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Eco-Counter and The League are proud to announce the Bikes Count data competition during this May’s Bike Month! Check out the following blog from our friends at Eco-Counter for more details on how to enter!


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Introducing the first ever ‘Bikes Count’ competition

We have been working on something really exciting for Bike Month! In collaboration with The League of American Bicyclists, are we proud to announce ‘Bikes Count’, a data competition during this May’s Bike Month.

Are you looking to use bike data to make an impact in your community? Have you been putting off analyzing and communicating that messy Excel sheet on your desktop? Do you have some bike data that never really got used or made a splash? Send us your data!

Through a competitive application process, two winners will receive from Eco-Counter:

  • expert cleaning and analysis of your data from our data services team to extract key trends and insights;
  • custom branded infographics, graphs,  social media cards and other communication tools with your data;
  • best-practice training on analyzing and communicating bike data;
  • … and more!

The competition is open to U.S. based organizations with any kind of bike data and Bicycle Friendly America program participants. From automated count data to GPS traces, survey data to manual counts, we want to see it! Two winners will be selected: one non-profit advocacy non-profit and one Bicycle Friendly America organization.

To apply, fill out an application through the League of American Bicyclists website in the link below. The application isn’t too long, we just want to hear a little bit about your organization, what kind of data you have, and (most importantly) how this data will make a difference in your community. 

Applications open on Monday May 3rd, 2021, and close at the end of the day on Tuesday, June 1st 2021. Winners will be announced soon after!

Apply now!


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