Enve’s new Carbon Road Hubs are the subtlest way to burn $1,000

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

Enve has launched an all-new version of its delightfully excessive (but actually rather stealthy) Carbon Road Hubs for 2019. While they’re still expensive, they’re a good deal cheaper than their predecessors at $1,000 and they feature a number of updates and refinements.

Enve’s original Carbon Road Hubs used DT Swiss internals but the latest version drops these in favour of an unnamed 40t ratchet system with 9 degree engagement.


The rear hub uses pawl-less ratchet system
The rear hub uses pawl-less ratchet system

The hubs roll on stainless steel bearings which Enve reckons are actually better suited to the task than the ceramic hybrid bearings found in some high-end hubs. Enve claims that in simulated wet weather testing, its stainless bearings continued to run smoothly well after “industry leading” ceramic offerings had become crunchy.

Outwardly, the hubs haven’t changed a great deal but the flange design has been updated with a move to a paired-spoke configuration. Enve touts the benefits of running the spokes closer to tangent to the flange, a more mechanically elegant design.

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