensure a harmonious movement without exposing the joints to a functional overload, often at the base of the development of pathologies.

6. Humor

in bike you avoid traffic jams, it is outdoors, you gain time and relaxing because you produce endorphins, substances at the origin of humor.