Pozzovivo: My career can’t end like this

Domenico Pozzovivo (Bahrain-Merida) has been transferred from a hospital in Cosenza to Lugano on Wednesday. The Italian was hit by the driver of a car on Monday while training in Cosenza in southern Italy. He has undergone initial surgery to stabilize a lower leg fracture but will require additional surgery to correct a complex fracture in his left elbow.

Pozzovivo initially believed that his cycling career was over but after being transferred to Lugano, near his home in Switzerland, he has taken a more positive view of his recovery. “I was so scared, but now I think my career can’t end like this. You will see that I will succeed,” said according to Italian media.

Pozzovivo described being fully conscious after the wreck to La Gazzetta dello Sport and recalling how it happend.


“Our eyes met a moment before the crash. I realized the impact was inevitable and I just thought I wouldn’t hit my head,” Pozzovivo said.

“I’m starting to see a positive outcome, but until recently I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even speak. Now it’s better, the only concern is for the left arm because I lost a lot of bone.”

He said the driver did not see him until too late, and after the crash he did not want to look at his body for fear of what he’d see. “The boy was shaken. He feared for me and for himself. But I looked at him and said, ‘Look what you’ve done! You ruined me. You’ve ended my career.'”

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