Cycling: studied the effects on sexual and urinary health, this is what has emerged

One study focused on the effects of cycling, contradicting previous studies

A study conducted by the University of San Francisco , published by the Journal of Urology , focused on the effects of cycling, contradicting previous studies: it was found that this practice has no effect on sexual and urinary health, and that the benefits for health are greater than the risks. The researchers studied questionnaires compiled by almost three thousand cyclists (both professionals and amateurs) from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, comparing the answers with those of 600 swimmers and 800 runners.

It was found that in the 4 groups sexual and urinary health was comparable, even if the cyclists were slightly more likely to have a narrowing of the urethra. Cyclists also have a greater propensity to have numbness of the genitals, which however does not seem to have effects on health.

” Cycling offers great cardiovascular benefits, with a low impact on the joints. The health benefits for cyclists who drive with caution are much greater than the risks, “explained the lead author.

No significant differences have emerged from the study, even among professional cyclists, who practice the sport by traveling at least 50 km a day for a minimum of three times a week, and amateurs.