Artist Inspired by Fashion and Interior Design Industry Creates Contemporary Portraits

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While my paintings always contain beautiful women, I always like to give my own twist about it. I noticed paintings often don’t match the surroundings which really annoys me. A painting should complement the interior and the other way around. This is what I’d like to achieve with my paintings as well. When I pick a reference photo, I look at the interior it will hang in to get inspired by the colors.


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Yoon | Contemporary female portrait of Asian model in Oil paint

Using the colors of the floor, wall, pillows, or a small detail like a colored doorknob inspire me to add to the painting. I love to work together with interior designers to create the perfect picture: a beautiful painting that matches the interior and lifts the energy of the room.

Yoon in interior, matching colors of her surroundings

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Images  are by RK Hercules – All Rights Reserved

Guest Artist Bio
RK Hercules

Born in 1989, RKH is a self-taught Dutch contemporary artist from Amsterdam. Her work is known for its striking female portraits, a subject that is inspired by her time studying the oil paintings of old masters. In her lifelong pursuit of art, Hercules developed her characteristic style that blends the old and the new; by drawing from the image of modern women today through Instagram models and the fashion industry, she joins these often contradictory depictions of women together, creating a timeless vignette of the modern woman.

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