Pirelli’s new P7 Sport: an all-around tyre built to last

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Pirelli has announced its new P7 Sport clincher, a tyre designed to deliver robustness, grip, and durability across all seasons. Where some tyres are designed for racing, Pirelli focused on providing racing and leisure riders the same comfort and control but in a tyre robust enough for training and everyday use.


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Pirelli says the new tyre completes its line of road-specific tyres and created the P7 Sport to meet the demands of riders when speed is not top of the agenda. 

The clincher-only P7 Sport is said to be the perfect training tyre for all conditions, thanks to improvements in grip, durability, and puncture resistance. Pirelli explained that puncture resistance is thanks to a solid 60 TPI nylon casing and Pirelli’s “Techbelt”, a layer of cut-resistant fabric used just under the tread. 

Pirelli has used its new Pro compound, an advanced rubber mix designed for durability without compromising wet weather grip, in the P7 construction. The Pro compound is inspired by Pirelli’s popular P-Zero Race, but features more sipes in the tread pattern for greater grip, even in colder conditions. 

The new tyre is available now in 24, 26, 28 and 32 mm widths, weighing in at 250 g, 280 g, 310 g, and 330 g.

The P7 Sport seems reasonably priced and cheaper than other Pirelli tyres at US$34.90 / £24.99 / AUS$39.99 / €24.90. 

For more on the new P7 Sport, visit pirelli.com

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