Tech gallery: 2021 Sea Otter Classic, day four

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Tech gallery: 2021 Sea Otter Classic, day four

Archer Components has been quietly converting cable-actuated mountain bike rear derailleurs into wireless electronic ones for the last several years, and now the company is making it easier for drop-bar riders to do the same. Professional and amateur photographers alike will likely already be familiar with Peak Design and its diverse array of incredibly clever camera accessories, but the brand is finally getting closer to releasing its new collection of mobile products – including an ultra-slick way of securely attaching your previous smartphone to your handlebars. 

Interested in some bikepacking? SKS’s new waterproof bags pack some neat features together with their generous capacities, while Wilier Triestina debuted its latest limited-edition artist collection, this time centered around the speedy Filante SLR aero road bike. 


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Helping you to get all of your gear out to wherever you need to is Yakima’s new Stage Two hitch-mounted rack, complete with optional ramp and add-on taillights that are operated by your vehicle’s trailer wiring harness.

All that and more are included in this round of gear from the 2021 Sea Otter Classic, and stay tuned for continuing coverage in the days ahead.

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