Win It Weekly: ROTOR 2INpower Dual-Sided Power Meter

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Win It Weekly: ROTOR 2INpower Dual-Sided Power Meter

How does Win It Weekly work?

Simply fill out the form below for your chance to win a ROTOR 2INpower dual-sided power meter.


  • ROTOR 2INpower dual-sided power meter
  • MSRP US$1,420.00

Prize Details:

The 2INpower independently measures right and left leg power input for real-time pedal stroke analysis on your head unit or on the ROTOR Power phone app. You can focus on form and watch your pedaling efficiency improve throughout a trainer session on our Torque 360 power graph, or you can set out to break your own high score in sprint intervals and see exactly how much power your left and right legs can push – or how symmetrical you can make their efforts. An IPX7 waterproof rating and Li-ion rechargeable battery make for a worry-free ride in any conditions. 


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