CyclingSmarter Smarthalo An Honest Look at Developing a New Product During Unpredictable Times

An Honest Look at Developing a New Product During Unpredictable Times

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Dear Cyclists,


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2020 has been an unpredictable and difficult year for all of us. The pandemic has had an impact on every single one of us personally, communally, and globally. SmartHalo, like many other businesses, has not been exempt from these trying times. While our team has been working hard to adjust to the new realities of the pandemic, it has had a major impact on our ability to stick to our original timeline.

Many of you have been closely following the production updates and no doubt, these delays have understandably frustrated you. We wanted to thank you again for your continued support and explain in more detail as to why these delays have been happening.

For every single piece of hardware that makes up SmartHalo 2, we require a sample and multiple tests to make sure that the piece is up to our standards. Normally, during production, we would have someone at the factories in China, overseeing the process in person. Unfortunately, with the current travel restrictions, every single piece must be shipped to our office here in Montreal to be approved for production. If it doesn’t meet our standards, then more samples must be produced and sent our way. You can imagine the amount of extra time the back and forth requires, especially given the unpredictable international shipping times currently.

We’ve also had to make some last minute design changes, which further compounds the delay. As there has never been another device like SmartHalo 2, sometimes we’ve had to make creative adjustments when we’ve run into roadblocks. It’s been a delicate balance of staying true to the original design while making choices that would not further delay the production process.

With what’s going on in the world and cycling being one of the few safe ways of getting out and enjoying ourselves, we understand what a disappointment it has been watching SmartHalo 2 shipping times be delayed multiple times. But, we’re happy to say the wait is almost over.

We are at last approaching the final production phase for SmartHalo 2. We are producing our first 500 units in the coming weeks. If the first batch of units meet our standards (which is important to note), we will be ramping up production to 5000 units per week soon after. This means that it will take about one month to complete all pre-orders and customers should start receiving their SmartHalo 2 at the end of October.

Thank you again for your patience and for supporting our company in these difficult times.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and stay safe!

– The SmartHalo team

PS: soon you will receive a form that will allow you to update your shipping address if need be.


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