9 reasons why cycling is good

1. Relieves stress

According to many scientists, who have been studying the benefits of cycling on our brains for years, pedaling lowers stress to the point of having beneficial effects on those suffering from depression .
John Ratey, for example, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, in his book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain , claims that patients with severe forms of depression have benefited greatly from a year of cyclotherapy .

2. Helps to burn calories

By riding a bicycle you can burn up to 500 calories per hour: for this reason cycling , even at beginner level, for two or three times a week, promotes weight loss .

3. Tones the muscles

The pedaling allows you to develop the lower muscle groups harmoniously, toning at the most legs and buttocks ; he also trains the abdominal and lumbar areas.

4. Protect the heart

Cycling is a panacea for the cardio-circulatory system: it is useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and prevents worsening in the elderly. Pedaling strengthens the heart and improves lung ventilation.

5. It does not damage the joints

When cycling, the joints of the lower limbs are not overly stressed: if you have problems in the knees, for example, it is better a nice ride of an outdoor race, whose impact is much stronger.

6. It does not hurt the prostate

Although it is a common belief that cyclists are more prone to prostate problems, a recent British study at the University College of London claims that cycling is beneficial for the pelvic area, and that there is no greater risk of uro-genital infections. , erectile dysfunction or infertility.

7. Extend life

According to a Danish study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine cycling increases life expectancy, mainly because it helps prevent heart disease .

8. It is suitable for the whole family

The bicycle is suitable for any level of athletic training and for all ages. For this reason it is ideal to practice with friends and family , taking advantage of sunny days to practice outdoor sports .

9. It is good for the environment

Cycling does not pollute and, on the contrary, represents a “green” and healthy means of transport.
Do you think that if Rome adopted the same model of bike sharing in Copenhagen could create more than 3,200 new jobs (in the sale and maintenance of bicycles, in the supply of clothing and accessories for cyclists, and so on) and you could save 154 lives in a year. This is according to a recent study published by the UN Economic Commission for Europe and the WHO Regional Office for Europe.