Planet Bike Protegé 9.0 Bike Computer Review

Planet Bike Protegé 9.0 Bike Computer Review

Despite some people’s reviews, I noted that Utah Trikes used this on a lot of their recumbent trikes. Although did not mount mine on the left handlebar as they did. Instead ordered an Issimo Designs NOB Universal computer mount (from Amazon) and mounted that to the left TerraTrike Versa Bar, and now have a better placement on a slight angle that is out of the way of my big thighs. Used a spare CatEye rubber gripper instead of the provided rubber spacers because I preferred the extra lip for when I go trail riding (off road).

Everything works as intended. I did have to measure the distance manually, which was rather easy. There is a slight different using this and CycleDroid, but the way the solar activity affects GPS signals who is to say whether GPS is more accurate (Moto G4 Play) than this Protege 9.0 computer is. Do wished this one had a grade percentage (i.e. +/- 6%) grade meter on it as well.

The temperature is a good feature that I’ll probably use more when it gets cooler. Notice when it went over 100° F the meter was like 05 instead of 105, but that’s a minor thing.

Resets well. Setting up was easy. The meter is working good on a TerraTrike Rover i8. The cadence thing is about accurate. Some days I don’t have it in me and I can feel it, and the up & down arrow confirms it.
Found out a way for a night light: use a USB powered LED light connected to a battery booster pack. A few rubber bands and velcro straps holds that right in place, but not worries about a back light – back lights drain batteries more.

This cycle meter does everything most others do, and for more stable than the twist-on Sigma that this one replaced. I do not take this one in and out of the mount much. If one did the plastic nock might wear down over repeated usage and one might have to employ a wide rubber band or wider silicone seal. That would be the only issue I’d see over time.
Haven’t taken it down the Weiser River Trail yet, maybe in September. Am confident this cycle meter will preform well.

Am pleased. Also corresponded with the manufacture on mounting options before I found The NOB and they did get back to me with photos and links. So customer service was great as well.

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