Guide for the buyer: best bags for cycle commuters

Guide for the buyer: best bags for cycle commuters

Going back and forth from work can sometimes seem like the biggest waste of time, but if you combine daily trips with your favorite pastime, then it will not be a chore.

You can also view it as a bonus workout time. Of course, going back and forth from work is only part of the story, as you will have to carry extra things with you – whether it’s a laptop, a lunchbox or even a complete change of clothes.

For those who do not want to mount a rack on their bike, a package is the only realistic option, so we focused on bags designed to be worn on the back or on a shoulder, rather than the favorite of the traditional tourist, the bag of the bag .

However, there are some practical advantages to bringing your bike kit over your body, so we’ve also included an option that attaches to the frame – just because it’s so cool, to be honest.

When considering a bag, think about how many kits you bring in a typical work day. Bigger is not always better if you do not need the extra room.

The best cycling commuter bags
Review Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Commuter backpack

Thule makes a range of products, from luggage to luggage racks, and does quite well. The main feature of this backpack is its comfort: pack it well and you barely have it, on your bike or around the city.

It has a number of pockets, plus a compartment for glasses and a net to hold the helmet.

This backpack is not far from being the ideal bag for commuters, but it is disappointed slightly, at least for me, due to the limited capacity offered in the main compartment.

Apart from that, the rest of the pockets are well positioned and easily accessible, and all in all it’s a solid option for those who need a new bag to carry a clean shirt and a laptop to and from the office.

First contender for product of the year, the Thule Commuter backpack leaves you looking for a downside, then you realize it’s a bit small – 9/10

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Bellroy Duo Totpack

This well-crafted bag is called a “duo” because it can be worn as a backpack or carried as a bag. On the smaller side, it’s definitely one for your shorter city trips on a folding bike or one of the many rental hire systems now available in cities across the country.

Water resistant, comfortable when worn and with a padded section for a laptop, this is an excellent companion for urban commuters.

A useful and well-made bag that can be used as a backpack or as a bag, but has a premium price – 9/10

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Shimano Tokyo Urban rucksack review

There is very little that Shimano has not turned his hand to the bicycle market.

The Tokyo Urban backpack has two main compartments with multiple sections designed to hold everything you need for your weekly journey. There is also a padded section in the back specifically for a laptop.

The back of the bag is well padded and comfortable, even if it is not ideal for those who go by road, because the bag pushes against the helmet.

While this ticks all the boxes of your usual bag, it is not enough as a backpack to ride a horse – 6/10

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Evoc Explorer Pro 26L

Evoc is a supplier of some of the best bike boxes on the market – the kind where you put your bike to take it on vacation – so we wanted to see what it could do with 26 liters of travel bag.

The most noteworthy are the aeration features: the shoulder straps have holes while the main body of the bag has a back panel in the net that allows the heat to escape for a cooling effect.

It also features an extra wide strap secured with Velcro and buckle, plus a chest strap for added stability, with a whistle that attracts attention.

Like the others here, there is a specific laptop compartment, which thanks to the rain cover offers extra padding. There are also more internal and external pockets plus a load net for a helmet or shoes.

A wide range of useful features, pockets and sections make this backpack extremely versatile – 8/10

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Cube backpack OX25 +

Raised by the Alpine range, the OX25 +, as the name suggests, provides 25 liters of storage capacity, while the “plus” part of the name refers to the additional capacity provided by the external belts together with the network, all means that they can be transported more extras.

With all this weight potential, you’ll be pleased to know that the back is anatomically padded, the straps are mounted on the shape and adjustable in height, and the extra support is provided by a chest strap and belt.

Inside, the silver-colored lining makes it easier to find objects in multiple pockets and compartments. The OX25 + can also carry clothes for the day, a computer and a decent-sized lunch!

Designed to be worn all day long, the OX25 + is great on comfort and packed with practical features – 9/10

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