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Production Update: Mass Production & Shipping Timeline

Production Update: Mass Production & Shipping Timeline

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Hello cyclists,


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Last week, we mentioned that we were waiting on the final units to pass quality control this week to begin mass production. This past Friday we received a few finalized units at our headquarters here in Montreal. These were sent to us from our manufacturing partner abroad so that we could do our own personal quality control test. We’ve got some exciting beauty shots for you to wet your appetite with, but it does come with some testing news.

Let’s talk about test results first. For our cyclists who like to know about technical details, the following two paragraphs are for you! For those who prefer to look at pretty pictures, you can jump towards the end of the update – don’t forget to take a look at the timeline on the way down! 😉

Tests Results and Fixes

So, when our team here ran our own set of tests, it revealed some minor issues that needed fixing. This is what final quality control is all about! Specifically, there were two issues that needed to be resolved. First, we noticed that the piezo (the small speaker that goes inside your SmartHalo 2 to create the alarm sound) was not glued in as firmly as we’d like. We had specifically used the same adhesive as we used in our original SmartHalo, so we did not expect to run into this issue, especially since our hand-assembled units seemed to not have the same problem. We discovered that when we were building the units by hand, adhesive was being more heavily applied to the piezo. Now that we know this, we’ve tweaked our assembly process so that more glue would be used to the piezo.

Secondly, we discovered that the manufacturer’s flashing jig was malfunctioning intermittently. The flashing jig is a machine we’ve built to program our printed circuit boards (PCB). This custom-built device programs the firmware into the PCB, and tests multiple points of the PCB to ensure everything is in working order. While the PCB has been finalized and is fully functional, we discovered that some units’ programming was failing due to the flashing jig malfunction. Upon closer inspection, our team pinpointed the error to a bad connection between some of the wires. The highly complex process requires all the tests from multiple points to be transferred to the “head” of the device. Then, it is sent to the computer where the data is stored. This is where the wiring had been intermittently disconnected. Since identifying the problem, the team has fixed it to ensure that we can test the thousands of devices we will be manufacturing in the upcoming days.

Visual Timeline

We adjusted the latest timeline accordingly. Below, we’ve attached an updated timeline for you to view. We’ll update it with each new update as we get closer to shipping. Please note: this calendar concerns purchases made before October 6, 2020.

Let’s See It!

Despite these issues, the finalized SmartHalo 2 looks and functions great! It’s been a while since we last had some beauty shots to share, so we’re excited to share these with you all.

The navigation view of SmartHalo 2

You can see that the screen is tinted enough to achieve more of the “dead front” effect we originally envisioned without sacrificing too much the readability of the screen during the day.

Here are some shots of it on a bike:

Speedometer view of SmartHalo 2 on a bicycle.

SmartHalo 2 with its front light on.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your support!

– The SmartHalo Team

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