British Cycling has joined other mountain bike suppliers in the UK to form the Association of Mountain Bike Guides (ABMG), in order to provide British mountain bike leaders with more opportunities to work abroad.
The ABMG is affiliated with the European Mountain Bike Guide Organization, which is working to generate a mountain bike leadership award that will be widely recognized across the continent.

British Cycling will now contribute to fine-tuning the details of the European Award, which should be completed by 2018 and will ensure that British Level 3 Mountain Bike leaders, who have the necessary European driving experience, can progress and operate. on the continent.

Dan Cook, of British Cycling, said:

“We are delighted to be joining the ABMG and to help promote opportunities for those who share our passion for mountain biking.The development of this award for the whole continent is good news for both the British leaders and the riders. and in the end we will give more members the chance to ride some of the most spectacular terrain in the world. ”

As with all British cycling qualifications, a good level of prior experience and understanding of the region you would be operating as a leader will be crucial.

Leaders with aspirations to work in Europe are encouraged to develop a personal experience in those regions as well as further leading experiences in the environment and in the places for which they are currently qualified. The European experience should not be limited to mountain biking alone, but include aspects such as culture, language, local climatic conditions and its impact on riders, legality and access rights.

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