Meet the Maker: Dan Bolwell of Penny Farthing Dan

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Meet the Maker: Dan Bolwell of Penny Farthing Dan

Tired of looking at modern performance bikes that all share a similar double triangle design? Dan Bolwell of Penny Farthing Dan is a bike maker with a difference – he specialises in creating custom high-wheelers. 

With very few common manufacturers for the required parts, Bolwell creates much of the bikes himself. Frame tubing, rims, tyres, handlebars, and even saddles – it’s all an in-house affair. 


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In the video above, Bolwell talks through how he got into building penny farthings, why he does it, and just a few of the finer features found in his creations. 

Bolwell’s bikes were previously covered in part three of our Handmade Bicycle Show Australia coverage. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out other instalments in our Meet the Maker series.

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