Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer Review

Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer Review

The 500 Edge bike computer by Garmin is lighter and smaller than most models of on the market, but don’t let its small size fool you because it’s still a super handy device to have out on the road. This model uses GPS technology and features such data as temperature, heart rate and calories burned during each ride.

Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer Overview: Specs and Features

The 500 can display up to eight customizable fields per page, and the user will have approximately forty-one options to choose from and three pages to display them on. You can use one page to display important information such as time variants, distance and speed and another page setup specifically for your post ride information including average speed, heart rate, calories burned and maximum output. Basically, the user will have the ability to display as little or as much data as they want and organize this data based on their fitness goals and personal preferences.

While this model is still connected to satellites, it’s unable to show you where you have traveled or allow you to mark any locations on the map during your journey. The route will show up once you upload the info after your ride. Other top features that you’ll find on other Garmin bike computers including sunset time and max speed have also disappeared.

However, compared to the 300, the 500 has a lot to offer. According to some consumers, the layout of the menu is considered more intuitive and the GPS is able to lock onto satellite signals significantly faster.

Consumer Feedback for this Garmin Bike Computer

A small, lightweight device that works as the perfect accessory during your training regimen, the 500 is a handy gadget to have by your side, allowing you to closely monitor your progress as you work hard to achieve your fitness goals.

Pros: If you don’t need a fancy model with the mapping function then this model is an easy choice. This model is lighter and smaller, powerful and easy to use and read. This device also features more color options so you won’t be stuck with the basic gray and blue scheme.

Cons: Some consumers noted that the GPS signal dropped on occasion, especially when going through highly built up or wooded areas. This model features a much simpler mount, instead of the sliding mounts found on most Garmin models. Some users noted that the foundation isn’t very solid as there is noticeable movement when buttons are depressed.

Conclusion and Rating for the 500 by Garmin

Consumers gave this model by Garmin a rating of four out of five stars for interface layout, the overall quality of this device, easy to use metric features and GPS. If you want a bike computer that allows you to customize your routes or notate key locations along the way, then this model isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for an affordable bike computer that allows you to closely monitor your cycling progress, give the 500 a second look.

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