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Popular ride recording app Strava made a few minor tweaks in the last couple of weeks but maybe you haven’t noticed. Here’s a round-up of the changes.


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  • LOCATION IN FEED: A general location of a users workout appears right next to the time stamp in the activity feed.
  • ENHANCED INDOOR RECORDING EXPERIENCE: Athletes recording activities indoors will see elapsed time, starting time, and heart rate (if a HR monitor is attached) instead of distance and speed as they would for an outdoor activity with GPS.

  • CLEAR STATS: Uploaded activities will show time, heart rate (if available) and calories (if available).

  • MORE RELEVANT INDOOR SPORT CATEGORIES: CrossFit, elliptical, stair stepper, weight training, yoga, workouts can be tracked.

  • MOBILE ACTIVITY SEARCH: Athletes now have an easier way to search for a specific activity by name, instead of scrolling through their workouts to get there.

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