How to teach children to ride a bike in 7 steps

How to teach children to ride a bike in 7 steps

Raise your hand if you do not remember the day you learned to ride a bike! Learning to pedal is one of the most important moments of our life.

Raise your hand if you do not remember the day you learned to ride a bike !

Learning to pedal is one of the most important moments of our life, one of those stages that are usually documented with camera, video camera and a host of relatives to act as a public. Have you ever wondered though, how can a parent teach his children to ride a bike?

It’s not just a matter of wheels and knee protectors, there are a few rules to follow that will make this experience as simple as possible. Here are some tips on how to teach children to ride a bike !

The rules for cycling safely

  • First rule : no wheels , we know that this is the first thing you have thought about and that most people tend to do. The use of wheels prevents the child from developing a sense of balance, precisely because the wheels do all the work. Rather it is better to use a bike without pedals, so that by resting on the ground all the foot, the baby starts alone to develop its balance.
  • Second rule : there is no ‘ right age to teach children to ride a bike . You can also start from the first months with very simple bikes without pedals, then get to the bike with pedals when they are a few years old. In reality this thing is very constrained to the speed of learning of your child.
  • Third rule : you can use some support tools that will facilitate teaching and will give more confidence to your child. An example is the learning bar, which is attached to the back of the child’s bike and allows you to take control at all times. You can trust your child, but at the same time you can leave the right space to learn to ride independently.

  • Fourth rule : stay close to your child , but not in an excessive way because the first mistake not to be committed is to transfer anxieties and fears. At the same time remember to protect it adequately with helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, but avoid exaggerating with additional protections. On the other hand, the speeds that are reached are certainly not dangerous!
  • Fifth rule : teach your child to ride a bike in an adequate space , wide, without obstacles, but above all without curves. The first thing your child has to learn will be to pedal steadily going straight, the curves will come at a later time. Always choose places where cars do not circulate to avoid any risk.
  • Sixth rule : the first ride is essential, there are several techniques that you can use and now we will explain three. The child can begin by pushing with his feet and then when he reaches a good speed, he can put his feet on the pedals. The child can keep the bike braked, put a single foot on the pedal, release the brake and give a nice ride that will give him the thrust, later he can try to put the other foot on the pedal. Finally he can put one foot on the pedal, while with the other he can push himself, only when he has reached a good speed he can try to put the second foot on the pedal.
  • Seventh rule : teach your child to brake ! It is not secondary, it must go hand in hand with the teaching of pedaling. In this case, pay attention to the hardness of the brakes, some may be too hard and therefore, should be loosened. You can also teach your child to put his feet on the ground when he brakes, to get the right balance and stop the bike better.

Now that we have explained how to teach children to ride a bike in 7 simple steps , you just have to take the bike, bring your child to a safe place and start trying! Who knows that by the summer you are not ready to take one of our family holidays !