Heart Rate Deep Dive, Tulsa Tough, FTP and VO2Max and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 313

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Coach Chad is back! This week we dig into how VO2max affects FTP, why heart rate may be lower or higher for different people at different times, and discussions about positioning in aggressive groups, heat, crashing and more inspired by Tulsa Tough.


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More show notes and discussion in the TrainerRoad Forum.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Intro 0:04
  • Jonathan’s Tulsa Tough experience 12:20
  • The difference between racing for a win versus a solid finish 20:54
  • How to ride in an aggressive group 24:30
  • Mental and strategic tips for racing in aggressive fields -28:47
  • How to beat a dominant team 46:10
  • How does VO2 Max affect FTP? 1:19:58
  • Does cadence affect aerodynamics? 1:27:55
  • Why does heart rate vary between athletes? 1:34:03
  • Live questions and answers 1:56:12

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Successful Athletes Podcast

Science of Getting Faster Podcast

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