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The six models of the Grizl will be available in seven sizes (2XS – 2XL) and priced from $2,199 to $4,899. Thankfully, the six bike line enjoys nary a single black-on-black color treatment and we are instead treated to a variety of finishes that are model specific. (see them all here)


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As opposed to the Grail which preceded the Grizl by three years, Canyon says the new bike is intended for more hardcore off-road riding. Alas, to better describe the bike’s intended use, Canyon saw fit to create a new category of dual-purpose riding by describing the Grizl’s real purpose…verbiage they picked up from the “cool kids” called “underbiking”?!

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GR CF SL 6: $ 2,199.00
GR CF SL 7: $ 2,499.00
GR CF SL 7 1x: $ 2,599.00
GR CF SL 8: $ 2,999.00
GR CF SLX 8 Di2: $ 4,899.00
GR CF SL WMN 6: $ 2,199.00

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