Quick-fire Q&A with the founders of Pedla

Quick-fire Q&A with the founders of Pedla

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Quick-fire Q&A with the founders of Pedla

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Pedla have been around for quite some time and we’re sure our readers are now familiar with the brand – we’ve featured their most recent ranges, collaborated on limited edition kit and discussed the learnings from building a cycling brand from the ground up. But with a new collection on the way and a new HQ to show off, we thought we were well overdue for a quick catch up.

On our recent visit to Pedla’s new space in the back streets of Collingwood, Victoria – a suburb well known as a hub of creativity, arts, design, coffee, food and culture – we were surrounded by their upcoming summer collections. The upcoming capsules are distinctively Pedla, with strong graphic design elements and a constantly evolving aesthetic, and we were highly impressed by the selection of new colours and product features.

While we can’t share (yet!) what we were fortunate enough to preview, the new collections will be released in the coming months, and the new space that Pedla now occupy has grand plans to double as a retail showroom and event space. You’ll unfortunately have to wait just a bit longer for those.

We do, however, have a quick-fire Question & Answer session to share. We sat down with the founders of Pedla; Justin Abrahams (JA) and Marcin Wojcik (MW) and fired these questions their way.



Wine beer or spirits after a long day at the office?
JA: We have a great tradition here. It’s either a Negroni or a gin and tonic. But definitely spirits.


When you’re not in kit, who or what do you wear?
MW: Thanks to the Acne sale around the corner, I’d day Acne Studios. And Cos, definitely Cos.

JA: I like Belstaff at the moment … I like the technical detailing in their apparel.


What was the one thing that surprised you most about running your own business?
MW: That I actually enjoy working with Justin – yeah that’s probably it.

JA: There’s never an end when you run your own business: it doesn’t stop. But I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise!

LunaFLY Jersey

WildCAMO Desert

Aero Jersey

TheWILDS Orange

Aero Jersey


Have you ever found yourself close to death?
MW: Yes. I was canoe camping and I found a place to camp. I climbed up this cliff and put my hand over a rock and this giant spider ran across it, and I fell backwards. It was about five metres up, and luckily there was a branch about a metre below me. I caught on to that, and I was like woah… I almost died.

JA: I feel close to death every time I catch a flight. I’m not a good flyer, I tend to get a bit anxious.


Well, that’s a perfect segue into the next question: we’re travelling tomorrow, where are we going?
JA: Mallorca, cycling.

MW: I’d love to go back to Lake Como.


Favourite location for a photo shoot you’ve ever done.
MW: Mildura! Yeah that was just so… it’s hard to describe but it’s such a fascinating landscape. In terms of where we shot, it was this kind of arid area that felt like we could have been in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Base Layer


Windcheater Gilet

TheWILDS Slate

ChillBLOCK Jacket


What was the last album or artist you listened to on Spotify?

JA: Nick Cave, probably because I recently saw him in Berlin.

MW: We were actually just playing Bob Dylan before.

Best family holiday memory?

MW: To Legoland in Copenhagen when I was five… yeah, I still remember that vividly.

JA: Pepperoni pizza in Steamboat Springs.


All time favourite bike?

JA: I’d have to say my stainless steel Firefly.

MW: I’d stick to my trusty Cannondale SuperSix Evo from about 2014. The Wilko special.

The best gift you’ve ever received?

MW: The gift of love… [laughs] I recently had a surprise party sprung on me, that was pretty nice.

JA: Marcin gave me the world. Yeah, it was a little crystal ball with the world map printed on it. But also the fancy tube amp that I got just recently as a birthday present.

Women’s SuperFIT G+

TheWILDS Black

SuperFIT G+ Bib Shorts

WILDCamo Olive

Core SuperFIT G+

Navy Blue

Out of all the products you’ve made, what is your favourite?
MW: Mine would be the SuperFIT G+ Bib Shorts. I do like the LunaAir Jersey a lot too, that’s quite a nice garment.


Best travel advice?
MW: Pack light. That’s seriously my advice. Pack light.

JA: Mine’s ‘pack heavy’. [laughs]


Your favourite place to wake up?
JA: My own bed.

MW: I like waking up in a different bed, in terms of like staying in a hotel. I find that really nice.

JA: Either my own bed or a tent next to nature.

MW: Yeah actually, a tent is good.


How much kit is too much kit?
JA: You can never have too much kit. More is more.


Spoken like a true Brand Manager. Perfect way to wrap it up, so let’s leave it there.

Thanks to the team at Pedla for the interview. If you want to be amongst the first to know when Pedla launches their new range, get the newest releases and all of the great member only offers, simply sign up to our Emporium newsletter.

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