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Phillipe Gilbert To Finish His Final Season Without Tour Of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix

01/18/2022 12:01

Phillipe Gilbert will be ending his final season in the Pro Peloton without taking part in either Tour Of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix, will instead be focusing all of his attention on Ardennes Classics, it seems that the Belgian is on a very important mission right now. Although he won both the said races, he has other plans this season.

It seems that Gilbert is following in the footsteps of legendary racers Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck from the 1970s, as they won all the five monuments, he plans to do the same. Although, for that, he would have to conquer the Milan-San Remo as he wasn’t able to do that before. Phillipe Gilbert’s three-year deal will also be ending with Lotto Soudal this season so new objectives are on the horizon for the Belgian.

Gilbert won both the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix in 2017 and 2019 respectively although this time, he has other plans in motion. 


Speaking to Het Nieuwsblad, Gilbert stated,

I’ll start with the Challenge Mallorca at the end of January. Then I’ll go one last time in search of the one missing piece in my collection of Monuments. Although Milan-San Remo remains a difficult race – who would have predicted that Stuyven would win last year?

I’m not riding the Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix. I don’t want to be distracted. I’m going for the Ardennes Classics. It’s a logical choice and I’m preparing for them specifically. Ardennes week will be special. It will be a beautiful moment. I know everyone there and I’ll be ‘playing a home game’. It’s always nice. 

(Credit To Het Nieuwsblad)

Moving on to spring will be the big catch for Gilbert as he will be competing again in the Milan-San Remo and the Ardennes Classics, this will reportedly be Gilbert’s 18th attempt at the Milan-San Remo. Summer is also jam-packed for the Belgian as he will mark his 10th Tour De France this year. There are big hints coming from Gilbert himself that this will be his last Tour De France but that too could change at any moment.

Phillipe Stated,

I want to go to the Tour for the 10th time. It’s a nice number. Last year I gave an interview and said it might be my last Tour. When I saw the new Parcours I was eager to return.

Gilbert has been on the recovering side since last year, in 2021 he recorded no new wins for his portfolio. Although he managed to be ranked as the top five in Brussels Cycling Classics and  Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, that still doesn’t round up to much. The main feeling of disappointment for the Belgian comes from the poor performance of his team as they only managed to be ranked at the 18th position on the UCI rankings.

Gilbert expressed,

Of course, I am better than last year. Then I rode on one leg. My right thigh has four centimeters less circumference. I really had a lot of problems after my two big crashes at the Tour where I fell on my knees twice. I suffered a lot because of that, and I couldn’t reach the level I wanted.


Even his team, Lotto Soudal is going through a leadership change. Director Herman Frison and Team Manager Marc Sergeant will be leaving, however, Allan Davis and Cherie Pridham will be joining the team. Even Yana Steel will be joining Lotto Soudal as the new Chief Business Officer, she was previously associated with Astana Qazaqstan.

Along with the upper management, some new riders will also be joining the ambitious team, this includes Jarrad Drizners. 

Gilbert stated,

It was high time that the atmosphere changed. It was very difficult to live in the team but now it’s better. We have a better base, better elements in all ranks and the atmosphere is better. Everyone says so. Everyone has more desire and that drives the team forward

A lot has changed. We have many new faces. Everyone gives the impression that they’re motivated. The expectations and ambitions – everything is clearer and easier.

2022 is shaping up to be a very competitive but also a completely different experience for Phillipe Gilbert, while exempting from Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders, his mind is focused on the bigger picture. He is seeking a chance at redemption with the Milan-San Remo and will also be trying his best at the Tour De France, we wish him luck!

Featured Image Via Twitter/PhilippeGilbert

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Does Cycling Build Leg Muscle?

01/18/2022 0:02

The stronger your legs, the better your cycling performance. With more muscular legs, you’ll be able to push better through the pedals and enhance your speed. This comes down to building your leg muscles.

Now, you could hit the gym for strength and endurance training, do some squats and heavy lifting, and build your leg muscles. But did you know cycling builds leg muscles too? Well, not as much as gym training would, but there are definitely some ways it helps. Let’s get into more details.

How Does Cycling Build Leg Muscles?

Leg Muscle Anatomy
Leg Muscle Anatomy

When you are cycling, you constantly work your legs and core primary muscles. As you push through the pedals, your quads and hams are in constant motion. They contract and relax simultaneously. Moreover, even your calf muscles get worked during cycling. With all that work on your muscles, they definitely get strengthened and become more toned at the same time as you lose a significant amount of body fat in the process.

However, just cycling will not do a lot to build your leg muscle mass unless you do it right. This means that while cycling builds leg muscles, you have to be particular in the way you ride to ensure that you’re benefiting the primary muscles of your legs.

So, what is it that you need to follow to build muscle around your leg from cycling? Read on to find out for yourself!

How Can You Build Your Leg Muscles While Riding a Bike?

Robert Forstemann
Robert Forstemann

Well, there are just some little things you need to do to build lean muscle, and you definitely do them inadvertently sometimes during your endurance rides. It’s time you started following those things consciously. Here’s everything you need to do.

Get Off Your Seat

Have you ever stood while pedalling? Well, if you have, you know that it gets a little harder to pedal that way, and you need to put in more effort and strength to move forward. Well, that’s what does the trick for building your leg muscles.

When you keep sitting in your seat, you’re quite comfortable and not really putting much effort into pedalling. The result is your leg muscles have less work to do, and they only get toned quite a bit.

As soon as you get off the seat, you’re adding your body weight to the pedals, and that serves as increased resistance. The result is that you work your leg muscles, especially your calf muscle, harder and reduce more body fat to progress well towards muscle growth and strengthening.

Moreover, as difficult and challenging it is, you’ll feel it is more adventurous and entertaining too, and it will be an amazing journey for you.

Go Uphill

Uphill Mountain Bike
Uphill Mountain Bike

You always have to put in additional effort when cycling uphill as you’re riding against the natural gravitational pull. The gravity will pull you downwards as you try to climb. 

As a result, you’ll have to fight against this increased resistance by pushing harder through the pedals, and that would mean working more on your leg muscles, contracting the quads and hams a lot more in comparison to what you do when riding on plain courses.

The more you work on your leg muscles through an aerobic exercise like uphill cycling, the stronger they become.

Track Your Cadence and Work Better on It

Cadence refers to your pedalling speed. You may not give much importance to it and would want to enhance it as much as you can so that you can ride faster and achieve better performance. However, managing your cadence is highly essential, especially when you want to build muscle on leg through cycling.

First of all, you need to know what your cadence is, and then you can work on it. You can just gear down to pedal faster and increase your cadence. Once you’re comfortable with that, then you can gear up, enhance the resistance, and pedal at quite a slower speed than your normal cadence to work your legs better and build the leg muscles.

What Other Ways Can You Develop Leg Muscles?

Robert Forstemann Split Squat

Now, while cycling builds leg muscles, that would not be enough. If you want to increase your cycling performance, you need to have strong legs with well-built and well-toned muscles. This simply requires more workouts and bike strength training on your part.

So, while you follow the ways to build leg muscles through cycling, what else you could do is go for off the bike training. You can hit the gym for weight training and strength training. That will add up a lot to helping build up your skinny legs muscles with cycling.

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Summing Up!

When you’re cycling, your legs need to be strong, and that simply comes down to building leg muscles. Now, while cycling builds leg muscles, everything has to be a combination of on the bike and off the bike training.

So, plan your training as per your specific goals and see how it works in helping you build your leg muscles and enhancing your cadence, speed, and overall cycling performance in addition to other health benefits.

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Vincenzo Nibali Making His Paris-Roubaix Debut, Targeting All The Monuments In 2022

01/17/2022 12:02

Many people dream and then those dreams turn into a reality. For Vincenzo Nibali, his biggest dream just got fulfilled, he is set to make his debut in Paris-Roubaix. For those that don’t know, Paris-Roubaix is a one-day professional bike race that is set in Northern France. As the name goes, it starts in Northern France and then finishes in Roubaix, almost at the Belgium Border.

The Paris-Roubaix is one of the five monuments that Nibali will be performing in, other than that, he will be giving his best in Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, Milan-San Remo, Tour des Alpes, Tour de France, and much more, seems like a very hectic and competitive schedule for Nibali.

It seems almost like yesterday when he expressed his wish to ride in the Paris-Roubaix to La Gazzetta Dello Sport in October 2021. 

Nibali stated,

I’ve never done Paris-Roubaix, this could be the right time. Sure, it’s a risk, it’s a race that has to be prepared in fine detail, but you need to do it at least once in your life.

Vincenzo Nibali is one of the best cyclists to be ever produced, his skill set is phenomenal, he is experienced and he can act well in tough and dangerous situations. We can’t forget his performance in the 2014 Tour De France, when he conquered the road on that rainy day and made it in one piece to Arenberg, that was truly amazing. Not many riders can handle that much pressure, but Nibali proved that he has a titanium shell.



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A post shared by Vincenzo Nibali (@vincenzonibali)

All because of his performance and wits Nibali was able to win the 2014 Tour De France, this was all because of his strategic thinking. He even left Jean-Christophe all behind and roared to the finish line. 

This time, Nibali won’t be riding alone, he will be joined by his fellow team member Gianni Moscon. Although Moscon was defeated in the 2021 Paris-Roubaix, he has high hopes of redemption this time around. Vincenzo’s season begins with the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana (February), after that, he is scheduled for Tirreno-Adriatico and other races.

In December 2021, during the Astana Training Camp, Nibali stated,

Of course, inside of me, I have objectives, races where I want to be a protagonist in some way. The competition has gone up to a really incredible level in the last two seasons, so it’s a lot more difficult, but I’m not lacking in determination.

During the training session, Nibali emphasized that he plans to make a statement with his performance from now on, stating the objectives without effort and results to back them up just seems fruitless he described. We are expecting a strong performance from Vincenzo at all the monumental races of 2022. 

Featured Image Via Instagram/vincenzonibali

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Australian Road Nationals: James Whelan Motivated About Returning To WorldTour

01/17/2022 12:02

Cycling Competitions such as the Australian Road Nationals are fertile ground for making a name for yourself while also catching the attention of international teams. These races also attract international teams that select lucky racers for sponsorships and enrollments. Hoping for a strong a bright future, James Whelan is one of those riders that are focused on earning themselves a chance to return to the World Tour, motivations levels are high, and this time he is awaiting hopeful results.

Things have been bumpy but also ambitious for the young Australian rider, he recently joined the Australian Continental Squad Team BridgeLane, although this was after he failed at getting the World Tour contract for 2022, although this was a loss, he also secured a tremendous win for himself. James Whelan has a strong portfolio though, before joining Team BridgeLane, he was part of the American Cycling Team EF Education-Nippo, where he performed exceptionally.

Although this year it seems highly likely that he will be able to take secure his big win, his performance at the Road Nationals is nothing short of impressive. 


During the race, there was a really tough competition between James Whelan (Who Came 2nd) and Luke Plapp. Jimmy Whelan had nothing but praise for his rival, after securing the second position, he explained his feelings, and how the competition made him feel.

Whelan Stated in an interview,

I obviously gave it a bit of a long flyer with about three laps to go there. I gave it everything I could. Unfortunately, there was a Lucas Plapp in the field and he is a pretty good TT’er and he is a class act.

I knew I was in trouble when he was coming across solo. I thought maybe if he was with a few other guys maybe they would muck around and I’d stay away but with the class of Plappy I knew If he caught me I could just try and just get on his wheel, but he caught me right at the right time.

There is always a need to go beyond and this time Whelan had all the reasons, first the World Tour and the second reason being him pushing his boundaries. Standing at the podium and smiling at the crowd is a unique form of excitement, it shows how far you have come, Whelan certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

Whelan is showing that he is actually working for the title, even the training sessions are becoming hardcore. From heat training to other intensive methods, he is not giving up. 

Whelan Stated,

I would still love the opportunity to go to the WorldTour, I fell short with a few teams. Maybe this ride will help some negotiations.

Whether Whelan wins himself a shot to the WorldTour or not, he is not going anywhere. His partnership is Team BridgeLane is only going to be stronger from here on. The Santos Festival of Cycling also holds a great opportunity for him to show his skills.

We hope that either way, he gets what he wants and rises to fame and glory.

Featured Image Via YouTube/Cam Nicholls

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Israel Premier Tech Aims To Better The World, Agenda More Than Bike Races

01/15/2022 0:01

Israel Premier Tech– The UCI World Team has finally revealed that through their performance they plan to mark Israel’s spot on the world, one of their main goals is to improve the world and focus on bike races. Their goals are certainly ambitious, as stated at the official launch of the team on 13th January 2022, Sylvan Adams company’s co-owner revealed that they want to hone and fulfill the command of “Tikkun Olam”– which roughly translates to “Improve The World”.

This certainly seems more like a political agenda, and Adams is convinced that with the team’s exceptional performance they would be able to pursue their goals and win races simultaneously. This combination of a social, political, and sports mission could be what leads them to victory and make themselves eternal in the history books.



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A post shared by Israel – Premier Tech (@israelpremiertech)

Sylvan Adams further added,

I want this team to be a model, an exemplary model in our sport and in all sport. In trying to improve things and build bridges as we race around the globe. To build bridges, make new friendships, and compete in the spirit, the highest spirit of sportsmanship and openness.

While we try to succeed, in winning races and bringing newer better, higher attention to our beautiful programme.

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Since their goals are so ambitious and are a culturally-diverse team, they are being co-sponsored by Premier Tech, a Canadian Machinery Manufacturing Company. Sylvan Adams think that with their joint effort of performance and technology, they can step up their game and provide a bright future for the upcoming generation.

Adams stated in an interview,

I believe it validates a lot of the effort that we’ve been putting into this wonderful team and will help us take it to the next level and become a more winning team and a more successful team while at the same time, continuing to, to be more than a cycling team, we operate a number of social activities and we have a social mission.

Although the initial deal between the two companies was for four years, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The partnership will likely be extended beyond that and will expand on multiple horizons. 



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A post shared by Premier Tech (@premiertech)

Jean Bélanger, Premier Tech’s President and CEO stated,

This partnership is for at least the next four years, but four years is only the beginning. This team obviously has a solid foundation in Israel but it also has with Canada. We have five out of the six WorldTour Canadian riders and we have Canadians in the management.

Apart from the sponsorships, the company has huge goals and ambitions, they want to up their game. Ron Baron, another co-owner of Israel Premier Tech is very confident in his team, they plan on adding even more professional riders in the future. A diverse and competitive team of highly-skilled professionals is the key to achieving their goals. 

Ron Baron stated,

We would love to see one of the young riders on the continental squad sign up… we would be so happy to see it. We have eight Israelis but also many nationalities and they are super talented, and they should join the elite team.

That would be a great achievement if that happens. We want to see more young riders like Itamar Einhorn win races and enjoy this great group of professional riders.

Armed with such a strong lineup and supportive sponsors, Israel Premier Tech is already shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. With Grand Tours ahead of them, they have to up their game and perform better than ever if they wish to fulfill their goals.

Featured Image Via Instagram/israelpremiertech

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Chris Froome To Take Things “Easy” After Knee Injury, Preparations For Upcoming Races Delayed!

01/14/2022 12:01

Things are looking slow but steady for the Tour De France Winner, Chris Froome. The Athlete announced that he would be taking a break from racing, especially the upcoming 2022 season to focus on his knee injury that he got last week.


At the launch of Israel Premier Tech, the UCI World Tour Team, Froome explained that he would be taking it easy until he gets better. Apart from this, he also explained how he got the injury,

In mid-December I picked up a bit of an injury getting back into training,” he said. I tore my tfl (tensor fascia latae) tendon on the side of my leg. I had to take a bit of time off…

He further revealed his plans,

My preparations have definitely been delayed. I’ll be racing a little bit later as well. [I am] happy to be here, happy to get the work in, I don’t feel any pain at the moment, but I still have to take it pretty steady and have a slower progression into the first part of the season.

There is a silver lining to this however, Chris Froome has expressed his happiness and gratitude to be at the launch of Israel Premier Tech. He looks forward to starting his practice session there and is eager to ride with the highly competitive team.



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A post shared by Chris Froome (@chrisfroome)

This is not Chris’s first rodeo with Israel Premier Tech, they have been together for 2 years, as the team was formerly known as Israel Start-Up Nation. The team changing names means how far they have come and how ambitious their goals are.

It’s really good to be at the training camp now, this is a training camp I didn’t make it to last year. I’m really happy to be here and to be starting training with the guys, Chris explained.

One of the most important questions asked from Froome was his perception about the World Tour, especially since he left Ineos Grenadiers in 2020. Although Ineos Grenadiers is a virtually unbeatable team, Froome is confident that Israel Premier tech would catch up to them. He also plans to step up his game as compared to his performance in the previous Grand Tours.

It’s fair to say that a decade ago Team Sky were setting the benchmark, Froome said.

I think in previous years other teams have caught up and it seems at the moment that there are two or three bigger teams who are on a very similar kind of level, especially when it comes to riding the grand tours and controlling the grand tours in terms of the general classification. It does seem to be a much more even playing field. 

In terms of Israel-Premier Tech I wouldn’t necessarily say we were one of those teams setting the benchmark for general classification in grand tours, but that’s something we can hopefully keep building on in these next few years and a goal for us to try and reach that level.

Chris is really confident while being with Israel Premier Tech, he thinks that with goals and ambitions they would be able to leave behind Ineos Grenadiers. We hope that he makes a speedy recovery and does his best in the upcoming season.

Featured Image Via YouTube/ProCyclingClips

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Uno-X Expecting 2022 Tour De France Wildcard Invitation

01/14/2022 0:01

Uno-X has finally revealed that they are aiming for this year’s Tour De France Wildcard Invitation, this was expected because the team loves challenges is at the forefront of any competitive opportunity. Being ambitious is like the second nature of Uno-X, although the WorldTour is still expected in 2023, they eagerly want a spot there too.

As the team is split into two groups, then women’s division is doing better than the men’s division. They have already earned themselves a spot in the 2023 World Tour and will be participating in this year’s Tour De France. Although enthusiasm is good, the situation is looking a bit complicated as only two spots for the wildcard invitation are left. The favored teams for the invitations are TotalEnergies and B&B Hotels p/b KTM, this means that Uno-X would have to perform exceptionally well. For them to ride the prologue race in Copenhagen, they would have to go beyond themselves.



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A post shared by Uno-X Pro Cycling Team (@unoxteam)

The team’s general manager Jens Haugland has shared their enthusiasm for the invitation but still, have low expectations. Some of the highlights from the exclusive interview with

However, we think we’ve earned it. All cycling-mad Norwegians and Danes would want to have as many compatriots as possible on the start line in Denmark.

Uno-X has come a long way, gone are the times of the Ringeriks-Kraft Continental squad. Due to impressive performance, several of their racers have progressed to the status of World Tour, they include Tobias Foss and Andreas Leknessund.



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A post shared by Uno-X Pro Cycling Team (@unoxteam)

Since 2021, Uno-X has been busy, they have been building up their team by adding impressive riders. Some of the additions include Niklas Eg, Hansen, the Norwegian Johannsen Twins, and more. Let’s hope that Uno-X earns the 2022 Tour De France Wildcard Invitation.


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Nathan Van Hooydonck Reveals His Feelings Regarding The Death Of His Newborn Child

01/13/2022 12:02

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be memorable, filled with happiness and exciting memories, although that was not the case for the Jumbo-Visma Rider Nathan Van Hooydonck. Nathan lost his newborn son Thiago at the end of 2021 and that completely broke him.

Since that time, he was pretty closed off but now he has finally opened up about how he feels and also credits his girlfriend Alicia, who was with him every step of the way. The Belgian Rider shared the news to the public on his Instagram on December 28, and Thiago’s funeral was held on New Year’s Eve, it was supposed to be a moment of celebration but turned out to be a real tragedy.

Nathan also credits the bike ride that he took a day after the funeral, although it was brief, it made him feel good and freshened him up. Although the bike ride helped him relax and focus on Jumbo-Visma in Spain, the real support came from his Girlfriend Alicia, which he is really thankful for.



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A post shared by Nathan Van Hooydonck (@nvhooydonck)

Nathan revealed to the media how he really feels and this is what he had to say,

Alicia was much stronger than me in everything that happened. She pulled me through. I had a hard time when she was better and vice versa. So we could always support each other very well. The fact that I am here today and can resume my preparation in Spain is one hundred percent thanks to her.



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A post shared by Nathan Van Hooydonck (@nvhooydonck)

His Girlfriend Alicia is not the only one who has his back, his team and Jumbo-Visma are also giving their full support. Distractions are there, there are other goals to focus on, and whatever help he needs, Jumbo-Visma is giving it to Nathan. Although it is tough to go through a grieving process and whenever Nathan feels the need for Alicia, he can always go back and recover.

Clear agreements have been made that if I have a bad day, I would indicate this in good time. I may be home in a few days because it is not going well, but the team is also supporting me. They are fantastic.

Losing a child is one of the most difficult and painful feelings of the world, Nathan revealed his feelings about the tragic loss,

I constantly think about the loss. Some days are better than others, but when I leave for training in our village for example, and see a pram, my heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

Even with all the loss surrounding Nathan, he has not given up hope and still has plans to perform his best. He wants to give his 100% to Jumbo-Visma and he will do that. We hope that and pray for Nathan and Alicia, may they recover from this tragedy soon.

Featured Image Via Instagram/nvhooydonck

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Rohan Dennis Finally Spills The Beans About Leaving Ineos Grenadiers

01/12/2022 12:02

Rohan Dennis, the Australian Professional Racing Cyclist has finally revealed why he shifted to Jumbo-Visma from Ineos Grenadiers for 2022. Dennis revealed that the shift is because Jumbo-Visma is original than Ineos Grenadiers and also better.

Although he made the shift, he could not be there for the Jumbo-Visma presentation held in Spain. Dennis traveled back to Australia for the holidays but was able to send in a video message explaining the shift. 


Highlights from the interview were,

“There’s a lot of things that the team is doing really well,” Dennis said. “I noticed when I was with Ineos that they were copying Jumbo with a lot of stuff. And I thought: Well, why would I want to be in a team that is copying a team on the other side of the fence?

“Why not go join that team and be on the front foot, not the back foot. So basically I want to move here because technically it is a better team. It looks like a great structure.

Jumbo-Visma’s Team Director Merijn Zeeman has declared the former time trial champion a “Dream Asset” and he can’t be more proud to have him on the team. Rohan Dennis is not alone though, he has secured himself a place in the upcoming Tour De France. His squad consists of Primož Roglič, Jonas Vingegaard, Sepp Kuss, Steven Kruijswijk and Wout van Aert.

Rohan Dennis is known for helping out his teammates and other cyclists. He helped Tao Geoghegan Hart win the 2020 Giro d’Italia. Although things took a drastic and unfortunate turn as he had to quit the Tour De France race mid-stage because of being unwell, after that he never rode for Bahrain-Merida again.

Dennis joining Jumbo-Visma is going to be beneficial for both parties. Jumbo’s Team Director Merijn Zeeman ensures that they will offer Dennis a more comfortable physiological and psychological environment, this way both the team and Rohan can grow and benefit each other. 

“There’s a bit of pressure when you get a label. It’s not pressuring I don’t like, it makes me realize my importance in the team,” Dennis said.

Dennis is very eager to ride and perform in the 2022 Tour De France as part of Jumbo Visma. 

“The big goal for me in the team is to do the Tour de France,” he said directly. “It’s a huge race, it is a circus and I really want to be part of a team that is potentially going to win.

Dennis is ready to ride and win for Jumbo Visma, this is what he had to say about his old mate Tadej,

“I’ll try and help the team beat old mate Tadej [Pogačar]. I like him but he is the enemy.”

Australia’s Road National Championships in 2022 will mark the Debut of Rohan Dennis, also the famous Santos Festival of Cycling that also happens to be in Dennis’s hometown-Adelaide. After all of this, Dennis is expected to return to Europe for the rest of the cycling tour.

Featured Image Via/theguardian

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Rohan Dennis Secures His Win In Elite Men’s Time Trial: Australian Road Championships

01/12/2022 12:02

It seems that the new team is already showing its magic as Rohan Dennis has won the 2022 Elite Men’s Time Trial at the Australian Road Championships. Showing his new Jumbo-Visma threads, Dennis has secured the elite national title for the fourth time. He got to share the Podium with his long-term rival Luke Durbridge, this is the sixth time that they are sharing the top steps of the podium together.

Rohan Dennis’s victory against Durbridge was quite impressive, he managed to finish at 45:33, this is 1 minute and 33 seconds faster than his arch-rival. Apart from this, Connor Leahy (InForm TMX MAKE) secured third place at the Time Trial.

This rivalry between Dennis and Durbridge is very long, they have fought for the Australian Time Trial a couple of times. Apart from that, they have also shared the top step of the podium together, and now each of them has four titles to their names.

Although Durbridge is the champion of the races back in 2019 and 2020, Dennis was exceptionally motivated this time around. Dennis wanted to take this win for Jumbo-Visma, that is why he shined his green and gold shaped jersey at the podium. 

“They put a lot of faith in me,” said Dennis after the Podium Win and Presentation.

To come in and show respect to that and put all my effort in – not that I haven’t every other year – but to really knuckle down on every little detail to perform for them straight away was really important.

The Elite Men’s Time Trial was divided into two laps and had a distance of 37.5 km, the trials started and finished at the Federation University’s Mount Helen campus. The time trial had 200 meters of elevation and sharp and dangerous turns. The race was quite impressive, it was visible from the get-go that Dennis would be the man to win the time trial.


He quickly passed the rider that started the trial before him, his performance was similar to the one back in 2018. Another reason for Luke Durbrudge losing the title could be because of the close contact of a COVID-19 case. He still managed to make it to the race, which is impressive by itself.

The National Titles are going to be a lot more competitive after the Time Trials. The Elite Road Races in Buninyong complete the racing schedule this upcoming Sunday.

Featured Image Via/Getty images

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