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Former Olympic BMX racing champion Connor Fields will be released from hospital on Thursday as he continues his recovery from a serious head injury sustained while competing in Tokyo, US team officials said. Fields, the gold medalist at the Rio 2016 Games, suffered a brain hemorrhage when he fell heavily during the semi-final on July 30 and was rushed to hospital, where he spent time in intensive care.


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The US Olympic team’s chief medical officer Jonathan Finnoff said the 28-year-old was ready to make the journey back to the United States.

“He will now return home to be with his friends and family in Henderson, Nevada, and start his rehabilitation,” Finnoff said.

Field, who said before heading to Tokyo that he was considering retirement after the Games, sounded an optimistic note on social media.

“I’m back. Ish. Still can only stand for 5-10 min at a time but we’re working!” he tweeted.


RBA/AFP Photos: Bettini

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