Ashmei: heading down under to champion merino

Ashmei: heading down under to champion merino

Ashmei: Heading down under to champion wool

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What’s the deal with Merino wool for summer?

When you think of wool, thoughts of cosy winters warming up by the fire often come to mind. It may appear to be counterintuitive for wool to be the fibre of choice for summer however, Ashmei is bucking the trend, championing the performance benefits that Merino wool has for high-intensity exercise in hot temperatures.

Earlier in the year, Ashmei founder Stuart jumped on a plane to the land down under that we call home with his bike to shoot a short film championing the benefits of this natural wonder fibre. Working with the Woolmark Company’s brilliant in-house videography and marketing team, Stuart shot a film to tell the story of how well cycling and running apparel performs in the heat. Ashmei are rather proud of this film, which they have called Be Cool In Wool. We hope you like it too.

It’s incredible really, but we still meet customers who don’t realise that Merino will keep them cooler in hot conditions than synthetics. I think it’s because they relate Merino wool to the jumper they wear in winter. It feels to us that it’s high time for a re-education programme.

Set on a woolgrower’s farm in New South Wales, the short film features a fictional farmer called Gareth. He’s a keen cyclist and runner who was looking for a way to test the natural Merino wool fibre he produces. Unsurprisingly, the wool performs rather well.

Natural, renewable and biodegradable, Australian Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres of all common apparel types. This is because it can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour. In fact, the fibres absorb twice as much as cotton and 30 times as much as polyester. Those clever fibres also allow any vapour to evaporate – making wool garments feel less clingy and more comfortable to wear than garments made from other fibres.

The public have been brainwashed to believe synthetics are a higher performing fibre. I think that this is down to major players in the sportswear market promoting its benefits of wicking and drying. However, what they don’t tell you is the fact that synthetics warm you up and actually make you sweat more!

Our collaboration with The Woolmark Company is all about shining a light on the natural benefits of using Merino wool for high aerobic exercise in warm conditions.

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