March 21st: “Everyone at school on foot or by bicycle” is FIAB’s invitation

March 21st: “Everyone at school on foot or by bicycle” is FIAB’s invitation

On 21 March FIAB invites all children to go to school actively, on foot or by bike; it makes movement, we discover the city, and it does not pollute: what’s better?

 March 21 at school by bike

The show is repeated with a regularity worthy of television listings. Every morning and every afternoon the streets in front of the schools become clogged with cars ; many parents use them to accompany children, often with the paradoxical motivation that “there are too many cars to ride a bike”.

For once we try to change . Let’s try to follow the example of that mother who puts her son on a bicycle seat; or that father who accompanies his daughter on foot (they live 2 km away, will he be mad? ); or even those parents who leave their child to go to school alone ( only 12 years old: should we warn the social services? ).

We could meet a classmate on the street and have a chat; we could discover along the way a homemade pastry that we never noticed when passing by car; we could get to school more awake and ready ; we could find out that it takes the same amount of time in the car, or even less.

We could also find ourselves enthusiastic about this active mobility, and infecting other parents. Also thanks to social media, and to the  hashtag #tuttiascuolaapiedioninbicicletta.

“In recent years the use of the bicycle for daily travel in the city has grown – explains  Giulietta Pagliaccio , president of FIAB. –  Thanks to this model of sustainable mobility it is possible to do good both to one’s own health and to our planet. And developing this kind of sensitivity from an early age is a truly precious value. To this is added the entry into force of the new Framework Law on cycling mobility, which recognizes (finally) the bicycle as a true means of transport on a par with others and promotes its use in urban, tourist and recreational areas “.

Also mark the date of May 13th

The day of March 21 is a preparation for the Bimbimbici event on Sunday, May 13, when in more than 200 Italian cities the streets will be filled with small cyclists, a tradition now twenty years.