Bradley Wiggins: I hope Campenaerts breaks my Hour Record

Bradley Wiggins has said that he hopes Victor Campenaerts beats his Hour Record next year. Wiggins was speaking on stage at the Kristallen Fiets (Crystal Bike) awards, where he had awarded Campenaerts the trophy.

The current Hour Record, set by Wiggins at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London in June 2015, stands at 54.526km.

“I see him getting the 55 kilometres,” Wiggins said, according to the Belgian press, before adding to Campenaerts: “I believe in your chances.


“I hope he breaks my record next year. He is a good rider and a really nice person. It would also be good for cycling if the attention around the world Hour Record continues. And it is also time that the record is passed on to the next generation. That is healthy for the sport.”

Campenaerts announced his intentions to make an attempt on the Hour Record earlier this season. In October, he confirmed that it would take place next April in Mexico and he would spend time training in Namibia for the effort.

Since a rule change in 2014 that brought the ‘best human effort’ record together with the Hour Record, there has been a spate of attempts. Jens Voigt was the first to set a new benchmark for the men’s record at 51.110 kilometres but that was soon beaten by a number of riders before Wiggins’ effort in 2015. There have since been several further attempts to break Wiggins’ mark. Mikkel Bjerg’s 53.730km in October of this year is the closest any rider has come to beating it.

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