The Best Cycling Routes in Denmark

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Cycling is seen as a way of life in Denmark. Most people own a bicycle and many regularly ride along the plethora of scenic cycle routes the country offers. Along the various routes, you will come across gorgeous fjords, pretty market towns, sandy beaches, woodland and wildlife, and so much more. If you are looking to explore the cycling routes of old Viking country, here are the best five.


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The North Sea Cycle Route
Traveling from the German border in the south to the northern point of Skagen, the 348-mile North Sea Cycle Route takes you through some of Denmark’s most beautiful countryside and fishing villages. Along the route, you will ride by the Wadden Sea, which is home to seals. You will also come across towering sand dunes. Approximately 70% of the route is paved, but the other sections consist of gravel and sand tracks, so you will want to make sure you have solid tires on your bike.

The Limfjord Route
Limfjord is the largest fjord area in Denmark. It consists of beautiful islands, bays, and ports and is rich in Viking history. The 373-mile Limfjord Route takes you around the fjord on wooden ridges and flat stretches, through calming landscapes to the rough waters of the North Sea coast. Along the way, you will come across picturesque towns and villages, with some fine rustic restaurants that are ideal for taking a break from the road. But if you already start to miss cycling after an hour-or-two stop-over, you can always play a cycling slot game on your phone, like Pandamania, which is available at Casumo casino, while still giving your legs a rest.

The Gudenådalen Route
The Gudenådalen Route follows the longest river in Denmark: the Gudenåen. Starting at its source at Tinnet Krat, you will cycle to the quaint market town of Tørring. If you need a break from cycling, the town is the perfect place to hire canoes and kayaks so you can explore the river close-up. The next section of the route takes you to Hjortsvang, where you can experience 18th-century Danish life at the Hjortsvang Museum. The route along the 98-mile river ends in Åle in North Jutland.

The Ancient Road
Traveling from Nørre Snede to Bekke, along a 38-mile route, you can visit the beautiful town of Vejle in the southeast of the Jutland Peninsula at the head of Vejle Fjord and explore the countryside around the Rørbæk Sø lake, which includes woodlands, meadows, and pine plantations. You can also ride through the largest wild oak forests in the country: Tinnet Krat and Kollemorten Krat. And you will be blown away by the magnificent UNESCO Jelling Monuments that date from the Viking era of the 10th century. The Ancient Road route was forged thousands of years ago. It was not a planned route. It was a trodden path forged by walkers like pilgrims, robbers, noblemen, and kings and their armies. Today, the Ancient Road contains gravel roads to make the cycling experience smoother and more enjoyable.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route
The 510-mile Baltic Sea Cycle Route is shaped like a figure eight and it runs through some of coastal Denmark’s most beautiful scenery, including fjords, cliffs, countryside, and beaches. In the southern section of the route, you cycle over bridges from one small island to another as you loop round to the south of Jutland. In addition to the beauty of the natural world, you will wind through pretty market towns and see historic manors and medieval castles. The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is broken down into 14 stages, so you will need to plan a couple of weeks to complete the full-length of this stunning route.

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