Rapha teases 2019 collection

Rapha has teased more clothing and accessories due for release in 2019, including two pairs of shoes, special edition kit and newly designed women’s chamois pads.

New Shoes

While it has made footwear in the past, Rapha hasn’t had shoes in its lineup for several seasons now.

That’s set to change with the release of two new pairs: Road and Explore.


The Road shoe will feature a carbon sole and ‘unique’ lace-up closure system, which Rapha claims will be ‘the world’s most comfortable road shoe’.

The name gives away the purpose with the Explore shoe, a new part of Rapha’s ever-expanding long-distance cycling range aimed at audax, randonee and bikepacking cyclists. It promises a carbon sole with an incorporated rubber tread that will combine stiffness when pedalling and grip while walking or scrambling.

New chamois design for women

Rapha has been working with women’s pro team Canyon//SRAM for several seasons now, using athlete feedback to develop products such as the Women’s Shadow Tights.

Special edition collections

Commuter luggage

Stand by for availability

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