Garmin Edge 200 Bike Computer Review

Garmin Edge 200 Bike Computer Review

The Garmin Edge 200 bike computer is equipped with GPS and a simpler data set that’s meant to appeal more to the casual cyclist. More expensive than a common GPS device, this conventional computer includes a number of downloadable features that will make it totally worth the purchase for the avid cyclist.

Garmin Edge 200 Bike Computer Overview: Specs and Features

This model by Garmin features the same display size and casing that you’ll find on the 500 Edge, but it also features an arguably more upscale aesthetic, with its chrome bezel and glossy black face. The backlit display looks pretty similar to the one on the 500. Information on the display is easy to see and read even in bright sunlight.

While the 200 and the 500 gather the same type of GPS info, the 200 computer offers up a much simpler interface which is designed to cater to the recreational cyclist. This model features a few lines of information: ride time, current speed and trip distance, all of which are fixed. There is also an additional field located at the bottom of the screen that allows the user to toggle between the calories burned, total ascent and average speed. The up and down arrow will indicate whether the rider is moving slower or faster than their average speed.

This device also uses the exact same case as the Garmin 500 bike computer. Unfortunately, the display fields can’t be customized and the information it provides it pretty limited.

The manufacturer has removed the wireless capability from this model, so there’s no power or cadence output and no capacity for heart rate. There’s also no mapping capability although this model can still visually guide cyclists on an uploaded route and alert the rider if they’re on pace, which is a handy way to keep riders in sync with their fitness goals. The back to start feature will allow the user to return to their starting position on the route map should they get lost.

Consumer Feedback for this Garmin Edge Bike Computer

With a similar physical appearance to the 500 model, but without the wireless capabilities, this is a straightforward device that’s not equipped with all the bells and whistles needed for the training cyclist. Described as the perfect device for individuals who enjoy biking to get in shape, the 200 has a lot to offer and can keep you on track to meet your fitness goals.

Pros: The display screen is large and easy to read, in any type of lighting condition. The data it provides is pretty accurate allowing you to keep track of your distance and the calories you’ve burned. The easy to use interface is perfect for beginners or individuals who aren’t technology savvy.

Cons: This model isn’t equipped with wireless capabilities so your experience can be somewhat limited. This bike computer also doesn’t feature a heart rate monitor, which is a must-have for cyclists trying to burn calories.

Conclusion and Rating for the Edge 200

Cyclists that are more data intensive may be somewhat disappointed in this limited model when compared to higher-end devices like the Garmin 500. But for recreational use or weight loss purposes this device is equipped with the tools needed to closely monitor progress. Consumers gave this model a rating of three out of five stars for durability, user navigation, reliability, and accuracy.

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