Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer Review

Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer Review

The Edge 810 by Garmin provides the cyclist with the standard GPS info, distance, time during a ride and speed. This model pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, then the phone pushes this data to the Garmin Connect, which is Garmin’s cycling community. This is a significantly easier way to upload your data, compared to competing models that utilize a desktop and USB cord process for data transfer.

Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer Assessment: Specs and Features

The information picked up by the bike computer’s sensors will be transmitted through ANT, so you’ll be able to view your data and stats during your ride. This model can also send the data to your smartphone. After a ride, you’ll be able to view the stats in addition to the map of your route, the distance you covered and your average speed.

This model design is described as somewhat clunky, weighing in at almost four ounces and featuring a diagonal display screen that measures in at a little over two and a half inches. Equipped with a full color touchscreen display, this model works well in the rain or if the user wears gloves. The battery life is eighteen hours, which is considered pretty impressive. This device utilizes a simple and intuitive user interface. Simply swipe left or right to navigate through different data fields. Press down on a data field to customize the type of metrics it displays. The advent on the Garmin app makes it easy to upload your data after a ride.

This model is also equipped with Live Track, which allows the user’s friends and family members to view your ride. They can see you as a dot that moves along a map on the Garmin website or app. This type of feature will allow those close to you to check on your progress during a ride.

The Edge also comes with map functionality. To use this feature, you will either need to take advantage of the third party free map software program that’s available online and load the maps onto an SD card or buy maps from the website. This can be a pretty handy feature to have if you enjoy longer rides in places you’re not familiar with.

Consumer Feedback for this Garmin Bike Computer

Garmin is a company with a reputation for producing high-quality electronics. Their impressive line of bike computers has received rave reviews due to their functionality and easy to use interfaces.

Pros: The Live Track feature allows people with access to your profile to view you as you ride, which is a great safety feature to have, should you get lost. The ease in which you can transfer data is a huge selling point for many consumers.

Cons: While this model is equipped with map capabilities it’s really the only feature that separates this model from the cheapest in this line.

Conclusion and Rating for the Edge 810

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for ease of use, the Live Track feature, fast and smooth data transferring process and pricing. Not a model that’s packed with a ton of fancy features but it still provides accurate metrics of your ride which is essential if you’re in training.

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