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It seems that Enve has been hard at work in their Ogden Utah HQ cooking up some new carbon molds. However, these molds weren’t for components like wheels, bars, stems, forks and all the other bits they produce. No, now Enve is getting into the frame game with their Custom Road bike. Enve is claiming it is “Where high-tech meets high-touch.” But this really isn’t their first bike, they have partnered with many brands thanks to their extensive composites expertise.


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•Independent Fabrications Corvid
•Santa Cruz V10 Swingarm, making it the first full-carbon DH bike
•Cervelo P5X Front-End
•Supplied the global small custom frame builder community with tubing, forks, wheels and components since founded in 2007 (and will continue to do so into the future).

Simply, they make what they want to ride and a frame was almost inevitable.


The Project started shortly after our former editor, retired professional cyclist and all-around great guy, Neil Sherly started at Enve. The real driving factor was Enve felt that there was a gap in the market. There are lots of small-batch bike builders that have custom geo and paint but most are using materials like steel and titanium based around more traditional designs. Then there are the mass production brands that utilize very cutting-edge technologies but have no personalized experience. Enve feels that mixing these two worlds of performance innovation and custom experience will truly resonate with their already extensive consumer base.

  • Oct 1, 2018
    Official Project Kick-Off
  • Jan 30, 2019
    Proto 1 CFD and Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Sep 3, 2019
    Proto 1 Lab and Ride Testing Begins
  • Jan 6, 2020
    Final Proto Tooling Begins
  • Jun 1, 2020
    Production Test Riding Begins
  • Oct 31, 2020
    Lab Testing Complete
  • Mar 26, 2021


• Custom Geometry
• Small batch, Ogden Utah, USA production
• 100% Enve road bike
• Enve’s definition of the modern road bike
• High volume tire clearance (up to 35mm)
• Aerodynamic
• Integrated
• Personalized (paint and geo)
• Lightweight (around 16.5 pounds for most top tier builds)
• Crafted
• Beautiful
• Disc brake specific
• Electronic specific
• UCI approved (as if that matters for the masses)
• All options come with an Enve specific Scicon Travel bag.


Enve is offering a few different options when you place your order. To start you fill out a Fit Form and leave a $250 deposit that will hold your place in line.  This “line” will likely be long as Enve tells us they currently expect to finish one bike per working day. Hopefully, the current team will grow and production will increase without affecting the theme of the project. We have also been told that everything is happening in-house and the same facility the wheels are produced but with a separate team. Even paint is done in-house which expedites the custom color experience. There are two frame types race and all-road

1. Chassis
Frame, fork, Enve bar/stem, Chris King headset, carbon seat mast topper, Enve saddle, computer mount, axles and hardware

2. Rolling chassis
Frame, fork, Enve bar/stem, Chris King headset, carbon seat mast topper, Enve saddle, computer mount, axles, hardware and choice of SES or Foundation wheelset

3. Complete bike
Frame, fork, Enve bar/stem, Chris King headset, carbon seat mast topper, Enve saddle, computer mount, axles, hardware and choice of SES or Foundation wheelset. Most electronic drivetrains options will be offered but supplies could affect options.

The Race geometry prioritizes agility and responsiveness along with a shorter wheelbase. The geometry is tuned for 25-31mm ties but does leave room for 35mm tires. This option is best suited for road or criterium racers that want aggressive and responsive handling with lots of out of the saddle efforts.

The All-Road geometry is only slightly different but puts more priority on stability and control. The wheelbase is slightly longer but not by much from what Enve says. This choice is best suited for 29-35mm tires and same as the Race has a max tire size of 35mm. This option is best for those looking for more endurance and mixed-surface racing and will likely spend more time in the saddle than out.


Enve is no stranger to technology as they have been a leader in the composite wheel market since their inception. One of their lead engineers Kevin Nelson who has been a big part of the project has a long history in the industry with brands like GT Bicycles, Specialized, Easton and Reynolds Composites before landing at Enve over 14 years ago. It’s team members like these combined with plenty of experience in the labs that help blend the white coats with real-world experience.

Enve is no stranger to aero and has countless hours in the wind tunnel. So obviously the Enve bike implements all of that knowledge plus more into their frame. It helps that they have been making bars and stems with integration for some time now which definitely sped up the process considerably. The truly impressive part is that Enve is delivering this in a custom offering. Enve tells us it’s because their holds are split into 9 pieces which allows the modifications and customization along with all the advantages. Sure it isn’t the lightest offering on the market but they believe it’s worth it.


To be honest we weren’t surprised to hear the news that Enve was entering the bike game. We like that there is room for up to 35mm tires even on the race version. The integrated seat post will likely deliver very good in saddle feel and compliance but we are bummed that the carbon topper uses the same saddle clamp system as their seatpost. We have never been fans of how it adjusts but it’s not something you really need to worry about often.

On a slightly related note, the fact that all bikes, rolling chassis and frames will come with an Enve specific Scicon travel bag is top-notch. This is key because Enve says in this bag you will not need to remove your seat topper or bar/stem to fit in the bag and travel, just wheels. That’s at least a $500 value and those that have ever tried to ship or travel with an integrated seat post bike know it’s worth more in hassle alone.

The paint and finishing touches look stunning and there are a lot of options to make it your own. We are a bit worried about the “line” that will form to get a bike and think that the deposit should be more than $250 to hold a spot. Pricing is premium with the chassis setting you back $7000, so that will likely minimize the wait a tiny bit. Overall we can’t wait to see all of the creative and impressive bikes that will come out of Utah. The real question is how long before they announce a true gravel bike?


Chassis Only (Frame, Fork, Bar/Stem, Seat Topper, Saddle, Bar Tape, HS, Axles & Hardware, Travel Case)
Rolling Chassis Foundation (Frame, Fork, Wheelset, Tires, Bar/Stem, Seat Topper, Saddle, Bar Tape, HS, Axles & Hardware, Travel Case)
Rolling Chassis Premium (Frame, Fork, Wheelset, Tires, Bar/Stem, Seat Topper, Saddle, Bar Tape, HS, Axles & Hardware, Travel Case)

Complete Ultegra Di2 Foundation
Complete Ultegra Di2 Premium
Complete Dura-Ace Di2 Premium

Complete AXS Force Premium
Complete AXS Red Premium

Add ons
+ Shimano Dura Ace Power Crankset – $600
+ Stages Left Arm Only (DA/ULT) – $325
+ Stages Left & Right Arms (DA/ULT) – $500
+ SRAM Red Power Crankset – $500
Premium Paint Color – $500
3rd Color, Frame Mojo, Etc… – $500
Painted to Match Bottle Cages – $400
Full Custom Paint – (Starting at, includes 2 revisions, 5 hours or additional paint) $1500

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