Placerville prepares for the Amgen cycling tour

Placerville prepares for the Amgen cycling tour

As California prepares for one of the largest cycling tours in the United States, preparations are under way for all parties involved to ensure that El Dorado County and Placerville in particular are ready. The Amgen cycling tour will make its way into the center of Placerville for the first time on Friday 18 May and the people involved will have many fun events to ensure it is a success.

“We recognize that the Amgen Cycling Tour is an opportunity for Placerville to perform on a national and international stage,” said Heidi Mayerhofer, a member of the Placerville Downtown association. “And we want to make sure that Placerville has lots of fun events, decorations and family-friendly activities for fans planning to come see it.”

Mayerhofer said that the road between Sacramento Street and the Courthouse in the center of Placerville will be a “difficult closure”. This means that it will be closed from 5:00 on Friday 18 May until noon. Outside that zone there will be what is considered a “soft close” in which the CHP, when the time comes, will guide the cyclists through the rest of Placerville.

With the majority of Main Street closed for the race, the Placerville Downtown Association and the downtown businesses are trying to attract fans and the community with a variety of fun events and decorative fun.

“There will be a slow cycling race in which all competitors must be moving, but the last one through the finish line wins,” said Mayerhofer. “Children will also be able to walk around on decorative bicycles to include a family atmosphere for the community”.

“The whole center of Placerville will be festooned with red, white and blue to celebrate the occasion,” said Mayerhofer. “There will also be events around the bell tower and free parking for bicycles in the Round Table car park on Main St.”

Along with the preparations Placerville is making to ensure this is a memorable event for the city and county, others like the CHP and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority are working hard on logistics and preparations for the race.

“With a race like this, it takes a coordination between the CHP and everyone involved,” said Andrew Brown, spokesperson for ChP Placerville’s office. “Our goal is to keep the roads closed for the shortest time possible to ensure that the public has not had an excessive impact.”

Brown said that cogeneration agents for this event in El Dorado County have cones and are strategically positioned in key locations along the way.

“We are in constant communication and we have a system where we have it up to the exact second when cyclists will pass through the areas where CHPs are positioned to ensure that the roads are closed only for a short period of time,” said Brown. . “We recommend that people with a tight schedule that day make preparations to leave perhaps a little earlier, because you can never tell what will happen.”

Mike Frye is the event and media coordinator for the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and is tasked with helping to coordinate much of the Amgen Tour this year in El Dorado County. Both, the male and female parts of this race, require a lot of coordination between his office and the CHP.

“The intersections should be closed 10 minutes before the cyclist’s arrival and it takes about 10 minutes for the entire procession to pass in. Motorists should think of it as a twenty minute stop,” Frye said. “Once the procession has passed, motorists will be able to follow, but not pass.” Cyclists use both sides of the road and are enclosed in a cocoon of protection provided by California Highway Patrol. ”

“Women will not be a factor near Placerville and will only be in the El Dorado county in the Tahoe basin about 30 minutes in total of a three-hour extra race,” Frye said.

The public should be aware of some delays and closure of minor roads during this May 18th event. Remember that the race will start at approximately 9:45 am of the new Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom.

Some of the most popular streets that will be hit on the men’s side of the race, from Folsom to Lake Tahoe, include in order: East Natomas Street (9:45 am to 9:55 am), Green Valley Road (9:55 am to 10am: 48), Placerville Drive (10:48 – 10:55).

At this point, the race will move from Cedar Ravine Road through Main Street and Pleasant Valley Road to Placerville. Approximate times for this part of the ride are from 10:56 am to 11:47 am, where the portion of Pleasant Valley Road ends. Here the knights will head for Mormon Gap Trail at around 11:48 am until they arrive at Carson Pass Road (CA-88) around 12.56am. From there the cyclists merge on Fredericksburg Road around 2:48 pm and then at Fairview Lane (NV-206) at 3:01 pm

Subsequently, participants quickly arrive at Kingsbury Grade (NV-207) at 3:17 pm. Where the next Lincoln Highway (CA-50) will hit at 3.50pm. As the runners head towards the end of the race, they will reach Pioneer Trail around 3.54 pm and finally head for the Heavenly Resort parking lot.

This year’s Amgen Cycling tour participants are working hard to ensure El Dorado’s fans, participants and county make this year’s tour a huge success and that it runs smoothly with the least possible impact on commuters. . All the participants are encouraging the community to come and support the race this year.