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Tubeless tires have been a part of the cycling industry for over a decade. While they have been used primarily in the off-road market the application to drop-bar bikes is beginning to come around as gravel and adventure riding become more mainstream. Vittoria is pushing the market with a road specific tubeless liner designed for 25-30mm tires. The inserts will allow riders to utilize lower pressure on the road to increase compliance and add the ability to run a flat tire for up to 30 miles in the worst case scenario. Check out what we had to say about the recent gravel version.


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Press release:

The legendary combination of durability and protection of Vittoria Air-Liners is now available for your favorite road tires. This new Air-Liner Road version takes performance one step further, and offers Run-Flat capability! As road bikes continue to evolve, performance limits are pushed to new levels. Advancements in wheel, tires, and brake systems mean that riders are going harder than ever before and expecting more from their equipment. The Vittoria Air-Liner system is an integral part of this equation, providing unmatched bump compliance and impact protection, while ensuring bead lock at lower pressures. In the event of air-loss, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed for run-flat use, to get you back home.

Made specifically for tubeless tire applications, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market, and will offer the same benefits regardless of brand. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, and extending the useful life of the insert. The proprietary Vittoria tubeless Multiway Valve uses multiple large holes within the tire chamber, eliminating valve clogging, and providing ease of use while adjusting air-pressure. Tested at the highest level of competition, in the harshest Spring Classic conditions, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system has quickly become the secret weapon of the peloton. The first big win on Air-Liner Road was the Gent-Wewelgem in 2019, won by Alexander Kristoff.

Whether you are training, touring, exploring, or racing, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system will provide peace of mind and protection for the ride ahead.

Air-Liner Road is available in 3 sizes: small 25mm, medium 28mm and large 30mm for $40.

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