Garmin Edge 800 Bike Computer Review

Garmin Edge 800 Bike Computer Review

The Edge 800 by Garmin features a touchscreen display, improved interface and is considered an excellent successor to the popular 705 Garmin model. This device is compatible with a larger range of maps and includes such features as calorie counting and temperature. The backlit color display offers 160 by 240 pixels, which is perfect for viewing every small detail on a map. The touch screen is pressure activated which means it can be used in the rain or by riders who wear gloves with no problem.

Garmin Edge 800 Bike Computer Assessment: Specs and Features

The data from your ride is presented on three screens, which are customizable. On each screen, you can view ten different pieces of information, with each digit measuring in at five millimeters tall for improved visibility.  The available data includes the heart rate based calorie computer that provides an accurate figure for the total calories burned on a ride. This device is also equipped with temperature readings, which are useful for training sessions because it displays how hard you’re working.

The Edge 800 is compatible with the GB discoverer range of maps. The TOPO maps can also be used with turn by turn directions. These maps can be displayed in the bird’s eye view perspective, or in the standard 2D viewing experience. Consumers who subscribe to Garmin’s Bird’s Eye satellite service will be able to upload high res images to this device, combining them with other types of navigation data for a more realistic view.

On a ride, this device displays an impressive array of points of interest such as gas stations, grocery stores and other types of important info that you can use if you’re in a new area or a long way from home. The easy to follow route directions can also be used when you’re driving or walking and running errands. As with previous models by Garmin the user has the ability to create routes on their PC by using the Garmin software. You also have the option of downloading other people’s routes and saving them to your profile for later use.

After each use, plug your bike computer into your PC to analyze your ride data and learn how many calories you burned and how fast you pedaled.

Consumer Feedback for this Bike Computer by Garmin

Consumers enjoyed using this device, which can be considered a total upgrade from the past 705 model.

Pros: Like other models produced by this company, the user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.  Consumers loved the turn by turn directions feature because it can come in handy when traveling on unfamiliar routes.

Cons: Consumers who purchased this model felt that the heart rate monitor did not always provide the most accurate readings while others who used this model felt that the results were within range of their average heart rate.

Conclusion and Rating for the 800 Edge

Consumers gave this model by Garmin a rating of five out of five stars, making this our top rated product. Equipped with a ton of features that allow you to train hard and monitor your metrics in order to plan out your next challenging ride, the Edge 800 is a device that should be considered an essential part of your training.

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