Ferrand-Prevot returns to training after iliac artery surgery

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (Canyon-Sram) has been given the green light from her doctors to resume training after undergoing surgery to correct iliac artery endofibrosis in both legs. The surgery took place in February and Ferrand-Prévot initially expected a period of four months to recover. However, after nine weeks her most recent medical review allowed her to begin training sooner.

“I’m of course really happy with this news,” Ferrand-Prévot said in a team statement. “It was a long nine weeks to arrive to this point, but I’ve been following the guidelines to the letter, so I’m smiling now that I have this clearance.”

At the end of last November, Ferrand-Prèvot revealed that she had been suffering ‘inexplicable pain’ in her left leg for four years, first discovered in June of 2015. She announced in December that she would have to sit out of competition for four months after discovering she would need surgery to treat iliac artery endofibrosis in both her left and right legs.


She was forced to skip the cyclo-cross season and the start of the road season with Canyon-Sram.

Doctors advised Ferrand-Prévot to not exercise during the first four weeks after surgery. She was then permitted to start with a walking program, and after a further two weeks she returned to low-intensity cycling.

“I started cycling quite slow—two days on, one day off—with first just 30 minutes and slowly built up to 3 hours,” she said. “I can see that I lost quite a lot of muscle during that time off, so I needed more recovery in between my sessions. I was getting tired easily and standing up out of the saddle at first was hard.

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