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As many of you have heard, or witnessed, despite the massive rise in cycling’s popularity during these pandemic days, there has been a simultaneous shortage of bikes and accessories.  After talking to many bike shop owners and random industry insiders, the reasons for the shortage are many; from tariffs, to Covid, to the rise of city bike programs.


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Recently we received an internal letter from a bike shop owner who was lamenting the state of affairs in his shop which sheds some light on their reality. Bottom line, don’t get mad at the bike shop if they don’t have the bike or accessory you’re looking for  – they would be happy to make the sale if they could! (Since this was a private correspondence, the names  have been omitted). 


“There is zero inventory at XXXX. Crazy times. Our inventory is in the same position. The way it is working right now is that we are taking orders from people (small deposits) to get them in line for bikes and frames that have been backordered by us. Currently we have over 1500 orders from people waiting on bikes and frames. There are no discounts being offered from XXXX for Ambassadors or employees currently because of the supply chain issues. That being said we aren’t offering anything more than regular team discount levels on bikes and frames which is 10% Off. Currently if we get a bike or frame it might be the only one we get for months. This isn’t just a XXX thing. The entire supply chain is damaged currently. Lead times for the manufacturers currently is more than 1 year. XXXXX  has 40,000 XXXXXX mountain bikes waiting to ship to the USA but don’t have disc brakes for them. And with the Chinese New Year coming we might not see those bikes for months. Just trying to paint the current state of affairs.”


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