Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Make A Cyclist Wheely Happy!

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With traveling limited and gatherings prohibited, many people are turning to online shopping as a way of gift-giving this year. While it is tempting to hop onto a big box store’s site and place an order, many customers are choosing to support smaller businesses this holiday season instead — perhaps this is you! 


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Luckily the cycling world is full of passionate and creative cyclists!

So, you want to buy something for your bike-obsessed loved one but you’ve left your shopping to the last minute! The following gift ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on your cyclist’s face. Some of these products are currently on pre-order, silver-lining being you won’t have to worry about late deliveries. Instead, they come with a holiday card to put under the Christmas tree.

These gifts have been thoughtfully selected by fellow bike enthusiasts here at SmartHalo, so they come with a seal of approval. Like us, these companies have faced their most challenging year yet. Besides featuring them, we also took this opportunity to discuss 2020 and the value of cycling with them.


GREEN DISC – Bike chain care made easy & eco-friendly

Simple, intuitive, and eco-friendly — three words we absolutely love seeing paired with cycling! From the experienced company behind multiple successful cycling Kickstarter projects, GREEN DISC is a new way to care for that essential part of your bike. You know, the part that we always put off caring for because it’s greasy, messy, and just no fun.

From the creators

Lubricate your bike chain with Green Disc in seconds & protect the environment! Green Disc is a smart tool for the basic care of your bike chain. Small, refillable and super easy to handle. 

What was the biggest challenge for your company this year?

The central challenge in 2020 was global shipping. Everything became incredibly expensive in spring. Meanwhile, we have optimized the shipping processes and changed partners and have become better than before because of it. Even more cost-effective. This year has changed a lot for us — at least for the better at this point. 

– Jorg Neugebauer, Managing Director @ DRIVT.BIKE

Green Disc – €19.80/$24.06 USD 
With the discount code “GREENDISC-20” you get even 20% off until January 5, 2021. (Just apply the code at checkout!)


AIRHEAD – Move more. Stress Less. Breathe Easy.

Masks are the new normal — they protect us and others around us. Airhead recognizes that masks not only protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses, they can protect us from pollutants in the air as well. Designed with the urban cyclist in mind, Airhead lets you breathe easy.

From the creators

A pollution mask designed to help you move more and stay protected, comfortably. Pre-order now for someone special, and they’ll be first in line for delivery in the spring. You’ll even receive an Airhead holiday card, so the lucky recipient will still have something to open on the day!

What does cycling mean to you?

Cycling is the single best thing I have learnt to do in the last 10 years. 5 years ago I had never ridden a bike in a city out of concern for my safety. However, in 2016 I decided to change that by setting myself the (fairly silly) challenge of cycling solo from London to Rome. This trip changed my life for the better and I now firmly believe cycling can solve, in part, many of today’s issues in society: obesity, pollution, poor mental health and congestion. I really believe everyone’s life can be improved in some way by cycling more often!

– Elliot Denvir, Co-Founder @ Airhead

Airhead mask – €77.95/$95 USD


LUMOS  – The new connected standard in bike helmets

Safety first! Cyclists know just how quickly a pleasant bike ride can turn into a dangerous situation. That’s why we love how Lumos has updated a cycling safety staple: the helmet.

From the creators

If you cycle, be it for commute, leisure or fitness, the Lumos Ultra might be the perfect helmet for you.

It’s a smart bike helmet integrated with front light, rear lights, turn signals and other smart features to prevent an accident from happening. It is also crash test certified, ventilated and lightweight – which truly makes it the safest helmet on the road and the ultimate cycling accessory.

What was the biggest challenge for your company this year?

2020 has been a special year. We have launched our newest & greatest helmet, Ultra, in the darkest moments of the pandemic. The success quickly turned into a sense of responsibility to quickly deliver and help the community ride safely.

However, our team became disconnected locally & internationally, a large part of the team couldn’t reach the factories in person, prototyping became slower, feedback was harder to get and these were further amplified by the fact we had to develop & deliver a total 13 new products & accessories. Tough times build character. People stepped up, took more responsibility and overall focused on improving communication so that the whole team remains aligned and focused. I am happy to say that even though “hardware is hard” in the good times, our team has worked and delivered “harder”.

– Ivo Toman, Product Manager @ Lumos

Lumos Helmet – €69/$84 USD


LAKA – Because all vehicles should be protected

Insurance might not be a physical present, but that’s also what makes it the perfect last-minute gift for your beloved cyclist. Companies like Laka in the UK are revolutionizing the insurance industry by covering bicycles the way we cover our cars. Give your cyclist a peace of mind with this gift.

Safety and bike protection have always been brand staples at SmartHalo. So when Laka approached us for a partnership, it made absolute sense. If you’re based in the UK and subscribe to Laka you’ll benefit from a discount on SmartHalo 2.

Laka – Insurance for UK cyclists.
Rest of the world cyclists: if you would like us to partner with an insurance company to cover you where you live, or if you know of a great one let us know here


GROW CYCLING FOUNDATION – Donating on behalf of the cyclist

Grow Cycling Foundation is a Black-led organization working towards the goal of diversifying the world of cycling. We all know that feeling of discovery, of learning just how freeing, exciting and fun cycling is.

GCF wants to bring this to the communities of colour. They recognize the lack of diversity when it comes to “cycling competition, media, business, media and development opportunities,” and are working towards finding empowering solutions that will make the future of cycling more diverse and accessible to Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour. While the organization operates in North America, they have plans to expand globally, recognizing that this is a global issue.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Grow Cycling (@growcyclingfoundation)

GCF’s first project is to create a pump track in the Los Angeles area in the USA. This will open up cycling competition and opportunities in the area.

GCF – one-time donation or a recurring donation.


GLINT REFLECTIVE STICKERS – Be visible from every angle

Be seen and stay safe, even in the darkest of nights. Our very own co-founder and CDO, Gab, puts it nicely when he says, “Sometimes, the simple solutions are the brightest: these reflective stickers will make sure you’re seen at night without adding bulky reflectors to your sexy bike.”

Glint Reflective’s low-profile design and weatherproof construction makes them compatible with any bike frame material. They even have stickers for bike accessories such as helmets and bike racks. These reflective stickers really stick and provide long-lasting visibility (when tested under harsh conditions, they lasted seven years). 

 A bonus: they’re a Canadian company, just like us!

Glint – starting at $8.99 CAD



Of course, we would be lying if we didn’t think our very own SmartHalo 2 would make the perfect Christmas gift! SmartHalo 2 is the ultimate all-in-one bike buddy for that cyclist in your life. An anti-theft alarm, navigation system, front light, personal assistant, and so much more, you can give the bicycle a smart update so your cyclist can focus on what’s most important: the ride.

With SmartHalo 2 still on pre-order, you can purchase the device now, download a personalized card to give this Christmas, and come cycling season 2021, the device will arrive at your cyclist’s doorstep. No need to let SmartHalo 2 sit there, collecting dust (along with their bike) — receive it, install it, and ride that bike come Spring!

SmartHalo 2 – $159.99 USD
Personalized holiday card available for download to put under the Christmas tree.


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