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How To Restore A Vintage Bike- Bringing An Old Beauty Back To Life

09/24/2021 12:02

Vintage Bikes are amazing, they carry the beauty and cultural heritage of the past that has to be preserved. Cycling has always been a really good form of exercise, you get to intake fresh air and explore new places, nothing beats that. 

With that being said, getting a really good bike today is an expensive endeavor, the prices have gone up since the pandemic, as a lot of people are ditching their rides for the pleasure of bikes! If you love bikes and want to do something really special then this guide is for you, we will show you how to restore a vintage bicycle.

Vintage Bike Restoration- What Do You Get From It?

You must be wondering, what do I really get from restoring a vintage bike? Well, there is no fixed answer for that! A vintage bicycle is like an old painting, sure there is a lot of value in it but in order to understand it more, you have to restore it, bring it back to its original shape!

When you restore an old bike, you get to enjoy the following things:

  • You save a lot of money
  • You understand your bike better, and your techniques
  • You can personalize the bike
  • The motivation is off the charts

These are only a few reasons why bike restorations are so much fun, and you should definitely give them a try. You should pay your local bike shop a visit and look out for vintage bikes, the ones from the 1980s and 1990s would do the trick!

Vintage Bicycle With Baskets
Vintage Bicycle With Baskets

Being a bike guy will make you go here and there, even if you have to scrounge every local bike shop in the vicinity, you do that. This is a tough kind of bike repair so you better be prepared!

What You Should Look Out For?

When it comes to an old bike, there are plenty of things that you have to look out for. There are bikes of different kinds, different makes, there even would be some models that you can’t restore properly so that is where you have to be careful.

The bare metal is something that you can penetrate and fix, although when it comes to the other components, that is where things get difficult. Research properly before starting and you will never have to face any obstacle, and it is advised that you take a friend along for the project.

The most challenging thing that I had to face was to find a replacement for the brake pads, and that was a nightmare. Getting the kind of brake pads that would work perfectly with old bikes is very rare. We hope that these vintage bike restoration tips come in handy.

Remember, this is unlike any bike repair that you have done before, so precaution is advised.

Tools Needed For Restoration

You cannot restore a vintage bike without the proper tools, there is just no chance at that. You will need a lot of products to help you with your project, and that is why we made this list for you.

  • Lots of pliers and side cutters 
  • Different types of hammers
  • A Hex Allen key
  • Different screwdrivers
  • A chemical paint remover (NitroMors)
  • Toothbrush or paintbrush
  • Dried and wet rags
  • Spray Paint (Different Colors)
  • Masking tape
  • Protective mask
  • An Anti-rust primer
  • Grease
  • Wire brush
  • Lubricating fluid
  • A wrench set
  • A spanner set
  • Bike stand
  • Chain-link tool
  • Crank-pulling tool
  • Some wet wipes
  • New wheels
  • Free-wheel
  • Gear cables
  • Brake cables
  • Handlebar tape
  • Bike’s original decals
  • Brake pads
  • Rim tape
  • Inner tubes

These are a lot of things, we know that, but all of them are necessary. This is just an overlay for you, and these tools can change depending on the project. If it is something simple as a single-speed bike, things will change from time to time, and should be ready for that.

Bicycle Repair Toolset
Bicycle Repair Toolset

There would be some challenging obstacles, for example, no one can easily remove surface rust from these old bikes, that is why it is always recommended that you have a friend with you, to help you around.

Note: The bike restoration process is no easy task, you will need protection material and will be using different kinds of paints, tools, and chemicals. Make sure that you always acknowledge the safety protocols and instructions. Starting the process without doing proper research is never recommended!

Start With Getting A Bike

The first step is getting an old bike to reconstruct, of course, you can’t start the whole process if you don’t even have a bike. You can go for any kind of vintage bike, the type and make really doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you can bring it back to life fully.

A helpful tip here is to go for the bikes that fit you the most, you don’t want to ride a bike that you don’t actually like. You can decide where you are going to get your “Frankenstein” from, how much budget you have, and all other kinds of relevant information.

Build Up Slowly

I would personally suggest that you start with a leisure bike like beach cruisers, they are easy to restore and you would have fun using them as well. Look around for garage sales in the neighborhood, you will definitely find something worthwhile there. We got an old racing bike, but I suggest that you go with the cruisers, they will be easier!

Your best tools for this restoration process are going to be time and patience, you will need a lot of them.

Disassemble Your Vintage Bike

Now that you have gotten an amazing bike for yourself, you need to disassemble it properly so that the restoration can begin. When the bike is fully disassembled, you can start inspecting it, check each individual part thoroughly and this also comes in handy when you have to re-paint the bike.

Cleaning Bike

The time that will be required for assembly depends on your skill set and if you have a friend with you. I recommended during the start of this guide that things will be made easier if you work with a friend. The removal process is pretty straightforward, you just need to unscrew some bolts and the part would come out.

Keep a Record of Everything

An advice that I would like to give here is that keep a record of everything that you do, taking pictures is highly recommended here. This will help you out if you get stuck or want to do other future restoration projects.

Removing The Parts Like A Professional

If you want everything to go smoothly then you will need to remove the crank arms of the bike. A crank-puller is the perfect tool for this job and we have mentioned that under the “Tools” section. 

As we mentioned before, these tools and their usage is going to vary upon the model and type of bike, sometimes you will need a lot of tools while sometimes fewer tools will be needed. You will also need a large spanner to help you get the crankarms off the axle, just apply some force and all will be good.

If you are having trouble removing any part of the bike, then I would suggest watching some tutorial videos on YouTube, they help a lot! 

You could have problems with the stem of the bike, this is the component that connects the front forks of the bike with the handlebars. The majority of the old bikes have problems when it comes to the stem, but that can be fixed easily, again, YouTube videos would help out a lot here. Bike restoration is not easy, but it isn’t that hard either, you just got to have patience.

Prime and Paint The Vintage Beauty

Now that you have disassembled the bike, and thoroughly inspected it, it is time for the most amazing part of the process- Priming and Painting! This step will require a lot of patience from you but the satisfaction that it gives you is definitely unmatched.

Bike Repair Shop

The toughest part here is removing the old paint off the bike, you will need a primer for that. The primer will be directly applied to the bare metal for quality adhesion, we want the bike to feel very smooth when we are finished. Going through this bike restoration will definitely make you feel like an archaeologist, I for sure felt like one.

What Works Against The Old Paint?

For this bike repair, if you want to remove paint effectively then you will need two items: 

  • Chemical Paint Strippers
  • Abrasives

One of the best examples of bike paints I have ever seen is from Bike Co Op, they do an amazing job and we would want something like that. People make a common mistake here, they go with wet and dry paper, which does not work for long. 

The best thing that works, in this case, is the Aluminium Oxide Paper, once you use it, you won’t need to use anything else. A coarse grade of the Al Ox paper is recommended, which will make the work a whole lot easier. Removing the paint will take some time but there is no other option here, go through this process with patience.

Take things slowly, although if you rush then you could end up damaging the bike’s frame and we definitely don’t want that.

When it comes to a chemical paint stripper, I suggest that you use NitroMors, they are well reputed and will help you remove the paint in no time.

Remove The Rust Next

Rust is something that you will see a lot of in the old bicycles, you have to eliminate that with extreme prejudice. Most of the rust that you will see in your old bike is easily removable, you don’t need to sell the bike off when you see that much rust.

Use the wet and dry paper to remove all the rust that you can, it will take some time but you need to be patient. This process would go a lot quicker if the paper is shallow. Work the rust all over the frame and then go from there, leave no place where there is still rust.

There are going to be some areas on the bike that will be hard to reach and eliminating rust from that area will be even more difficult, that is where we will use Hammerite Kurust. If you can’t get that then there are pretty good alternatives to that, you just need to hit the local bike shop.

The liquid is not that much complicated, it is actually like milk and works really well against the rust. When the Kurust has done its work, the area will turn black, that is when we know that the agent worked.

Time To Prime The Metalwork

The paint stripping and rust removal are processes that take a lot of time, although you would be pleased to know that the metalwork does not take that much time. Depending on the model of the bike and the condition this would be done in a zap!

It is recommended that you work on a sunny day or at least windless if you want to finish this project quickly and without any kind of problems. You have to suspend the bike’s frame and forks using wires from a tree or a large stand, my personal recommendation is that you use the tree’s branches.

You have to remove the parts where you don’t want the primer or the paint, remove them properly, and put them aside. While using gloves, you need to clean the frame and forks of the bike with paper dipped in white spirits. This will remove any kind of grease and dust so that you can paint it later on!

When the spirits have been evaporated that is when you need to use the primer, make sure to shake the can before using. When the coating has been done, put some sheets over the frame and the forks and move them to the garage. Don’t remove the sheets just yet, this is where the excitement kicks in but you have to be careful, give them 2 days, and then you can remove the sheets.

Time To Paint The Vintage

Now that the primer is ready to go, that is the perfect time to paint the bike’s frame and fork. I find it to be the most exciting part of the whole process. You need to hang the frame and forks from a location, and before the painting starts, make sure that you have the gloves on!

The first goal is to moisten the frame and forks so that you can easily spray paint over them. For that, we will be using good quality wet and dry paper. Use the paper gently, we don’t want the primer to get off. A paper towel would then be needed to remove the dust that has accumulated over the past few days.

Now it is time to apply the spray paint, go slowly, we don’t want you to make the mistake that other people make. Painting quickly leaves a lot of room for error, the paint does not settle in that much, and in the end, you have to apply the paint again.

How Many Coatings Are Enough?

There are going to be many coatings and between each coating, there will be a waiting time of 15 minutes, we want the paint to settle in nicely. In most cases, 4-5 coatings are more than enough, when they have been done, move the frame and forks to the garage and wait two weeks.

Two weeks is best for the paint to be absorbed fully, you really don’t want to repeat the whole process again. Spray paints are amazing, they give you phenomenal results, you just have to be really careful with them and do the painting slowly.

Clean Bike Chain
Clean Bike Chain

Cleaning and Repeating Other Components

The bike’s frame and fork are not the only components that need to be cleaned, greased, and re-painted again, there are going to be a lot of other components that you need to take care of. Take out all of those components and repeat what we did.

The first process would be to remove their paint, wash them, grease them, and in the end, paint them. Using warm water to wash the components is a really good idea. Use a kitchen sponge if necessary, we want the components to be shiny when we are done with them.

If you are having trouble removing the paint off the bike then it is recommended that you use NitroMors, it will come in extremely handy.

Get New Parts If Necessary

Sometimes it happens that you have to replace some of the bike parts completely, and that is a good thing actually. Bike parts catch rust and get damaged over the course of years so it is actually recommended that you get new parts that you would replace.

Plus, it is very fun unpacking all the new parts for the very first time!

Cranks and Bottom Bracket- Out With The Old In With The New

The cranks and bottom bracket are the most vulnerable parts of a bike and they can easily get damaged. If they do get damaged, then it is wise to get them replaced instead of repairing them because that rarely works out!

In the case that cranks and the bottom bracket are not damaged, you have to clean them and re-attach them on the bike. You will need a toothbrush and some spirit to start the initial cleanse, make sure that all the parts like bearings and axles are covered in spirits, this will eliminate the old grease.

Some people make the mistake of applying fewer spirits, go all out, the excess won’t hurt and it will cleanse every kind of part that is dirty.

When all the components have been cleaned, it is time to lubricate them, do that properly, and let them sit there for a while.

Re-Installing The Bike’s Chain

As we’re nearing the end of the whole project, there are only a few things left to do. One of them is installing the chain back on, you need to make sure that the bike’s sprockets and both the derailleurs are installed properly. 

The chain that you will purchase will obviously come fully lubricated so that makes the whole process easier. What you need to do here is fit the chain around the sprocket, you can check the length of the chain but there will be a need to cut it short.

For this, you will need a chain tool that can be purchased from any bike shop. With this tool, you can easily remove the link by pushing the pin against the chain’s pin. We recommend having a friend over for this process as it could become a bit difficult if done solo. If there is extra grease on the chain, make sure that you remove the extra and then re-install!

Multi Geared Bike Chain
Multi Geared Bike Chain

Take Care Of The Brakes and Cables

In the final part of the process, you have to replace the brakes and cables, if your vintage bike has been taken care of really good then there is no need for that. As the brake pads will need to be replaced, find the type and size that go well with your bike, you don’t want to make rounds to shops over and over again.

Make sure that you have a friend with you, with them being present, you will be done with this process really quickly. When it comes to the brake cables, don’t make loops that are too large, that could become buggy and you won’t even look well.

You will need to adjust the position of the brakes, especially through the brake calipers but that is needed. Make sure that the brakes are actually at a good point and then work from there. When it comes to the brake cable’s color, always go with black because that works with every bike.

In the next part, we will install the gear cables and that is truly a piece of cake. If you have seen how old bikes work then you know what is “Index-Less” Shifting, this is a case of that. Here, gear levers are actually held in different positions because of friction.

For the final touches, you will have to calibrate the derailleurs, you need to make sure that you can access all the gears and that everything is working properly.

Almost Finished

For the last step, you need to apply handlebar tape and customize the bike visually! This is extremely fun and would be over in a zap!

You can easily get a handlebar tape in sorts of design and color, although try them out before purchasing. Foamy tapes allow for the best grip possible, that much I have experienced. The tape has to be applied in a specific way so I recommend watching YouTube for that.

As for the decals and customization, you can do that according to your needs and preferences! There you go, your new bike is ready to be enjoyed!


Restoring a vintage bike is fun, there is going to be sweat and tears but the end product will be very satisfactory. You just need to have the right tools and a lot of time and patience, the rest you can figure out easily.

With this guide, we hope that you can easily restore old bikes and have fun riding them! Happy Cycling!

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How To Ride A Bike As An Adult

09/21/2021 0:01

There are many of us that did not get to learn how to ride a bike when we were kids but that does not mean that we cannot get a second chance at that as adults. You would be surprised that are many adults that did not learn this necessary skill, and it is never late to start!

Through this article and guide, we will guide you through all the necessary steps that will allow you to ride a bike flawlessly. There are some things that you need to be careful about tho, hear them well and strap them onto your heart because they will help you get through this training.

Patience is the key here, don’t feel like someone is forcing you to learn this, you want this! That is why you are here, trying to learn how to ride a bike. You will be tired and you will get frustrated a lot but you really shouldn’t give up. Improvise how you approach the situation and you will definitely come out victorious through this whole process.

Never ever give up! If you even think of giving up, then all the efforts that you made won’t account for much.

 With that being said, let’s get started!

Prepare To Ride With The Best Gear

Before you start to learn to ride, you have to do some preparation and that includes getting the perfect bike for yourself and the necessary gear. There is no starting without it so make sure that you are well-equipped with them, after all, you can’t bike without a bike, can you?

Preparing To Bike Ride
Preparing To Bike Ride

You need to get a bike that perfectly fits you, these are the following types of bikes that you can go for:

You have to know that each bicycle is unique, so get the one that suits you the most!

Get A Comfortable-Sized Bike!

Well, these are the three options but you can get started with the training with either one of them. Consult the bike size chart on the different brand’s websites to look for the best comfortable bike and adjust to it.

The bike that you get for yourself should be comfortable to sit on with a wide enough seat, easy to steer and control. You should be able to plant your feet on the ground and still move a couple of inches above the seat to the frame!

Lear more about bike size:

If two wheels are less for you, you can get a trike, or a three-wheeled bike to practice

Helmets Protect You And Are Necessary!

Fastening Bike Helmet
Fastening Bike Helmet

The next step is getting a pair of comfortable and sturdy helmets for yourself. Helmets and bicycles go like tea and sugar or petrol and car if you don’t like sugar with your tea but you get my point here.

Helmets make sure that you are protected when you are out there cycling and practicing with them reinforces your usage of them. Great helmets are not too tight and they protect your forehead like Batman protects Gotham!

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Removing The Pedals And Using Your Legs 

You might think that the next step is a bit complicated but in reality, it is not! In the next step, you have to remove the pedals and lower the seat but you have to do it accurately.

Sit on the bike’s seat comfortably and without any kind of hesitation. You might have a fear of falling off your bike, that is common and you will overcome it soon. Just remove the pedals from your bike and plant your feet on the ground. Balancing yourself properly will be the first step in building confidence.

The balance method is that you have to keep your other foot calm and steady!

Find A Suitable Area To Practice

You need to have a suitable and comfortable area where you can practice how to ride a bike. The area shouldn’t be crowded at all, find a place that is flat and large (Paved Surface), also most importantly an area that is quiet.

An empty parking lot with lots of space or a tennis court would fit you perfectly. Some people go for grassy areas but that is definitely not recommended as you don’t get to achieve the maximum speed nor will you be able to glide. Going to a park is not recommended, it might get trickier for you.

Man Bike Riding
Man Bike Riding

Teaching adults how to ride is fun, and these outdoor classes are going to be even more fun! Just continue to practice riding in that area, make sure that you have low stress or no stress at all! If you live in San Francisco then there are many great areas to hone your skills.

Practice Mounting and Dismounting Your Bike

As we discussed before, there is this one fear that adults have and that is falling from their bikes. That mainly occurs because of the lack of confidence they have but that can be easily cured. Practice getting on and off your bike frequently, you need to build that confidence inside yourself. The vast majority of people have problems here so better get better at it!

A really good piece of advice would be to stand on one side of the bike and lean it towards you, this will make things quite easier. Patience is the key here, no one has a gun to your head so you can take all the time you need, just build up that confidence inside yourself! You can even put your feet flat for relaxation! When you are ready, just begin pedaling.

Braking is A Must- Learn It Properly

You cannot learn to ride a bike without braking properly, these two actions go hand in hand. What you can do here is that you can get off your bike and try squeezing the hand brakes. This will give you an idea of how much pressure you have to exert in order to put the bike at a stop.

Some people make the mistake of pulling one hand brake at a time, that is wrong, you have to press both of them simultaneously. Move your bike around the practice area and then apply the handbrakes, do it as many times as you want, you need to get comfortable at this.

What you can do here next is get on your bike, move around and then apply the brakes, this will be considered the advanced level of practice and will help you get better. 

Coasting Without Pedals Is The Next Step

Coasting without pedals is going to be the next step for you. Get on your bike carefully and take steps while seated on the bike, start with small and meaningful steps. When you have gotten comfortable with the small steps, take long steps, it should feel like you are running in that position. These running strides will help you in building your stamina and motivation. You need to make sure that you do this several times until you have become quite comfortable.

These running steps will allow you to build more speed and that is exactly what you need to do. Build that speed and try picking one foot up while you do so, this will give you a sense of balancing, and balancing while riding is a must. Start with smaller stretches with one foot up and then move on to longer stretches. This will only get easier and comfortable for you if you maintain a good amount of speed, the process isn’t effective when you are coasting at lower speeds.

What you have to do now is steer while coasting. When you are doing those long stretches with your bike, try turning the bike left and right, so abrupt movements as those are not recommended, start going left and right slowly. Moving around in an eight-figure shape would be recommended!

If we talk about the tips that come from professionals, they say that if you perform some actions while training, it makes the whole process a lot easier. The first thing that is recommended is always look up towards your destination, you don’t have to look left and right, just looking forward would do perfectly. This will give you a clear goal, where you actually need to go.

Do not stretch or move your body in any unwanted position, make sure that you are in an upright position. This will relax you while you are practicing, and comfort is something that you need to have while riding. If you think that you cannot coast any longer then it is recommended that you plant your feet on the ground for a while.

Time To Learn To Pedal

Now that you have practiced with everything else, it is time that you put the pedals back on. With the pedals back on the back, keep the seat at a lowered position. It would be wise if you don’t use the hand brakes immediately, you will need your both feet on the ground to stop.

Learn To Pedal
Learn To Pedal

How To Start Pedaling When You Have Stopped

You are nearing completion of your training and this is where things can get a little bit difficult for you. You need to start pedaling from a stopped position, there are many ways to do it and we will discuss them. Although if you have a geared bike for this training then it should be set to the lowest gear before we start.

The first step that you can take is to put one foot on the ground and one on the pedal and start pedaling from there. It is recommended that the foot that is on the pedal is curved towards the 1-o’clock position. Doing so will give the bike the necessary momentum to move forward. 

You can try the scooter approach here too, your one foot should be on the ground, like in the downed position and one should be in the scoot position. Imagine that you are scooting but this time it is on a bike, gain some speed first and then mount the other pedal.

Lastly, what you can do here is use both feet on the pedals and start moving. Use both the pedals simultaneously and that is how you will pedal effectively.

Steer and Turn With The Pedals Back On

The final step is to steer and turn with the pedals back on. Practice those long stretches with pedals and when you feel comfortable start steering in directions. We recommend that you once again start pedaling, doing at an eight-figure on the ground. Start with small figures and glow slowly, once you are fully comfortable then move on to large figures.

Remember, this cannot be done instantly, it will definitely take time so it is recommended that you pedal slowly and comfortably, there is definitely no rush.

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Learning how to ride a bike is easy, the process is simple, you just have to ease into it. Many adults are ashamed that they don’t know how to ride a bike because seemingly, they weren’t taught when they were little, let me tell you this: There is no shame in that, there are many adults that don’t know how to ride.

You have to be comfortable with yourself and learn the steps comfortably and in your own time. Do this nice and slow and you will master bike riding in no time! We hope that this guide is useful and will make your training a whole lot easier!

Happy Cycling!

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Jenson USA Review – Updated 2021

09/17/2021 0:01

Are you looking for a dedicated bike shop that allows you to purchase anything you want from the comfort of your home? Well, we have the answer and it is Jenson USA, one of the oldest and most prominent bike shops in America.

They started their operations in 1994 so they have been around for more than 25 years, which immediately makes them professionals. You can’t look for more supportive online shops than Jenson USA!

Jenson USA started with the main goal of selling amazing bikes and bike-related products to their customers and they have excelled at that, that is why cyclists love them. They are the kind of brand that people can love and rely on for top-notch products.

What makes Jenson USA even more amazing is the fact that they have partnered themselves with some of the best cycling companies, both in and out of America. They even promote and encourage new industries, this way they generate their sales and market them. We recommend Jenson USA that is why you should trust them too!

What Are Their Core Values?

Jenson USA
Jenson USA

Every great company has its own set of values and traditions, it is what separates them from others and helps them establish its brand identity. The core values of Jenson USA show how much open they are to their customers and what they want to achieve with their partners. These are their core values:

  • Set The Pace.
  • Customers Are Everything, Show Them Absolute Love.
  • Be Honest and Open.
  • Together We Can Do Anything.
  • Be A Sustainable Business.
  • Demonstrate Leadership Through Serving Others.

Now, the structure of their website is very nice, very professional, you can easily find what you are looking for once you visit them online, because of all these values, cyclists love Jenson USA. Let us take a look at Jenson USA Here!

Jenson USA- Offering A Huge Portfolio!

Jensonusa Bike Types
Jensonusa Bike Types

What is the point of having an amazing online bike store if you don’t have the brands that people love? With Jenson USA, you really don’t have to worry about that. Jenson has every brand and every kind of bike that you could wish for, on top of that they have amazing sales too.

While we are discussing that, it is to be said that their main focus of attention is mountain bikes, that is what they excel in! Theirs is a great reliable online business that you should definitely try out!

People actually visit Jenson USA to get mean and aggressive rides for the off-road trails but they are surprised with many other options, and people love great value when it comes as a surprise. 

The Different Categories They Offer!

Jenson USA Road Bike
Road Bike

Jenson USA is offering amazing bike categories and you can go shop there now, following are the categories:

  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Gravel Bikes/Cyclocross
  • Electric Bikes
  • Kid’s Bikes
  • Cruiser Bikes

Many of these categories are available between the mid and high range although you can still find some amazing bikes for an affordable price. Believe me, I have seen some great bikes with them available for less or for $500, just try them out for yourself!

The last time we checked in with Jenson USA, they had 307 bikes and you would not believe us but 198 from them were mountain bikes, we were not kidding when we said that their main attention is mountain bikes. Apart from mountain bikes, there were more than 61 Gravel and Cyclocross bikes listed, well this makes absolute sense as those kinds of bikes are getting extremely famous these days!

The other famous category is Road bikes, you can find all sorts of categories here, from low-end to high-end. These road bikes are available in both carbon and aluminum frames so check them out!

People looking for amazing mountain bikes should definitely head on to Jenson USA, but if that is not your taste then you will find other satisfying categories there too!

Electric Mountain Bikes- A Remarkable Evolution

Electric Mountain Bikes have made a name for themselves for the past couple of years, people are loving them and are shifting to them. Well, why wouldn’t they, electric mountain bikes offer amazing performance, and the freedom to do things that people could not do before. You would be pleased to know, there are amazing electric mountain bikes available at Jenson USA, and they should be definitely checked out.

Devinci Electric Mountain Bikes

Some amazing brands that are offering their electric bikes on Jenson USA are:

  • Devinci
  • Benno
  • Orbea

What surprised me was the fact that the price of these electric mountain bikes wasn’t that high, well it was high but not that much. We all know that electric bikes are rather expensive than other kinds of bikes but at Jenson USA they are a bit discounted.

If you want an electric bike that will be acting as a workhorse then Benno Utility Electric Bikes are also available with Jenson, you can try them out.

Electric Bikes on Jenson USA

For more details on Electric Bikes, Click Here!

Brands and More Brands!

We discussed at the start that Jenson USA has partnered with many amazing cycling companies, that includes famous and recently established/establishing. Jenson USA is all aware of technological advancements, whenever there is a specific upgrade by a brand or just something new, they will have it in their inventory, this way they never miss out on the new stuff!

Jenson Brands
Jenson Brands

No matter if you are looking for high-end or low-end products, you will find something for everyone on Jenson USA. These are the many brands that they are offering on their website:

  • Yeti
  • Santa Cruz
  • Orbea 
  • Kona
  • Ibis
  • Giant
  • Diamondback
  • Devinci
  • Colnago
  • SRAM
  • Specialized
  • Maxxis 
  • Continental

If we were to continue that list then surely we would be out of space, there are tons of other brands available at Jenson USA. There is just so much diversity and choice at Jenson USA that once you try them out, you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. This is a rare feature that only a handful of cycling-oriented shops have!

Jenson USA offers different bikes that are made with different components and features. There are different sizes, so flexibility isn’t a concern, there is something here for every kind of rider. Our favorite is definitely the Santa Cruz section though!

What About Their Customer Service?

In today’s era, one thing is more common and most easy and that is communication. It is how we get in touch with others, it is how relationships are built and nourished. Needless to say, you cannot have an amazing brand image without offering great customer service, that is the main rule that has to be always followed.

People want amazing customer service, something that is available to them 24/7 without any kind of interruptions. You would be pleased to know that great customer service is one big part of Jenson USA, this is one of the qualities they excel in. No matter what you have heard, they offer excellent customer service!

Their customer service is 24/7 so you won’t have to wait for someone to pick up the phone and assist you. The timings that they follow are:

  • 8 AM TO 5 PM (PST)

Some of the other ways of contacting them are following:

  • Email:
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-888-880-3811
  • Local/International Number: 1-951-344-101
  • Fax: 1-951-682-3844

Although, if by any chance you still can’t get a hold of them you can try out the “Help Desk” page mentioned on their website. You can also fill out a contact form and from there they will get back to you!

Sometimes it happens that you want some alterations to the order you placed, many online stores do not offer that but Jenson USA gives you the benefit of alterations if you are quick enough. All you have to do is call them and let them know about the changes to your order, the rest they will handle themselves.

You can check from anywhere, everyone will say that Jenson USA has great customer service. Just wait till you try them out for yourself!

Where Are The Stores Located?

Talking about Jenson USA has gotten you excited, hasn’t it? Well, if you want to buy anything from them that you fancy then there are two ways to do that, either you can visit them online on their website or go to their traditional stores, the choice is all yours. Their loyal fans surely know where Jenson USA located!

Both of their stores are located in Southern California, so if you live there then you are in luck as you can easily visit them. You can even get your order delivered to the shop and then get it from there, everyone loves free delivery don’t they?

Jenson USA ships amazing products are why you should take a look at them!

Let us discuss their stores:

1. Corona Retail Store

Address:  2410 Wardlow Rd. #109
Corona, CA 92880.

Number: (951) 736-0700

Here, you can get everything from assembled bikes to tune-ups, do try them out!

2. Riverside Retail Shop

Address: 1615 Eastridge Ave
Riverside, CA 92507

Number: (909) 947-9036

Here, you can get every kind of bike plus bike-related accessories including apparel and gears, try them out today! In terms of reliability, even their bike frame warrantied, which really surprised us!

The Speciality of Jenson USA- Exclusive Customizable Builds

Marin Alcatraz Bike 2021
Marin Alcatraz Bike 2021

Jenson USA is unique, we told you that, but what is it that actually makes them unique. Jenson is offering exclusive customizable builds to their customers, but what is that? Sometimes it happens that you love a specific bike from a specific brand but the features feel weird. This has happened to us many times so we guarantee that it must have happened to you too!

Jenson USA offers a witty solution for this, they are offering exclusive builds. What they do is that they manufacture amazing bikes that are hand-crafted and designed by their engineers, these bikes cannot be found anywhere else though. The prices aren’t that much and you can easily found a bike in the $1500-$6000 range.

These engineers of Jenson USA focus on these main aspects before manufacturing the bikes:

  • Offering the best value for the money
  • Their focus is on absolute performance and durability
  • Offering the best materials, geometry, and components 
  • Frames only taken from the best brands

If you still aren’t satisfied with their exclusive builds then you can tell them about your own wishlist. Just send them a list of the bike, components you want and they will make it possible if it is possible!

The Cycling Community surely loves these exclusive options from Jenson USA!

Check Out More Here!

Jenson USA- Meet The Expert Gear Advisors

Did we tell you that Jenson USA was established by cycling experts and professionals that love the field? Well, they have their own set of experts that advise on everything related to bikes and will help you out if you have any queries.

For casual cyclists and professionals, the number of queries and worries never decreases, sometimes there might be confusion about a specific bike or a component and you obviously cannot figure everything out by yourself. That is why these experts are here to assist you!

You can contact these professionals at any time and ask whatever is baffling you, they will help you out with anything bike-related. Even if you wanted to build an amazing bike from scratch they would surely help you out. You can contact them here:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 888-880-3811


Is Jenson USA Legit?

Jenson USA is 100% legit, you visit them both online and in stores to check their credibility.

Who Owns Jenson USA?

Jenson USA is owned by Michael Cachat, he started the company in high school!

How Do I Contact Jenson USA?

You can contact Jenson USA through this number: 888-880-3811


Jenson USA is an amazing company that you can absolutely rely on! They have partnered with some of the industry-leading companies that produce amazing products. From bikes to bike-related products, you will find everything with them.

Their exclusive build option is something that no one else is offering and I think that you should definitely try out that option. Feel free to browse their wares on their official website and flagship stores across California!

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How To True A Bike Wheel

09/15/2021 12:02

Bicycles give you amazing adventures, countless memories, but sometimes maintaining them and keeping them in the best shape possible is a real piece of work. Truing wheels is a delicate process that you have to master, you have to follow some steps and in the end, taking the bike to a professional mechanic is recommended.

With that being said, what is wheel truing? When a bike’s wheel is not exactly straight or round, then it needs truing. If you don’t cater to that then it could negatively affect your bike’s riding performance and even damage the components in long term.

You need to take care of your bike wheel, it affects the performance of the bike big time. In this guide, we will discuss how you can easily true your bike wheel, all you need is patience and time. True wheels whenever necessary and you won’t be stressed out!

Tools Needed To True A Bike’s Wheel

There are certain tools that you will need for proper truing. Remember, the right tools will make all the difference so make sure that you are properly equipped before starting. Visit your neighborhood bike shop to get these items!

  • Truing Stand
  • Spoke Wrench (Different Sizes)
  • Dried Rags
  • Bladed Spokes (A Great Example: BSH-4)
  • Light Lubricants
Bike Wheel Truing Stand
Bike Wheel Truing Stand

Explaining The Bike’s Wheel and Truing Process

You don’t need to visit bike shops to fully understand your bike’s wheel, you just need to pay attention. Bicycle wheels are either hoops or rims that come with a set of spokes, that is connected to the bike’s hub. The wheel’s spokes are responsible for pulling the rim from both the left and right sides, making them balanced.

Wheel truing is when you re-adjust the tension of the spokes using a spoke wrench so that the roundness or straightness of the wheel is improved. When that is improved, the wheel spins perfectly and you get to enjoy that amazing performance.

Professionals say that it is all about the lateral alignment, fix that and everything will be fixed!

The Different Aspects of Truing

There are actually four main aspects of truing, if you fail at them then seek a professional mechanic!

  • Lateral Truing
  • Radical Truing
  • Dish Centering
  • Adjusting The Spoke Tension

What Is Lateral Truing?

Fixing a wobbly wheel is known as lateral truing. In order words, it is also known as the lateral deviation. If you have a bike with rim brakes, then lateral truing is the mode to go for! Bicycle wheels are delicate and you have to take care of them properly.

Rim brakes have a rim strip and you have to be careful about that. In order to get started, fix the lateral trueness first!

What Is Radial Truing?

When a wheel spins, the amount by which it goes up and down is known as the radial trueness. When that roundness isn’t accurate, you adjust it and that is called radial truing. The outer edge of the wheel also needs to be taken care of if there is a problem.

Radial Trueness
Radial Trueness

What Is Dish Centering?

Dish centering means aligning both the wheels in the center and to each other. You would need a dishing tool for that which you can get from any nearby bike shops. If you don’t think that you can do it then it is advised that you seek the help of professional mechanics, they will quickly straighten things out.

How Do You Adjust The Spoke Tension?

Wheel spokes have different levels of tightness that can be adjusted. You can tighten them according to your own needs and what you want from your bike. If the spoke tension heavily varies then they will not stay straight for long, that is why you need to tighten and balance them.

Re true them until they have achieved that perfect balance, they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Using a Park Tool, you can measure the spoke tension. Getting a park tool is easy, just visit the shops and it will take little practice in order to make yourself perfect!

All of these aspects will answer this question for you: How to true a bike wheel?

What Are The Requirements For Perfect Wheel Truing?

Wheel In A Truing Stand
Wheel In A Truing Stand

In order to true your bike’s wheel, you will need to make the following arrangements.

Fixture The Wheel Properly

You need to keep the wheel steady as it spins, you cannot complete the process without that. We suggest that you use a truing stand, that would come extremely handy. A truing stand is perfect for this situation, it highlights the problem and you can work on the solution quickly and effectively.

If some problem occurs and you don’t have a truing stand then it is recommended to use the bike to hold the wheel. Put it in such a place that the wheel can be pinned easily. Wheel truing is not that easy but you can get good at it in time!

Track The Deviations When They Occur

When you start the truing process, there will be radial and lateral deviations, you need to have a stationary indicator that will help you track those deviations. If you have a truing stand then this process is made easier because it has built-in indicators that can help with the deviations.

Experiment with the stand and you will master the tracking process in no time.

Adjust Tension Accordingly

Adjusting the spoke’s tension is what you need to take care of. The tension can seemingly be increased or decreased by turning the spoke nipples. In order to do that, you must have a spoke wrench at the ready! If you are working through a stand, it would seem that you are tightening by turning it counter clockwise although, in reality, it is clockwise.

Bicycle Spoke Wrench
Bicycle Spoke Wrench

Although, you can loosen it by turning it counterclockwise, where it would seem that you are turning the spoke nipples clockwise.

Tip: Get the Pocket Bicycle Spoke Wrench

How To Perform Lateral Truing?

Let’s start the main guide with lateral truing, we will share every single detail related to this truing process. Use the truing stand for the installation process of the wheel.

Start By Locating The Deviation

In order to get started, you need to spin the wheel and bring it close to the indicator, you need to see where the indicator is most close to the rim. Move the indicator slowly now, until it comes in contact with the rim, there has to be minimal contact between the two.

You need to stop where the rim touches the indicator, and for that, you have to slow down the rim. This whole area of contact is known as the deviation, it is also known as the most severe lateral deviation, this is what we need to fix!

This deviation can be on either side of the rim and that won’t matter because we will fix both sides eventually. The left side spokes will work as the right side ones, we will make sure of that. Remember, out of true wheel is not a very hard problem to fix, you will just need a lot of time and patience.

Examine That Deviation Carefully

Examining the deviation is the next big step for the truing process. You need to know exactly where to make the corrections so examination is the key. Start by looking for the spoke which is the nearest to the deviation, this happens when the indicator touches over a long area.

Tightening spokes is the recommended action here because the spokes actually loosen up on their own over the course of time. When you are about to tighten them, give them a good little squeeze, this will show their location on the indicator.

Locating Deviation In Bike Wheel

Fixing The Deviation 

Fixing the deviation is going to be our next step. The process will start when the selected spoke’s nipple turns, tighten accordingly. The level of truing is going to vary so you need to be careful, nipples are delicate so keep that in mind. 90 degrees is a good start and then you can go from there.

180 degrees is best for a lateral true deviation and if it is a minor deviation then 45 degrees would do the trick. Experiment here and see whatever works out for you! Even make use of the wheel truing stand if you can.

You can check the adjustments that you made by moving the wheel back and forth. Spin the wheel, move the indicator to find the next deviation, if there is any. If a deviation occurs then start the whole process again.

If you have made enough corrections on one side of the rim (A Good Example is 3) you can move to the other side. Keep on repeating until all the deviations are fixed! Even if it is just the left side, make sure all of it is back to the original form. Doing so will enhance the ride experience!

When Should You Stop?

With all of these steps, the wheel will start becoming more and more true but when is it enough? You need to push the brake pad soon enough, stop when this happens:

In terms of the lateral deviation, the minimum that you should go for is lessening it by 0.5 millimeters. Some people would go for more but you can experiment here. Remember, the small increments make the biggest changes.

You need to adjust the indicator in such a way that there is lightly contact between the rim. There should be zero distance between the indicator and the rim. If there are any spoke problems then take care of the loose ones first. All of this will ensure amazing ride quality.

How To Perform Radial Truing?

Once your bike has gone through the lateral truing process, it would be wise to also conduct the radial truing. No need to visit a bike shop just yet, although it is best suited for novices in the field, we still think that you can pull this off on your own.

Be aware that there could be serious errors here, and if it gets out of hand then it is best to contact the professionals.

What We Aim To Fix Here

Radial Deviation actually occurs when the wheel spins, a section of the rim may actually move inwards towards the hub area, this is known as the low spot. This low spot could be as short or long as 6 spokes, maybe even more.

There is another type of radial deviation, this is where a rim’s section actually moves away from the hub. They can be short or low. The bicycle wheel can have a mix of both low and high spots, so we need to be careful. In terms of spokes opposite, this needs to be fixed. 

Let’s start with the fixing, shall we? After all, we want the best ride quality for you!

Start By Locating The Deviation

Some people say that you should start with a low spot but that’s wrong, the best way to start is by locating a high spot and working from there. Remember, this could happen to any kind of bicycle wheel.

You need to move the caliper arm until there is little contact with the spinning arm. You can back away from the indicator if you are doubtful! Some people use a repair stand for this but we don’t recommend that.

Perform Radial Truing

Examine That Deviation Carefully

You need to examine this deviation by isolating it first. Pull the rim back and forth around this area, you need to know where the deviation starts and ends.

Fixing The Deviation

We can start fixing this radial deviation through the rim, just move it towards the hub. The first step is to tighten an equal number of spokes from both angles. If there is any need for simulation, you can squeeze both the left and right sides of the spoke at the same time, that will give you an overview of the situation.

The spokes that came in contact with the high spot need to be given a half turn carefully. You need to verify that the high spot was actually lessened and that the rim is not rubbing against the hub. Repeat the process until all the deviations are fixed.

When You Should Stop?

We get this question many times: How much radial truing is enough? This question is the same as lateral truing only with some additions.

To begin, Radial Truing should be lessened by 1 millimeter at the bare minimum. It can be less than that, but you get the idea.

Adjusting the indicator is the next step, spin the wheel so that the indicator barely touches the rim, we want exactly that. As before, there should be zero distance between the rim and the indicator. 

How To De-Stress Your Wheel?

Truing and adjusting the spoke nipples has its own major drawback and that can be fixed by “De-Stressing”. This process allows the spokes to unwind and be fixed. The best way to do it is to take your bike for a ride, nothing beats that, trust me!

There will be some popping noises, be ready for that, although it is nothing out of the ordinary. 

De Stress Your Wheel
De Stress Your Wheel

The Different Limitations That You Could Face

If you think that every kind of wheel can be trued then you are mistaken, some can be repaired while some have to be completely replaced.

What prevents a wheel from becoming true, these are those factors:

  • Rim Damage: If your rims get damaged from impacts or other sorts of collisions then it may be very hard to true them.
  • Damaged/Corroded Nipples: Corroded spoke nipples also prevent the truing process. It is recommended that you lubricate them frequently.
  • Damaged Spokes: Spokes get mangled over the course of time, that is a natural process. If there are 3 broken spokes, then you should really get a new wheel.

Read More Bike Maintenance Tips:


Wheel Truing is necessary if you want to enjoy the best performance from your bike. Every kind of rider needs to learn this if they don’t want to pay a visit to their professional mechanics too often. 

Bike Maintenance is necessary, people want endless memories with their favorite bikes and that is what you will get if you take care of them properly. Hopefully, this guide will make the truing process a little bit or a lot easier than before. Happy Cycling!

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How To Use And Shift Bike Gears

09/15/2021 0:02

Bike gears are there to help you out, they make sure that you reach the full potential of your muscle power. When you shift gears, you choose the level of power you have to exert for a pedal stroke, start from the easier gear and then work from there.

Once you start trying these things out, you would be amazed by the type of gear combinations that you can master. The more you understand about the bike gears, the more you can push yourself with your bike, that is why this guide is for you! 

Bike gears are not that complex, once you get fully familiar with them, they will help you unlock your full potential. Let us start with dissecting the bike gears and exploring the drivetrain fully.

Exploring The Bike’ Drivetrain

In order to get started with the gears, we will be discussing the bike’s drivetrain in detail. If we talk about a conventional multi-speed bike, then it will have the following components. Although, do know that the same pattern will be suitable for these kinds of bikes:

  • Hybrid Style Bikes
  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bikes


The bike’s pedals are attached to components and then those components have several parts. Those important components also include chain rings that are very important for pedaling and to change gears. Depending on the type of bike you have, there could be multiple chain rings, ranging from one to three.

Bicycle Parts Crankset
Bicycle Parts Crankset



Let’s talk about the cassette now! The bike’s rear cassette is a hoard of cogs- you can also call them gears, these cogs (gears) are mounted on the rear wheels, the right side to be exact. The cassette component is also very crucial in maintaining easier gears.

Mountain Bike Cassette



A bike’s derailleurs are made from many important components and each of them is equally important. The bike’s chain is very important when it comes to pedaling and grip shift. The chain actually connects the front chainrings and the rear cogs of the bike. This connection makes sure that the wheels turn when you turn the pedals of the bike, even the brake lever is connected to this.

There is a number of teeth on the chainrings and the cogs, they combine to make the pedaling easier. The more teeth there are, the more you will be able to pedal lightly.

Bike Chain



Let’s talk about the shifters now, or the shift levers. These shifters actually control the twist grips, levers, or brake levers that operate the derailleurs, both the front and rear derailleurs. Shifters also control power output in electronic shifters, that’s why they are very important.

In the majority of the bikes, the right hand shifter controls the rear derailleur and the left hand shifter controls the front derailleur, that is how these mechanics work. 

Speed Shifter
Speed Shifter



The derailleur is that mechanism of your bike that guides the chain ring and cogs when you shift gears. In the majority of the bikes, there will be a rear derailleur but not a front derailleur. From the front chain rings to the rear cogs, everything is controlled by the derailleur.

So if you are climbing a steep hill perhaps, make sure that your derailleur is in really good shape!

Bike Rear Derailleur
Bike Rear Derailleur


What Are Drivetrains With Hub Shifters?

Most of the modern bikes that are produced, especially high-tier ones they are built with an internal hub, this basically kills the need of having derailleurs, cassettes, or chainrings, this transition makes shifting bike gears easy. While there are fewer gears, this also makes the overall maintenance of the bikes very easy. 

They are very easy to use and they will make you feel that shifting gears has never been this easy and fun!

What Are The Different Gear Ranges On Bikes?

Different bikes have different levels of gears in them that help in achieving varying traits. Road bikes have higher gears that actually allow them to achieve those top speeds that are known for. Mountain bikes on the other hand are constructed with lower gears that allow them to climb steep hills.

If a bike has more gears then it means that the ride can achieve more with them, but that also increases the technicality. As a result, most of the bikes that are produced today have 1X drivetrains, meaning that there is only a singular chainring at the front.

Although if you want to go for different types of road bikes or hybrid bikes then you can certainly do that! Too much power sometimes is harder to control.

Now that we know the fundamental mechanical functions of the gears system, it is time to discuss how to use/shift the gears.

Bicycle Chainrings In Workshop
Bicycle Chainrings In Workshop

How To Easily Use/Shift Your Bike’s Gears

Are you tired of that grinding noise whenever you try to use your bike’s gears? They occur because you are not using the gears properly. Although in this guide, we will teach and guide you exactly how easily you can use the gears and shift properly!

We will guide you through two different sections, in one, you will learn to cater to a conventional drivetrain and in the other, you will learn to cater to the hub system.

Using Gears In A Conventional System

In order to reach that perfect pedal stroke, you would have to follow our instructions. Achieving that perfect gear is not easy but with our help, it can become easier than usual. As we discussed before, the left shifter of the bike will control the front chainrings.

The cycling industry asks this question many times, how can they make gearing easier in a conventional system? In the case that there are three front chainrings, you have to start the chain which is actually in the middle. You can make the necessary adjustments that are needed.

Whenever there is a big climb ahead, you would want to make the pedaling easier. Increased power output would definitely help you, that is why you need to move your chain to the smallest front chainring, this will ensure that your strokes are easier to pull off.

In order to archive steady cadence and to make pedaling harder, you need to move the chain to the largest front chainring. This even helps you in controlling your bike’s speed and slowing drastically.

Using Gears In A Hub System (Non-Conventional System)

Many riders think that using gears in a hub system is actually harder than the conventional system but that is not the truth here. They are easier to control and to adjust to, just wait till you try them out yourself. As we discussed before, the right shifter of the bike will control the rear cassette.

In order to achieve that perfect gearing even on the flat handlebars, just follow in on our steps! 

If there is a climb and you want to make pedaling easier then just move the bike’s chain to the larger cogs in the rear. This will make sure that you make those climbs very easily.

If you are looking to make your descent slower and make the pedaling harder then move the chain to the smaller cogs in the rear. This will make sure that you have a safe and steady descent.

We all know that remembering all of these details to achieve that pedaling pace is hard but you won’t get it until and unless you try everything on your own. Try experimenting and you will get the hang of it soon!

Rear wheel and chain in a mountain bike
Rear wheel and chain in a mountain bike

Our Professional Tips For Perfect Shifting

No matter what kind of bikes you have, these tips and tricks will help you achieve that perfect gearing. 

Anticipation Of The Terrain Is Your Biggest Strength

In your cycling adventures, you would be going through all sorts of terrain. You would be climbing steep hills and descending them, so you best be ready. Some riders are confused by the middle ring but there is nothing to be confused or worried about.

It is recommended by professionals that you should shift before you start the climb, not during the middle. If you shift in the middle then it would waste all the pressure that you have exerted so far. Some riders can’t help shifting on a hill, if you really want to do that then just shift one gear at a time, that will make things nice and steady.

Although if there is some grinding then it means that too much pressure is being applied, take it easy and slow. Terrain will matter, on flat surfaces you can shift through more gears so there is freedom in that.

Conclusion: Shift according to the terrain and anticipate everything. If you take things nice and slow, the drivetrain will have more life in it, and that way you can enjoy your bike for more years to come!

Try The Easiest Gears When Doubtful

Most of the riders have trouble with rear gears and the rear wheel, but we will figure out their fears and troubles soon. Some people suggest shifting till you are comfortable but that is not what we will recommend.

Switching from easy gear to hard to gear and then back to easy might seem fast and resourceful but that will wear you out very quickly, it will suck your energy so you need to be careful about that. We don’t want you to hurt your knees so you won’t be able to cycle for a week or something.

It is better that you use easy gear for yourself at a higher cadence, that would be far better than wearing yourself out. Afterward, try and maintain a high speed that YOU are comfortable with, that way you will build your stamina up quickly.

Is Drivetrain Maintenance Necessary?

No matter what kind of rider you are, you have to always keep your bike in the best shape and that includes the drivetrain. Clean and lube it often, that way you will always enjoy top performance.

Don’t shy away from professional services like mechanics when things get hard for you like rust and other damages. Check the chain and other components for damages at least once annually!

Read More Bike Maintenance Tips:


You will not achieve the best performance that you can muster or your bike can muster until and unless you fully study your bike. Bike gears are a necessary tool to achieve top performance, as they work in direct contact with your muscles.

With our guide, you will be able to master gears in no time and that is why you should be fully familiar with that. Achieve the best performance by learning each and every aspect of your bike! Happy Cycling!

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15 Best Bikes For Heavy Riders (Updated 2021)

09/10/2021 0:01

Cycling is a joy that everyone must enjoy, it should be cherished without any kind of restrictions. With a bike, you can easily get from point A to point B in no time and enjoy that journey. Riders that are old or heavy feel this joy in many other ways, for some, it is therapeutic, or necessary. What if we told you that we could help you find the bike of your dreams for every kind of occasion?

Luckily for you, we have compiled an amazing list of bikes that we think are perfect for heavy riders, you are going to love what we have in store for you guys! Cycling is an amazing form of exercise that just doesn’t let you lose fat but also refreshes your body fully!

In our list, we have compiled some of the best 15 bikes from different manufacturers and different types to help you make a sound decision for yourself. Some of the bike types that we have compiled are:

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes
  • Cruisers
  • Electric Bikes

Apart from these categories, there are few other surprises along the way which we are sure you are going to love. Let’s get started, shall we?

Top Bikes For Big Guys and Gals Ranked:

Let’s clear some of the suspense before we get started! The best brands that I have seen that make amazing bikes for heavy riders are Diamondback and Mongoose. Their bikes are strong, durable and their performance is also exemplary!

There are other amazing brands too like Schwinn and Raleigh bikes, we will discuss all of them in fine detail. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing bikes.

  1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike- Editor’s Choice
    Although Large-Sized, the Mongoose Dolomite proves to be an amazing bike for heavy riders with the best features and performance.
  2. Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike
    This amazing cruiser bike from Schwinn allows two people of the same weight to ride it, it is also packed with amazing components.
  3. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike
    The Merax FT323 has an amazing design and features that riders are going to love and cherish.
  4. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike
    The Malus from Mongoose offers a great combination of comfort and performance in an amazing bundle.
  5. Merax Finiss
    This 21-Speed Bike is going to offer the best thrills possible in a compact package.
  6. Ancheer Orange Sunshine
    The Ancheer Orange Sunshine is an amazing electric bike for heavy riders, it is also packed with top-notch components.
  7. PFIFF Adult Scooter Trike
    This Electric Three-Wheeled Bike is best for getting around the city easily, its performance and comfort are unmatched.
  8. Ancheer 350
    This is the best electric bike for people weighing 300 lbs, offers the best performance in the category.
  9. Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire
    If you are looking for an amazing electric bike for tall men then do try out the Cyrusher XF800, its performance is exemplary.
  10. Ecotric Fat Tires Bike
    This outstanding electric bike from Ecotric proves to be a durable masterpiece that also offers great performance.
  11. Diamondback Hardtail
    With its strong aluminum frame, this is the exact type of mountain bike that heavy riders should get!
  12. Schwinn Bonafide
    The robust suspension fork of the Schwinn Bonafide does wonders here, once you try this beauty out you won’t like any other bike.
  13. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike 
    The Kent T-29 proves to be an amazing electric bike with satisfying performance, available at an affordable price tag.
  14. Vilano Blackjack
    The Vilano Blackjack offers the best performance on any kind of trail, it is also packed with some of the best components that I have ever seen in a mountain bike.
  15. Nakto Electric Bike
    We can easily say that the Nakto Electric Bike is one of the best performance bikes for heavy riders!


1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bikes – Editor’s Choice

Mongoose Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Mongoose Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Price: Starting at $629

The Mongoose Dolomite is our best pick when it comes to fat bikes for heavy riders, it has everything that you would want in a bike that should have amazing performance.

Some may be annoyed by the looks of the Dolomite but with those attractive alloy rims, it sure looks beautiful.

Big tires are what make this bike comfortable and that is what we are looking for. With the strong chassis constructed in this bike, you can go anywhere comfortably. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Steel Frame
  • Shimano Components
  • Comfortable Sports Seats

The Mongoose Dolomite is actually very grounded, it is built like that which makes it extremely easy to ride on any kind of surface.

Dolomite’s strong and durable steel frame allows the bike to handle people with heavier weights which is a big plus point.

The Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur system allows you to change modes on the go without any kind of interruption. Although do consider the weight of the bike before going for them.


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Comfortable For Heavy Riders
  • Durability Is Unmatched


  • Can Be Too Heavy For Some People
Editor’s Choice: Without a doubt, Mongoose makes amazing bikes and the Dolomite proudly stands out. If you are looking for a really good and supportive bike for heavy people then do try out it. The combination of amazing components and performance really stands out!

2. Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike

Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike
Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Price: MSRP $688

People love cruisers, and the Schwinn Tinn is one of the best cruisers out there, best suited for heavy riders.

This bike is built around the concept of having two riders with equal weights (Max 500 lbs). Perfect for going out on fun rides with friends, family, or solo, this is a bike with lots of potentials.

Even the assembly of the bikes literally takes a few minutes, this way you don’t miss out on the fun for long. I personally loved the amazing lightweight and durable aluminum frame of the bike. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Seats
  • 21-Speed Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters
  • Low Step-Thru Frame
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur

The whole construction of the bike is complemented by the strong aluminum frame which I just talked about, it really is a big advantage for users. Small riders are going to love this bike, thanks to the step-thru frame. 

Comfort and best performance are already guaranteed to the user because of the whole ergonomic seats and handlebars.

The rider will always have full control and will be able to enjoy that smooth performance. Riders will also get to enjoy smooth gear shifting thanks to the Shimano 21-Speed FZ-Fire Shifters!


  • Easy and Quick Assembly
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic Seats and Handlebars
  • Powerful Shimano Shifters
  • Can Be Enjoyed With Friends and Family
  • Amazing Stopping Power


  • Handlebars Are Not Adjustable
  • Not Fast Enough
  • Stock Problems 
Why I Like It: I always wanted to go cycling with my friends and family, thanks to this amazing cruiser from Schwinn, I am finally able to. It has some of the best components from Schwinn and also offers great performance. Enjoy amazing twin adventures with this bike!

3. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

Merax Mountain Bike
Merax Mountain Bike

Price: MSRP $390

Everyone wants to enjoy cycling, after all, it should be enjoyed by everyone. The Merax FT 323 is yet another amazing mountain bike for heavy riders.

This bike has everything, from an attractive design to amazing durability, well there are even more outstanding features like powerful brakes and smooth accurate gear-shifting.

Riders are going to love the dual-suspension forks of Merax FT323, it eliminates all the vibrations and shocks creating an amazing and comfortable ride. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong “Heat-Resistant” Alloy Frame
  • Shimano 21-Speed Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Full-Suspension Forks and Powerful Linear V-Brakes
  • Comfortable Handlebars

The Shimano 21-Speed Shifters and Derailleurs make everything easy, gear shifting hasn’t been this smoother ever. It does not matter if you are going uphill or riding on flat surfaces, you will always have that butter-smooth performance.

Comfort is also a well-defined priority here, the ergonomic seats and handlebars provide unmatched comfort to the riders.

Mountain bikes are not complete with efficient brakes and that is what the Merax FT323 has, the linear V-brakes provide the amazing stopping power where it is needed.


  • Shock-Proof Rides
  • Very Easy Assembly
  • Amazing Shimano Components
  • Powerful Brakes
  • Perfect For Every Kind Of Surface


  • Non-Calibrated Brakes
  • Stock Problems
Why I Like It: The Merax FT323 is an amazing bike that I want every person to try. It is constructed with a dual-suspension fork that eliminates almost every kind of shock/vibration and offers a smooth ride. Featuring other powerful components like Shimano, this bike is absolutely worth a purchase.

4. Mongoose Malus

Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Price: Starting From $687

Mongoose makes amazing and tough bikes, that much is clear but how amazing is their Malus bike? The Malus Fat Bike is one of the most favored choices of customers because it has the ability to offer great comfortable rides on any kind of surface, and that is a big plus point!

The Mongoose Malus has everything you need in a comfortable bike, and we will get to those features soon. The sturdy mountain-style frame of the bike allows it to be used on even the roughest of terrains. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Steel Mountain-Style Frame
  • Powerful Fat Tires and Alloy Rims
  • Powerful Mechanic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain

Everyone likes the kind of bikes that combine comfort and performance, the Mongoose Malus does exactly that and more.

When the alloy rims of the bike are combined with the rear brakes, top performance and stopping power are executed.

Smooth Gear-Shifting is very necessary and we know so, that is why the Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain makes sure that the rider gets exactly that. Overall, the Mongoose Malus is the type of bike that you should get!


  • Smooth Performance 
  • Smooth and Flexible Gear Shifts
  • Amazing Speed Control
  • Rider’s Comfort Is Unmatched
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Affordable Price Tag


  • Seat Isn’t That Comfortable
  • Stock Issues
Why I Like It: The Mongoose Malus is yet another amazing bike for heavy riders, and we have tested it out multiple times. Some may think that it is entry-level but the performance is just top-notch. I could not believe that it has high-quality Shimano components considering the affordable price tag. If you want a comfortable ride on any kind of surface then definitely get the Mongoose Malus!

5. Merax Finiss

Merax Finiss Road Bike Aluminum 21 Speed
Merax Finiss Road Bike Aluminum 21 Speed

Price: Starting at $390

Merax is well-known around the world for its amazing bikes, and their Finiss bike has become really famous for being a really good fitness bike, especially for heavy riders.

The Merax Finiss is extremely lightweight and is packed with all the latest features to bring you an amazing experience.

When you will be riding the Merax Finiss, you will definitely stand out from the crowd, that is how amazing it makes you feel.

The 27.5-inch wheels offer maximum speed so that you can enjoy whatever terrain you are riding on! Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong “Heat Resistant” Aluminum Frame
  • Suspension Fork With 80mm of Travel Distance
  • Powerful Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Shimano 21-Speed Shifters and Derailleurs

The lightweight alloy frame of Merax Finiss is really unique, it allows the user to ride for hours without making them tired or feeling dragged.

If you are looking to climb steep hills, then the Merax Finiss proves to be a really good choice because of its performance. You won’t even feel any kind of shocks or vibrations thanks to the suspension fork of the bike.

With the 21-Speed Shifters and Derailleurs, changing gears has never been this smooth and easy, it definitely adds to the wholesome experience of the bike.

Also, with the inclusion of the powerful front and rear mechanical brakes, you can easily put your bike to an immediate stop whenever you want.


  • Amazing Quality and Affordable Price Tag
  • Easy To Assemble 
  • Great Stopping Power
  • “Shock-Proof” Rides
  • Lightweight and Durable Bike Frame


  • Brakes Have That Annoying Squeal Sound
Why I Like It: Merax Finiss is an amazing mountain bike that is best suited for heavy riders, that is why it made the list. I personally love it because of its amazing performance and top-notch features that other bikes rarely offer. The brakes make an annoying sound when I use them but other than that, this is a bike that you should definitely try!

6. Ancheer Orange Sunshine

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike
Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Price: Starting at $699

How about you try an amazing electric bike from Ancheer? The Ancheer Orange sunshine is made to give you an electrifying experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

With the Ancheer Orange Sunshine, you can explore new areas and expand upon existing ones in a very fun way. This bike also proves to be a really good choice for the big guys, it will provide a very comfortable and relaxing experience!

In order to make sure that you have an amazing ride every day, the bike is fitted with a 350W motor, you can easily have a lot of adventures with that type of motor.

The maximum speed that this bike can offer is 20mph which I think is really impressive. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Lightweight Frame
  • Solid Steel Front Suspension
  • Double-Walled Aluminum Rims
  • Powerful Disc Brakes

With the 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery fitted in the Ancheer Orange Sunshine, you can travel up to a maximum distance of 40miles/daily, I think that is more than enough, even if you want to have long rides.

The bike offers three modes for different experiences, like Normal mode, Pedal assist, and bike. Just use this bike once and you won’t have to look for replacements.


  • Great Lifespan and Battery Power
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Smooth Riding Experience
  • Comfortable Rides
  • Easy Assembly
  • Great Stopping Power


  • Kickstand Position Not Comfortable
  • Frequent Maintenance Required
Why I Like It: Electric Bikes are made for the future and I am absolutely in love with the Ancheer Orange Sunshine, it just ticks all the boxes for me. It has amazing features and the performance is just as exemplary. If you want a really good E-bike for yourself then get the Ancheer!

7. PFIFF Adult Scooter Trike

Pfiff Adult Scooter Trike
Pfiff Adult Scooter Trike

Price: $2,599.99

Electric Three-Wheeled Scooters are one of the best choices for heavy riders if they want to have fun with their friends or just explore their surroundings.

They can withstand weight so that makes them even better for heavy riders. If you want something exactly like that then you should definitely try out the PFIFF Adult Scooter!

The construction of the PFIFF adult scooter is very familiar to what you have seen before. It has a sturdy metal frame, both lightweight and durable. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Steel Frame
  • Storage Options
  • Front Suspension Fork That Means Shock-Proof Rides
  • 48V Battery and 1000W Brushless Motor

If you have the battery at full charge then the scooter can travel up to 25 miles daily and that isn’t bad. This makes the scooter perfect for mid-ranged journeys, making commutes even more fun. 

You can even store the scooter with groceries and other items thanks to the storage basket that comes pre-installed. 


  • Powerful Battery
  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Very Comfortable To Ride
  • Powerful Brakes
  • Storage Options


  • Expensive Price Tag
Why I Like It: Scooters are fun but electric scooters are way more fun! If you love bikes like that then you should definitely try out the PFIFF Adult Scooter. It comes with a powerful battery that will let you travel up to 25 miles and you can even store some goodies in it.

8. Ancheer Blue Spark

Ancheer Blue Spark
Ancheer Blue Spark

Price: MSRP $1019.99

Here is another amazing bike from Ancheer, the Blue Spark is perfectly suited for big guys and gals. The Blue Spark is an exemplary electronic mountain bike, that is great for everyday commute, off-road trails, or just plain exercise.

You can enjoy this bike solo or go on group activities, no matter how you use it, the Blue Spark will bring you a lot of great memories.

It comes in only one color right now but I think that is enough, the static blue color fleshes out the performance of the bike.

The upgraded transmission system with the Shimano 24-Speed Shifters and Gears does wonders here. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Shimano 24-Speed Shifters and Gears
  • Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Removable 48V 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • 5-Speed LCD Display

Featuring amazing components like Shimano 21-Speed Shifters and LCD Display, this is unlike anything that you have seen before in an electric mountain bike, that is why we want you to try it.

No matter what kind of weather it is, raining or snowing, the powerful mechanical disc brakes will never fail you!

The LCD Display is a nice change of pace, something that is not commonly seen in mountain bikes. The mileage, light signal, battery level, and motor power ratio, everything can be tracked with the LCD display. The 27.5-inch tires also help in giving riders a shock-proof ride.


  • Stylish Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Powerful Braking System
  • Quick and Easy Charging
  • Upgraded LCD Display Is Very Helpful
  • Shimano 24-Speed Shifters


  • Uncomfortable Seats
  • Stock Availability Issues
Why I Like It: The Blue Spark from Ancheer is an exceptional electric mountain bike, it gives you amazing performance and the support of powerful components. I personally love the LCD display, it offers a new interesting take in the realm of cycling which I can get down on!

9. Cyrusher XF800 750W Fat Tire

Cyrusher XF800
Cyrusher XF800

Price: MSRP $2349

Are you looking for an amazing electric mountain bike that will offer you a tremendous amount of power and performance? Then definitely try out the Cyrusher XF800, it will blow your expectations!

This amazing E-Mountain Bike is going to give you lots of good memories and travel experiences. The quality and performance are surely off the charts here, just wait till you try it out!

The durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame is going to make sure that you have a comfortable experience whenever you are riding the bike. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Full Suspension Fork
  • High Powered Motor- Available In 750-1500W
  • Powerful Disc Brakes
  • USB Charging Port Included
  • Smart Bike Computer/W 5 Different Settings

Let me tell you this: You have never experienced a bike like this one, it just makes you feel powerful and in absolute control of yourself!

The aggressive fat tires will make you go anywhere, conquer any kind of terrain you want. The suspension fork makes sure that all of your rides are comfortable and completely shock-free.

The powerful 750-1500W motor offers three different modes to the rider: Normal, Pedal-Assist, and E-Bike. You can choose between them according to your preferences. You can also charge your electronic devices on the go thanks to the USB charging port included!


  • Amazing Dynamic Design
  • USB Charging Port
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Powerful Performance
  • Vibrant LCD Display
  • Amazing Combination of Suspension Fork and Hydraulic Brakes


  • Very Expensive
  • Stock Issues
Why I Like It: You might have heard of the Cyrusher XF800 from your cycling friends or family, it is quite famous because of its amazing performance and components. There isn’t a single thing that I don’t love about this bike, from the USB charging ports to the LCD display, this bike is absolutely amazing.

10. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bicycle
Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Price: Starting at $1099.99

The ECOTRIC range of fat bikes is perfectly suited for big guys that want to use it for exercise, daily commute, or just exploring. These bikes come 90% pre-assembled so you definitely don’t need to worry about assembling it all on your own.

The ECOTRIC series are durable and reliable, they will give you a lot of amazing cycling memories that you won’t be able to get from any other bike.

They are constructed with an alloy frame which is amazing, these bikes also include adjustable seats, ergonomic handlebars, and powerful brakes. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Durable Alloy Frame
  • Shimano 7-Speed Gears
  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • Powerful Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Adjustable Seats

There are many versions of the ECOTRIC range, although most of them have the 500W brushless motor and removable 36V battery, these features make sure that you have an amazing riding experience.

I personally love the LCD displays that these bikes are pre-installed with.

If you charge these bikes fully, they can travel up to 19 miles at least, on top of that they perform well on any kind of surface. Definitely get this bike if you have a chance!


  • Durable Construction
  • Strong and Powerful 500W Motor
  • Powerful Braking System
  • Comfortable Riding Experience
  • Adjustable Seat Post
  • Great Adaptability 


  • Less Mileage
Why I Like It: With the ECOTRIC series of fat bikes on your side, you would have the best cycling experience ever. I am a big guy myself and this range of bikes makes me fully committed to myself and the riding experience. All the components of these bikes come together to provide an unmatched experience!

11. Diamondback Hardtail

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike
Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Price: Starting From $517

The Diamondback Hardtail is a bike that you should definitely get if you are a heavy rider. It is constructed with a durable aluminum hardtail frame that is actually a signature specialty of Diamondback. The Hardtail’s frame makes the bike lightweight and durable which means that you are going to get a lot of adventures.

It features a step-over geometry that we seem to love, you can easily mount and unmount the bike quickly and without any kind of problems. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Rockshox Reba RL Fork
  • SRAM NX/GX 1×11 Drivetrain
  • Shimano Mt500 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Diamondback Hardtail has all the features that you would expect from an amazing mountain bike. With the RockShox Reba RL Forks, all of your rides are going to be shock-free making you very comfortable.

Shifting gears is also made very easy thanks to the SRAM Drivetrain, the performance of the bike is truly off the charts.


  • Lightweight and Durable Construction
  • Very Easy Assembly (90% Pre-Assembled)
  • Powerful Braking System
  • Comfortable Rides


  • Uncomfortable Seats
Why I Like It: The Diamondback Hardtail is the bike of your dreams, it has an amazing frame and powerful components. It has an easy assembly and you can easily figure it out without any kind of help. Use this bike for your amazing adventures and won’t regret it!

12. Schwinn Bonafide

Schwinn Mens Mountain Bike
Schwinn Mens Mountain Bike

Price: MSRP $891

Schwinn is known worldwide for making amazing bikes that are suited for a variety of reasons. Their Bonafide bike is perfect for heavy and tall riders and I think that they will certainly love the experience.

It comes constructed with its signature suspension fork that is best known for its amazing shock-absorption prowess.

No matter what kind of terrain you will ride the bike on, the experience will be outstanding.

Enjoy gear-shifting like none other all thanks to the Shimano EZ Fire Trigger Shifters and Derailleurs. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Shimano EX Fire Trigger Shifters
  • Signature Suspension Fork
  • Schwinn Alloy Cranks
  • Powerful Mechanical Disc Brakes

People love enjoying their bikes to the fullest but maintaining them isn’t so much favored. If you don’t like maintaining your bike often then that is more reason to get the Schwinn Bonafide bike. You will be enjoying smooth and steady gearing because of the Schwinn Alloy Cranks!

Both the front and rear tires of the Bonafide bike are fitted with powerful mechanical disc brakes, this means that you will be enjoying an exemplary braking system.


  • Powerful Shimano Components
  • Exemplary Braking System
  • Durable Construction
  • Amazing Performance On Any Kind Of Surface


  • Doesn’t Offer Suspension Lock
  • Uncomfortable Seats
Why I Like It: The Schwinn Bonafide is an experience of its own, you should definitely try it out. From the amazing performance to the powerful components, this bike is everything you need for the best cycling experience. The seats might be uncomfortable for some but other than that the bike is amazing.

13. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

Kent T 29 Mountain Bike
Kent T 29 Mountain Bike

The Kent T-29 is an amazing mountain bike, it has an affordable price tag and the performance is great too!

This makes it a really good choice for heavy and tall riders. It is constructed with a ‘Heat-Resistant” 6061 Aluminum frame which is lightweight and durable.

The Kent is so lightweight that even heavy riders will be able to enjoy this bike to the fullest. Users of this bike would also be enjoying seamless gear-shifting thanks to Shimano RS25 Shifters. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Shimano RS25 Shifters
  • TZ31 Derailleurs
  • Lightweight alloy 29-Inch Rims
  • 6061 Heat Resistant Aluminum Frame

The lightweight alloy rims do wonders here, they are nowhere as sluggish as the heavy steel rims, actually their performance is really good!

The knobby tires have amazing traction on all kinds of traction and that is what we need from an amazing mountain bike such as this!

Kent T-29 is an amazing mountain bike that will provide an unforgettable experience, do try out this bike


  • Powerful Components
  • Amazing Performance On All Terrains
  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Offers Great Traction


  • Weak Inner Tubes
  • Availability Issues
Why I Like It: The Kent T-29 offers a different kind of experience, but it is just as good as the others. It has a lightweight and durable construction that even heavy riders will find comfortable. You can easily get amazing traction on all kinds of surfaces with this bike.

14. Vilano Blackjack

Vilano Blackjack
Vilano Blackjack

Price: MSRP $349

Vilano Blackjack is known as the king of all terrains and that is rightfully so! No matter if you are riding on a dirt road, pavement, or uphill, you will always get that amazing performance.

The Blackjack is constructed with a durable and sturdy frame that you will surely love. 

Each component of the Vilano Blackjack comes together to create an amazing experience for you. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Shimano EZ Fire Shifters
  • Durable Lightweight Frame
  • Low Profile Handlebars

With the Shimano EZ Fire Shifters, you will be able to shift those gears almost seamlessly without any kind of delays or interruptions.

The top speed of the bike is really great, you will feel like you are soaring through the wind like a bullet. With that combination of mechanical disc brakes, you will be able to stop almost instantly!

Carrying and storing the bike is also very easy, thanks to the lightweight sturdy frame. You can most probably do all the maintenance of the bike easily by yourself.

The Vilano Blackjack is also very easy to maneuver thanks to the low-profile handlebars.


  • Amazing Maneuverability
  • Durable Construction
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Amazing Frame Geometry


  • Bolts and Screws Are Easily Loosened
Why I Like It: If you want the best of mountain bikes then definitely get the Vilano Blackjack. It has everything: Amazing performance and powerful components, the bike’s whole construction works together to bring you an amazing experience.

15. Nakto Electric Bike

Nakto E Bike Series
Nakto E Bike Series

Price: Starting at $709

Our Big and Tall Riders are definitely going to love the Nakto Electric Bike range, well they are a mix of road bikes and cruisers and we cannot love them enough!

They have a lightweight and sturdy construction which makes them so much worthwhile.

They are constructed with a durable aluminum frame!

Maximum strength is the main focus of the Nakto E-Bike Series because all of their bike’s frames are made from carbon steel.

This maximizes the comfort of the rider and the smoothness of the ride. Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Double-Disc Brakes
  • 350W Motor

The 4-Inch Wide tires are especially amazing with this bike, they offer amazing traction and great ride comfort, something which is really unmatched.

All of the bike’s construction is made in such a manner that the rider can enjoy many years out of it so there will be no need for replacements when you get this bike.

Also, thanks to the powerful double disc brakes, you will always enjoy top-notch stopping power, making you always in control.


  • 36V, 10AH detachable Lithium Battery
  • Fast Charging
  • An Amazing 350W 6-Speed Gear Motor
  • Very Easy To Control
  • Travel Mileage of 45 Miles


  • Uncomfortable Seat
  • Handlebars Have To Be Installed Separately
Why I Like It: The Nakto Electric Bikes series is really great and it definitely came as a surprise. We love the performance and we definitely love the stylish aesthetics of the bike. You can try different bikes from the range but the performance will be just as good!

How To Choose The Best Bike For Heavy Riders?

As we discussed before starting out, cycling is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and we definitely mean that! With that being said, most of the bikes sold online are not suitable for heavy and tall riders but that is not bad news.

Those types of bikes are not sturdy enough and may break apart easily, that is why we need to go for something special.

Most of the bikes that are produced are made for lightweight to medium-weight riders, so yes, we understand the frustration heavy riders face. Although, this buying guide is made for heavy riders so that they can find the best type of bike for themselves with ease!

Materials Matter!

The frame material of a bike matters a lot, it will define the performance and comfort of a bike. Heavy riders need to look for a bike whose frame will be sturdy, light, and durable for them and which will also offer the best performance. There are mainly three types of bike frame materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Carbon Fiber

Metallic Bike Frames work perfectly for heavy riders, they are sturdy and they make the bike faster than others. The second best choice is a bike with an aluminum or steel frame, do not get a carbon fiber bike, they are not suitable for heavy riders.

What About The Wheels?

Wheels are very important when getting a bike for yourself, they are the medium between you and the ground thus their performance will matter the most.

You need to get heavier wheels that will offer the best performance. Now you must be wondering that you need to go for bigger wheels since you are a big guy/gal yourself right? Well, that is surely not the case!

Bigger wheels tend to be a lot weaker than the smaller wheels, well that are the basic fundamentals of engineering if you ask me! You should try getting 26” wheels as they would be best suited for you, offering you amazing performance.

These smaller wheels are powerful than the bigger wheels because they are more compact, just wait till you try them out.

Wheel width is also very important when you are choosing between wheels. Go for the widest wheels, they will be the most powerful of the bunch and will also offer great performance.

Tread patterns will ensure the maximum traction that you can enjoy on all kinds of surfaces so also keep an eye out for that!

Knobby tires would be best suited for you if you ever plan on getting mountain bikes, they will offer the best performance and traction.

What Should Be the Bike Size?

When we talk about the bike size, we actually mean the bike’s wheel size. Before you get on with the frame of the bike, it is critical that you figure out the perfect wheel size for your bike.

Comfort and performance need to go hand in hand here so be careful.

Always check the bike size chart mentioned on the manufacturer’s website when you are looking for wheels and bike frames.

Does Spoke Count Matter?

Spokes are responsible for the stability of the bikes and that is why spoke count matters when you are trying to find the perfect bike for yourself. The least value of spokes should be 24 in a bike, that is the bare minimum, don’t go below that.

Although if you want the best stability and performance then you should go for 32-36 spokes.

Consider The Seat Types

Seat Types determine the comfort levels of the riders and smaller seats make people quite uncomfortable, that much we have figured out.

More sitting room for the rider means more relaxation and that is exactly what we should aim for!

A wide seat/saddle is going to be perfect for heavy riders, it will ensure that they get the maximum comfort/relaxation.

You also need to make sure that the seat allows you to maintain an ergonomic upright position while riding the bike.

Go For Effective Brakes!

You cannot ride a bike without putting enough pressure on the bikes, heavy riders have to put double the pressure on those brakes in order to increase their effectiveness. So, we need to make sure that the bikes that we go for actually have powerful and highly effective brakes.

There are basically two options for you:

  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Hydraulic Brakes

Both of these are good in their own way, you just need to go for the ones that you are fully comfortable with. My personal take is that you always go for mechanical disc brakes.

Suspension Forks Are Necessary!

Suspension forks make sure that your rides are relaxed and comfortable because they absorb all the shocks and vibrations.

They are highly effective when you are traversing through bumpy terrain that will surely result in shock and awe!

Did you know that heavy riders actually increase the sag in on the suspension? That is why you have to maintain them frequently.

In order to get the best level of comfort and performance, make sure that you get a bike with a high-quality suspension.

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What Bikes Are Good For Heavy Riders?

There are many amazing brands like Mongoose and Co-op Cycles, etc that make the best bikes for heavy riders, you can check them out for more details.

Can You Be Too Heavy For A Bike?

Yes, there are bikes that have fixed weight limits, either you have to meet them or you need to go for bikes that are best suited for heavy riders.

Are Heavier Bikes Slower?

No, heavy bikes actually offer great comfort and performance and are on par with other bikes!


Cycling is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, we have emphasized that more than once! No matter what kind of rider you are, bikes are made for you and you should enjoy them to the fullest. With that being said, most of the bikes that are sold online are not perfect for heavy riders, they may actually break down if you use them once or twice. That is why we made this awesome list and buying guide for you!

From the list, my top choice still remains the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike. It offers great performance, bundled with top-notch relaxation and comfort.

We hope that with the information included in the buying guide, you will be able to get the best bike for yourself that you will enjoy for a very long time! Happy Cycling!

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Cyclists enjoy different types of bikes, there are single-speed bikes and multi-gear bikes, what do all of them have in common though? Chains! People love cycling, that is a fact but when it comes to bike maintenance, they get irritated very easily, no one likes a slipping or loose chain.

What do we do when that happens? We shove the chain back into the sprockets thinking that everything will be fine now. What if it happens again, what are we going to do then? If this problem becomes consistent then you have a bigger fish to fry and that will not be easy. A loose chain is definitely something that you need to fix ASAP!

There is a silver lining here though, although this is an annoying problem, it can be solved very easily. You just need to follow some simple procedures and your bike’s chain will feel brand new in no time. These tips and tricks have been sought out from professional mechanics themselves, so you will get the best care possible.

Tools Needed To Tighten Bike Chain

You cannot expect to tighten a bike’s chain with just mere hands, can you? In order to maintain your bike chain without any kind of hiccups, you will be needing the following items:

  1. An Adjustable Bike Wrench
  2. Chain Degreaser
  3. Hex Key
  4. Chain Lube
  5. Rags (Dried)
  6. A Buddy!
  7. Screwdriver
Bicycle Repair Toolset
Bicycle Repair Toolset

All of these tools are equally important in maintaining your bike’s chain. You can find them at a variety of outlets, although make sure to get the best quality products, this will prolong your bike’s life!

There are two types of bikes, right? There are single-speed bikes and then there are multi-geared bikes, both of them have different kinds of chains, thus they will require different methods. Let us get started!

How To Fix Chain On a Single-Speed Bike

Single-Speed Bikes are easy as they come, there are almost no complications to them, although you need to be careful when fixing the bike’s chains. Follow these steps to clean and tighten the chain.

In step one, you need to turn the bike upside down, flip it and rotate the chain using the pedals. Examine the chain thoroughly for any kind of damage. You need to check the grease and dryness level of the chain, in the case of too much grease, you will need to degrease the chain and then apply a fresh coating of lube.

In step two, you need to apply lube to each of the chain links. You can rotate the pedal to move up the links but make sure that every area is covered, there should also be no excess of the lube, if there is just remove it using the rags. 

In step three, you will be needing the adjustable wrench and loosen the bolt of the rear wheel that is fixing itself to the bike’s cradle. You need to pull back the wheel so that the chain has the correct tension, and you need to be careful while doing that. Once this is done, you will not be able to move the chain that freely and that is where your buddy comes in. You will need to ask them to hold and wheel and align it properly so that you can tighten the bolts that have become loose. While doing that, examine the rear wheel and all the slots, bolts, if there are signs of damage, they will need to be replaced.

In step four, you will need to align the rear wheel, make sure that the distance between the rear fork of the bike and wheel is the same. Move the wheel back and forth now, it should now be working well and be fully secured.

Repairing Bike Chain

If the problem persists even after doing all the steps successfully then you need to take the bike to a professional mechanic.

NOTE: You will have to do things differently if you have an internal hub bike. There is a gear-shift mechanism located on the rear wheel that you need to attach before you can access the bolts leading to the chain. You can easily remove that mechanism using a hex key or a screwdriver.

How To Fix Chain On A Multi-Geared Bike

Multi-Geared Bikes are all about derailleurs. There is a specific spring in the derailleur that pulls the chain appropriately, causes the necessary tension. Whenever you change the gear of the bike, that tension loosens up and the chain slips and moves into smaller sprockets, that is the main issue with chains in geared bikes.

There are different types of geared bikes, some of them will have these derailleurs in the rear wheel while some of them will have derailleurs on both the wheels, you need to check that before you get started. Most of the problems with multi-gear bikes come from the derailleur. In order to get started, make sure that the bike is sitting properly and the rear wheel does not touch the ground, you will need to prop up for that.

If the chain is in fine condition then the top portion would barely move, maybe less than an inch and if it does then you have the problem of a loose chain. In order to fix it, you would have to follow some steps and move the rear wheel. 

Firstly, make sure to engage the derailleur in full tension, just pull it and then let go, also make sure that the chain is perfectly aligned, only do this if the chain is sagging though. Engaging the derailleur should tighten the chain and bring it back to the normal L-shape, if it doesn’t then you would have to get the derailleur repaired, there is not much that you would be able to do.

Multi Geared Bike Chain

NOTE: You can try applying a lubricant (spray) or degreaser on the derailleur mechanism, the problems could arise because of excessive grease.

What Is The Reason Behind A Bike’s Loose Chain?

There are many reasons behind a chain getting loosened up, although the main reason that pops up every time is wear and tear/damages. This does not go away even if you clean and service your bike often, as a result, the links of your chain will slightly pull apart, which is what makes them loose.

You feel an extra stretch in your chain because of the rivet and cradle wearing down, this naturally happens during the life of your bike. It is recommended that you change the chain of the bike completely, at least once. 

When it comes to single-speed and multi-geared bikes, things don’t go wrong that often. The rear wheel slips sometimes and that loosens up the chain, this isn’t that much of a problem, easily fixable. With some adjustments, your chain will feel brand new.

Derailleurs can sometimes become messy, they are the gearing mechanisms in multi-geared bikes, they maintain the chain tension. If in a multi-geared bike, the chain gets loose, it is most probably the derailleurs fault and that is when it would have to be repaired or replaced.

Oiling The Chain
Oiling The Chain

The Common Chain Problems

You have checked the wheel thoroughly and the derailleur, if the problem still hasn’t been fixed then it is definitely the chain’s fault. With the help of a chain wear tool, you can easily check it for wear and tear and see if it has to be replaced.

A chain wear tool has prongs on either end, if they fit properly inside a chain simultaneously then it has to be replaced ASAP. The problem also persists in second-hand bikes, sometimes owners fit a faulty chain in those bikes to lower their own costs. The faulty chains are either too short or too long and that makes problems for the derailleurs. 

When these things happen, the smart thing to do is remove and replace the chain fully, repairing does not always help.

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When should I tension my bike chain?

Normally, the bike’s chain should only be movable by an inch. If it sags too much then you should tighten it.

Why is my chain so loose?

Old chains have this problem, they stretch too much. That is why it is recommended that you change the bike chains at least once.

How do you check the bike tension?

You have to loosen the bolts on the rear wheel and then check the tension of the bike.


Bike Chains get loose from time to time and it affects different kinds of bikes differently. In order to fix them, you also need to use varying methods. They are not that hard but focus and patience are the main aspects here. A bike chain can become loose because of:

  • Being very old, having too many links
  • Derailleur could be damaged
  • Wrong positioning of the rear wheel

By following these methods and tips, you will be able to fix these problems in no time!


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How To Tune Up A Bike – Bike Maintenance Tips

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People who love bikes don’t just love riding them, but they also love keeping their bikes in the best shape possible. After all, that is the only way you are going to keep your bike protected against wear and tear. You will see what occasional cleaning and tune-up do to a bike and you will be impressed by the results.

It does not matter what kind of bike you have, whether you got an old model in a sale or are enjoying the top-end model fresh out of the factory. If you maintain your bike well, it is going to give you a lot of amazing years, so keep the tune-ups a priority.

In this guide, we have compiled the best tips and tricks from renowned professional mechanics, let’s discuss what they have to say!

Let’s Start With A WorkSpace

In order to start with a tune-up for your bike, you will need to have a proper workspace. The workspace should be clean, wide enough, and be able to take some spillage, these spillages are going to be normal when it comes to tune-ups so be ready.

If you would be using the garage or a driveway then make sure that it is fully cleaned. We have some ideas to share with you: A bike stand is a really good choice for when it comes to repairs and tune-ups, consider getting one, would save you a lot of trouble.

Repair Stand
Repair Stand

Here are some of the best bike repair stands that you can get right away:

Clean Everything Thoroughly!

A tune-up means a thorough cleanse and you need to make sure that everything is clean. Start by making sure that you have a neat and tidy workspace where you can tend to your bike in peace without any kind of disturbances. In a tune-up, you would have to clean every inch of the bike, some adjustments, and applying lube, but all of it has to be done very carefully.

Cleaning Bike

A good start is with the chain and drivetrain of the bike, these are known as the “Soul Of The Bike”, you need to make sure that it is clean and does not have any trace of dirt around it. You need to wipe all the dust and dirt from the chain and drivetrain, and if your chain is greasy or extra-dirty then you would have to use extreme measures here.

In order to clean the chain properly, you will need cleaning sprays and degreasers, we recommend using the WD40-it is extremely effective. In combination with the sprays, you can use a brush that you will need to rinse and also a magnet, this will pull any unwanted metal substances polluting your chain or drivetrain.

Before you lubricate the bike chain again, make sure that it is fully clean and dried, only after that apply the lubricant.

When the chain and drivetrain have been taken care of, you need to go after the body of the bike. If you use your bikes to the limit then they are going to be extra-dirty and muddy, for that you have to clean the bike thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t use that much water on the bottom bracket portion and headset, they are exceptionally weak against rust. You can combine a cleaning agent with water to make sure that the bike is fully clean, a good example here would be dish soap, they work amazingly well with bikes!

When you are done with the cleaning, it is time to dry it, make sure that you remove all the excess water or cleaning agent before drying.

Lube Is A Must!

Do you know why most bikes have problems? It is a common lack of lubrication, all the owners forget to lubricate their bike, and even if they do it isn’t frequent. You need to lubricate your bike monthly if you want the best performance, a bike that is not lubricated properly has a decreased lifespan and does not runs smoothly!

Lubricating The Chain
Lubricating The Chain

What many people also do is that they apply too much lube on their bikes, this becomes the same problem as not lubricating it entirely, the bike becomes a pumped-up magnet for all the contaminants. You need to make sure that your bike is perfectly lubricated, it should not even be visible but there should be an oily residue when you touch the bike.

A Teflon-based lube would be perfect here, they are best recommended for normal use and even if you use them too much on the bike they do not attract problems. For mountain bikes, the scenario is different, you have to go through different areas and even rainstorms so it is recommended that you use a wet lube.

Before you go out for a ride, make sure that your bike is properly lubricated, lube your chain and drivetrain, and then shift the gears to check. Make sure that there is no excess lube on the bike, you can use a dry rag to clean the lube if it is too much, we would also suggest that you spray (lube) and maintain the brake cables before moving out too!

Maintain The Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure before going out is necessary. You can check the recommended PSI on the side of the tire, they are printed there by the manufacturer. The recommended PSI for different types of bikes is:

  • Road Bikes: 100-120 PSI
  • Mountain Bikes: 40-80 PSI

On the front wheels, you can adjust having lesser PSI by ten because the main weight is at the rear of the bike. 

Adjust The Brakes Properly

Make sure that your bike’s brakes are working properly before going out, in some cases that brakes change the course between life and death. Brake pads are very necessary, make sure that they are not worn out, or there are some damaged parts, if you see anything like that then it is high time to get new brake pads.

Align the brakes properly next, make sure that they don’t have a grinding noise, if they do then you need to tune them. Sand down the brakes so that they hit the rim correctly, that will eliminate any kind of grinding noise. Check the rims too, if there are any problems there, fix them.

Brake cables are also very important, if you see that the wear and tear are too much then you need to replace them, either fix them or replace them. If you go with the option to fix them then make sure that you have a buddy with you. They can hold the caliper with you while you tighten and adjust the brakes!

Bike Maintenance

Fix Flats If There Are Any!

Checking for flat tires before you go out is also very necessary, you don’t want to have a flat tire when you are out on the road, which would cause a lot of unnecessary problems. When you find a flat tire, it is very easy to fix them, you just need to be careful. Different types of tires require different methods for repairing:

  • Tubeless Tires: Use Plugkit for a temporary fix 
  • Tube Tires: You would have to remove the entire tire in order to fix it

For tubeless tires, you need to find the hole first and remove the object that punctured the tire. When that has been done, you need to insert the rubber hole to fix it. Reinflate the tire after that according to the recommended PSI mentioned on the tire.

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For tires with tubes, you would have to remove the entire tire to fix it, that is complex but you will have to do it. You will need to take the wheel off the mount and then repair it. Check the tire for the item that punctured it, and remove it carefully, make sure that there is no residue. You can patch the tire with the help of a kit or replace the tube completely. When that is done, put the tire back where it was and reattach it to your bike. Test the tire thoroughly!

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Giving your bike a tune-up is very necessary, it is absolutely necessary if you want the best performance from your bike. The whole tune-up process is easy and there are no complications involved, you just need to clean the bike entirely and make some adjustments, after that you are done.

These tune-ups will make sure that your bike has a lot of years in it, take care of it fully and you won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon. Every bike lover would make sure that the bike is fully maintained always and that is what you need to do here.

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How To Tighten Bike Brakes – Bike Maintenance Tips

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Brakes are an essential part of your bike, so much crucial that they ensure that you always have a safe ride. That is why it is critical that you take care of them regularly, regular maintenance of the bike will surely add more years to its lifespan.

Adjusting and tightening brakes is very easy, you just need to be considerate about some steps. There are mainly two parts of a bike’s brake that need tightening, those are:

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Cables

Trust me, you really don’t want to experience worn-down brake pads or loose brake cables as they could easily lead you to accidents. Before you start riding again, it is absolutely necessary that you follow these steps to successfully tighten your bike’s brakes.

How To Tighten Your Bike’s Brakes

In order to tighten your bike’s brakes, you need to follow these steps. Let’s start.

Fixing Bicycle Brakes
Fixing Bicycle Brakes

Start by Loosening The Barrel Adjuster

You have to start with the barrel adjuster first, it is located between the intersection of the brake cable and lever. Now, you have to slowly turn the barrel adjuster clockwise, this will loosen it. Once you do that, the brake cable automatically tightens.

Mostly all the problems are fixed by loosening the barrel adjuster, but there are other measures that you can take if that does not work out. You can check the state of the brake cable by pressing the lever, see that how much it comes close to the handlebar. There are other steps that you can pursue if the cable is still loose.

Adjust The Caliper Part of The Brakes Now

Caliper is that part of the brake where the pads are attached and you need to check their state now. There should be a bolt that holds the brake cable to the caliper, find it. You will need an Allen wrench for the next step, turn the bolt counter-clockwise to loosen it. 

Be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want to unscrew the bolt, just rotating it two or three times would do the trick!

The Next Step is to Pull The Brake Cable

Till now you would have successfully loosened both the caliper and the bolt, the next step will require you to pull the brake cable outwards, that should happen easily now!

Once you have successfully pulled the cable out, you need to hold it tightly in one place. You will now see that the front brake pads are tightening on the rim, that is because the cable is also getting tighter. You need to make sure that the pads are tight till there is some resistance when you turn the tire, make sure not to overdo it!

If you tighten the pads too much then the tires will not turn at all and that could lead to problems. Keep on experimenting till you hit that sweet spot.

Bicycle Brake Cable
Bicycle Brake Cable

Tighten The Caliper Bolt Again 

If you are following the steps correctly till now then you have successfully tightened the brake cable. Not much is left now, you just need to tighten the caliper’s bolt again. You turned the bolt counter-clockwise before, now you need to turn it clockwise and do it two to three times, do it till there is no turning the bolt again, this will mean that the bolt has been successfully tightened.

Tighten The Barrel Adjuster Again

Now you need to go to the start all over again and tighten the barrel adjuster. Turn the adjuster clockwise to tighten them. You will see that as you are tightening the barrel adjuster, the brake pads have loosed slightly, this means that you are good to go now.

The brake cables will be fully set once the barrel adjuster has been tightened. You can test the brake cables and their tightness by pressing the lever now.

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What Tool Do You Need To Tighten Bike Brakes?

The only tool that you would be needing is an Allen wrench, you will need it to adjust the brake’s components.


Why Are My Brakes Too Loose?

The most common reason for that brakes being loose is wear and tear.

How Do I Make My Bike Brakes More Responsive?

There are several techniques that you can use to make your bike brakes more responsive, you can try resetting the barrel adjuster, or adjusting the brake arm springs.


Knowing how to tighten your bike’s brakes is very necessary, it saves a lot of time and money. Not every time you will have access to a professional mechanic, you will need to take care of things all by yourself.

Bike Maintenance is critical if you want smooth and risk-free rides, they also add multiple years to your bike’s life span. Don’t skimp out on timely maintenance, taking care of your bikes leads to amazing experiences. Stay Safe and Happy Cycling!

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How To Clean Bike Chain – Bike Maintenance Tips

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A Bike that is in top shape and clean isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, it also enhances the overall performance. The difference between a clean and unclean bike is phenomenal, just wait till you try out the difference. The bike’s chain is a very important integral part, you keep it clean and lubricated, and there will be many benefits.

What exactly happens when you keep the bike’s chain clean though? Well, there are tons of things that will happen once you start cleaning the chain and those are:

  • Better Performance
  • Quiet Performance
  • Prolonged Life

Along with all of these things, the grease stains are also kept at bay. Once you start cleaning the bike’s chain regularly, you will notice the amazing difference yourself. In this guide, we have compiled the opinions and tricks of many renowned professional mechanics that have given more than 10 years of their life in this field.

The tips and tricks also come from various technical seminars from the best manufacturers like SRAM, Shimano, Saris, and many others. This guide is going to add a new layer to your knowledge of bike maintenance.

Tools Needed to Clean Bike Chain

Clean Bike Chain
Clean Bike Chain

When we talk about cleaning the bike’s chain, there is complete flexibility over how you want to proceed initially. You can either go for soap or a degreaser, whatever suits and interests you the best. Here are the tools that you be needing:

  • Soap
  • Degreaser
  • Scrubber
  • Chain Lubricant

You can choose between a soap and a degreaser, you have complete freedom over that. With that being said, it is absolutely necessary that you get a scrubber and a lubricant, you can always choose the brand, etc.

[Bike Maintenance Tips: How To Remove Rust From Bike]

What Kind of Cleaning Agent to Use?

The first part that comes when you start cleaning the bike’s chain is your choice of the cleaning agent. There are mainly two options to go for, either go for soap or a bike degreaser, you have complete freedom here. Cleaning a bike’s chain is not technical, so even if you find something really good in your local grocery store, you can probably use that to clean the bike’s chain.

Bike Cleaning Agent
Bike Cleaning Agent

The common thing that all professionals recommended was using dish soap to clean the chain, this was an odd choice but it works the best. Apparently, the dish soap can wash the surface of these drivetrain components quite effectively. When it comes to cleaning the bike’s chain, you need a product that isn’t too harsh. Degreasers are way too harsh for cleaning the chain!

Another disadvantage of using the degreasers is that they remove the initial lubricant from the chain, this is the kind of lubricant that cannot be applied again so you need to be very careful. The only way you could reapply that lube is to take the chain off completely and give it a thorough lube bath, and that requires a lot of patience and technique.

With the bike’s chain, you need to be as gentle as possible, if you aren’t then it will only lead to problems. The main problem that can happen is the removal of the original factory lube, you certainly don’t want that. Why is the factory lube so important though? If you remove the factory lube then it lessens the bike’s life by a whopping 1000-1,500 miles.

Cleaning Agents give you a lot of freedom, you can experiment as much as you want, each cleaning agent will give you a unique experience. Choose the best for yourself!

What Kind of Scrubber to Use

Scrubbers are very necessary for bike chain cleaning, and our professionals recommend tools from Park Tool- one of the best bike-related manufacturers. There are other amazing companies that you can try out too, but with Park Tool, you just cannot go wrong. Amongst amazing brushes, they also make devices that just stick on the chain and allow you to clean it thoroughly.

Anything that you can use to brush the chain will do just fine, a fine example of that is also a toothbrush. You were maybe hoping for a dedicated cleaning tool, but some professionals love toothbrushes, especially the ones with long bristles. Who knows you might love the experience of a toilet brush maybe?

Now let’s get started with cleaning the bike’s chain.

Cleaning The Bike Chain – Made Easier With Steps

With these steps, you can clean the bike’s chain very easily. There are mainly three steps involved with cleaning the bike’s chain, just do that effectively and you would be impressed by the results. The three components that you need to go after are:

  • Cassette
  • Chainring
  • Chain

With these three steps, you will be done with your bike’s chain in a zap!

Cleaning a Bicycle Cassette
Cleaning a Bicycle Cassette

How to Clean The Cassette

In order to get started, you need to shift the gears first, this will put the chain on the other end of the cassette. Now, you need to clean the cassette thoroughly, apply the cleaning agent to a brush and start the cleanse, make sure that all the cogs are covered except for the one that is close to the chain. When one side of the cassette is cleaned, shift the gears again, and clean the other remaining side of the cassette properly!

Yo do that properly and your first step is already done, now three more to go!

How to Clean The Chainring

The next step is to clean the chainring, the best way to do this is to remove the chain from the chainring and then start. That way the results will be more effective and thorough! The process is the same as what we did with the cassette. Apply some soap or degreaser and give it a thorough cleanse!

How to Clean The Chain

The last step is to clean your chain, do it properly and you would be done. You need to get started with shifting your chain to the chainring, in the case that you have multiple chainrings, shift your chain to the largest chainring. Now, you need to apply the soap or degreaser again and clean all angles of the chain, keep on doing that till all the sides are clean.

You can even use the chainring as a surface effectively, just scrub the sides of the chain while leaning it against the chainring, this is a very genius hack according to the professionals. Once you do this properly, you will see that the chain has been cleaned properly from every angle, if there is an area left then make sure that is clean too!

Water and Rinse Gently!

Now that the cleaning is finally done, you need to rinse the drivetrain with water but gently. Being gentle is the main concept here, if the water pressure is too much then it could actually damage your drivetrain instead of cleaning it. Apart from damaging the drivetrain, water can go to areas that you will not like!

Rinse Bike Gently

Dry Everything Fully!

There is one last step that you need to perform before you put your bike back into storage. You need to dry your bike completely, make sure that there is not even one single wet spot, an air compressor would work best here. There are other options as well such as the leaf blower but the choice is completely yours.

If you don’t dry your bike before storing then there are chances that it could catch rust.

Reapplying The Chain Lube is Necessary

When everything is done, you need to reapply the bike chain lube, which is the most final part, after that you are done. You can use any brand that you love, apply it to the chain thoroughly, let it dry, and then just wipe off any excess. Make sure that you apply the lube in between the roller and plates area nowhere else, otherwise you will only be attracting dirt and other contaminants.

If things get very nasty, you can always replace your old chain with a new one to stay away from risks.

When Does Replacement Become Necessary?

If you actually keep a track of your bike’s performance and make sure that you are ahead of the wear and tear then your bike will always have a prolonged life and will perform at its best. You need to be ahead always, even if it is by one step, if a chain becomes too stretched then you need to replace it immediately!

If the wear is over 0.8mm then your chain needs to be replaced asap. If the situation is much worse then the whole chainring would also need to be replaced. Professionals love pushing their bikes to the limits and that is why you will need a new chain often, once you do that, it is crucial that you test it out first. If there is a problem at the rear of the bike then it is suggested that you also replace the cassette.

This whole replacement process might seem too much for you but there is nothing to be overwhelmed about. If you have good habits from the start and you take care of your bike frequently then there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.


Taking care of your bike is very necessary, you need to make sure that every component of the bike is fully cleaned and working at its best. Maintenance is the key here, do that often and you will never have to face any major problems with your bike.

Cleaning the chain and keep it in good form is very necessary. Once you do that, you will always experience the best and quiet performance and the life of your bike will also be prolonged. With this guide, we hope that you are able to learn about your bike more and keep it in great condition!

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