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How to Stay Safe at the Gym During COVID-19

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Exercise is a mood lifter and something everyone can certainly use at this point in the pandemic. But going to the gym these days would give anyone pause — how do we avoid the coronavirus while working out indoors? Here are a few tips on how to stay safe at the gym.


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Carry extra masks

When you work out hard, you need masks that can keep up, like the KN95 face masks from Green Supply. Yes, that’s masks with an “s.” One mask at the gym isn’t going to do it. Moisture will ruin its effectiveness, potentially endangering your health or the health of others. Bring along several comfortable, multi-layered face masks so you can switch them out as each one becomes too sweaty.

In or out of the gym, it’s important to keep your face masks protected. Carry your spare, clean masks in closed sandwich bags so you can easily reach inside and grab one as you need it. Store them in separate bags in your car or in a gym bag so they are ready when you are.

Practice physical distancing

Studies show you need to space yourself out more than the usual six feet when you’re working hard at the gym. Exercising makes everyone breathe harder, and all that heavy breathing leads to more particle expulsion. If someone were infected with the coronavirus, it makes it more likely to spread to you and vice versa. That doesn’t mean you can’t take part in small group exercise classes, it just means you need to pay more attention to your surroundings.

Outdoor workout spaces, like tracks or green areas, are the best bet when it comes to maintaining a safe distance. Even the swimming pool can prove an effective area to get fit and stay safe. Otherwise, gyms offering up more than six feet between patrons and the use of plastic dividers between equipment stations are a boon. So, too, are interior spaces with open windows and doors for airflow.

Disinfect your things

Use hand sanitizer when you step in the door — before you touch any surfaces — and again before you leave. You should also sanitize any equipment you want to use before and after you use it.

Skip the locker room; wear your clothes to the gym and head home in them. Locker rooms are too close for comfort. At home, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and disinfect everything — your keys, phone, earbuds and anything else you used or touched during your time at the gym. While the virus won’t likely live on your clothing, it’s not a bad idea to change and take a shower (you can probably use one anyway).

Keep yourself safe

Your regular workout doesn’t have to fall to the wayside during COVID-19. Carry extra masks with you to the gym so you can swap them out when you get too sweaty and pay attention to the space between you and others (and plan your workout accordingly). Don’t forget to disinfect all your items each time you walk into your door at home. You don’t have to skip your workout at the gym, you just have to plan ahead to help keep everyone safe.

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