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What Do Tour De France Cyclists Do for Fun in Training Downtime?

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Lotto Soudal's Jurgen Roelandts took advantage of the nice weather on the Tour's second rest day for a dip in the hotel swimming pool. Pic:CorVos/PezCyclingNews.

Have you ever wondered what a pro athlete like a Tour De France cyclist gets up to in their downtime away from training? If you’ve ever pondered this question, then look no further than this article where we will delve into what exactly a pro athlete does in their spare time, why rest and recuperation are so important, and why these athletes aren’t so different from us!


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Let Off Steam Like the Rest of Us

As crazily fit as they might seem, Tour De France cyclists are also normal people just like us! Cyclists enjoy all the normal vices like watching television, vegging out, even playing exciting online games like the ones you’ll find at Due to the training program being so intense and demanding, cyclists need to have a lot of downtime, especially in the evenings. It’s important to be able to switch off and really embrace the time away from training. Downtime is an important part of maintaining optimal performance and switching off your brain from training mode is essential.

Keep Fit in Fun Ways

Cyclists must stay active to keep up their fitness, but this doesn’t necessarily mean cycling every day. Many cyclists will take up alternative forms of exercise, sometimes because it compliments their cycling and sometimes simply for the fun of it. Many cyclists enjoy yoga and hiking – yoga can be particularly great for athletes that operate on such intense levels as Tour De France cyclists. Yoga is a great restorative practice and really stretches out the muscles that have been working so hard during training.

Eating and More Eating!

Did you know that in each stage of the Tour De France, the average competitor burns around 4000 to 5000 calories? Cycling burns a lot of calories as far as sports go – it’s extremely intense and expends a lot of energy, especially riding uphill. Tour De France cyclists need to recharge in their downtime, and this means making sure they make up for the calories they burned off during training (and more!). Cyclists need to consume a lot of protein, as do most athletes, to build lean muscle, which will help them when competing. All Tour De France cyclists are at the very top of their game fitness-wise and will have a nutritionist and probably a meal plan that they stick with to optimize their performance.

Tour De France cyclists might be on an intense training program during the racing season, but they are also people just like us! Athletes enjoy a variety of pastimes that non-athletes enjoy – they just have to be stricter with their diet plans and alcohol consumption and make sure that what they’re doing in their spare time doesn’t hinder their physical performance. Away from their training schedules, athletes must get some quality downtime as this not only improves their physical performance but puts them in the mental space where they can have the best chance at winning races.



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