10 good reasons to ride a bike

10 good reasons to ride a bike

10 good reasons to ride a bike

There are more and more people who leave the car to start cycling on two wheels, thus avoiding traffic and keeping fit . If you have not yet decided to make the big jump, pay attention to these 10 good reasons to ride a bike.

No more depression

It has been proven that people who use the bicycle are less sad and have less psychological disorders, because this activity, more than any other, ensures a better supply of oxygen to the brain, allowing you to think better and, in turn, promotes secretion of a hormone capable of generating a healthy “addiction” to sport .

It reduces the risk of heart attack

The percentage of reduction in the risk of heart attack is around 50% because, when you pedal, the heart rhythm increases, while the blood pressure decreases. The result? A heart that works in energy saving.


Relieves back pain

The bicycle is the ideal vehicle for those in an office all day. When you mount in the saddle and lean forward to grab the handlebars, the back muscles tend to be able to stabilize the trunk . In addition, it is good to know that lack of exercise causes back pain and reduces the ability to cushion any falls.

It reduces cholesterol

Obviously, we are talking about cholesterol , “bad” or LDL. The “good” cholesterol (HDL), on the other hand, increases because the blood vessels are more efficient and elastic . Thus, the chances of calcification of blood vessels are reduced.

It produces endorphins

Riding a bicycle and taking a walk promotes the production of endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones” . Endorphins are produced during a constant activity for one hour; if you do not pay attention to this, you will get counterproductive results.


Remove infections

According to some studies, cycling moderately strengthens the immune system and can even eliminate cancer . It is a type of exercise indicated for patients suffering from this disease or AIDS, because they activate the phagocytic cells (or phagocytes) that destroy the malignant ones.

Protects your knees

Contrary to what you might think, riding a bicycle makes sure that your knees are protected because most of the body weight is discharged onto the saddle . Even cartilages or joints no longer have to bear heavy loads.

Streamline the silhouette

Even if the part of the body that works the most is the legs, when you ride a bike the upper part of the body is also modeled . All parts of the body are related to each other. Some people choose to do a series of abdominals after pedaling so as not to neglect that area.

Excellent results in a few minutes

To start enjoying the benefits of cycling, remember these tips:

  • 10 minutes improve circulation
  • 20 minutes strengthen the immune system
  • 30 minutes keep the heart healthy
  • 40 minutes increase the capacity of the lungs
  • 50 minutes accelerate the metabolism
  • 60 minutes keep the weight, the general well-being of the body under control and eliminate stress