5 Reasons Why Cycling Is the Best Exercise for Every Student

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College life brings numerous changes in both the personal and social life of a person. We change the place of living, people we spend time whit, our academic obligations become more demanding than before. With all these novelties and added responsibilities college students rarely have time for regular exercise. Still, to achieve academic success, we need to keep our body and mind in proper shape, which is why physical activity is simply unavoidable.


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In this article, we’re going to examine five arguments that show how and why cycling is an optimal form of exercise for every student. If you still didn’t get your hands on a bike, this is your time to do it because after this article you’ll surely want to hop on a bike and spin those pedals.

Cycling improves mood
If your ride to class makes you sleepy and absent during the lecture, it might have something to do with your lack of physical exercise in the morning. According to a recent study, students that drive bikes to their morning class are much cheerful and more focused during the lecture than those that came driving a car or riding a bus.

The reasons why cycling improves one’s attitude are numerous. The physical aspect of riding a bike includes the enhanced flow of adrenaline and endorphin, which are hormones that influence the way we feel, especially in stressful situations. The more pain and stress our body endures, the more of these “feel-good” hormones our body produces to fight the pain and lift us to push forward.

Pedaling to class in the morning is a stressful endeavor, which is why the moment we park our bike we feel a mild euphoric buzz and have a smile on our face. It’s like when we realize we forgot to finish our essay and we manage to get our work finished on time thanks to Writix or some other essay writing agency. All that stress goes away and we are left with an excess volume of hormones in our system that now just makes us feel amazing.

Pumping up the immune system
Since the pandemic locked down the world and made us all think twice about our health, people are looking for ways to improve their immune system. Physical exercise has a positive effect on the immune system, however, not everyone has the luxury of training in a private gym. Therefore, taking a daily bike ride through the woods or simply pedaling your way through the town is one of the best ways to increase your body’s ability to defend itself from germs.

According to scientific research, mild exercise, such as riding a bike in a non-competitive manner is an excellent way to equip your body with weapons against virus infections. Proteins such as pyrogen and interferon boost our immune system by increasing our body temperature. A high body temperature is a hostile environment for viruses, as most of us already know. Also, physical activity wakes up our leucocytes, the white blood cells, which have a simple task to attack and destroy any microbe that tries to spread through our body.

However, one should understand that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and with that in mind, we should watch out not to exercise too much because that might weaken our body’s immune response. Nevertheless, if you ever get too tired from riding your bicycle, you can recuperate your strength by drinking water and getting some sleep.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-black-tank-top-and-black-shorts-riding-red-bicycle-on-brown-sand-3771834/

Weight reduction
We mentioned earlier that college changes many of our life’s habits and these changes have a significant effect on every aspect of our existence. Changes in diet are among the most notable differences between our life back home and our new way of living at the college campus. The lack of home cooking is usually replaced by fast food or excessive “dry meals” which leaves a trace on our physical shape. Many college students have difficulties coping with gaining more weight. This can affect their social life, cause emotional difficulties that later transfer to poor academic results.

Students often look for ways to save time during college. A lot of young academics that cope with written assignments rather ask for a quality essay writing by Edubirdie or a similar essay writing service than spend days trying to finish the task on their own. However, there are no shortcuts to losing that extra fat it simply demands hard work and physical activity. Cycling is the perfect choice because it allows us to do something good for our shape while we’re on the move.

This means that we don’t have to make time for our training session, we can turn our road to class into exercise. Furthermore, cycling allows us to take care of our body in the company of a partner and still stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemics.

Bicycles are economic
Most college students struggle with cash under the weight of tuition expenses, costs of living away from home, and any other monetary burden that might come to mind. Paying for a gym membership is an expense that not many college students can afford. All those gadgets and exercise machines for home use are also an investment that requires some serious sacrifice. On the other side, a bike is not just a tool you use for training, it’s also a means of transportation with strong economic advantages.

Having a car during college is somewhat a luxury unless you need it so much that it just can’t be replaced by an alternative solution. In every other case, having a bike beats having a car as a student. You don’t have to worry about registration and insurance fees, there’s no need to spend money on fuel other than food and water we need to use for energy to turn those pedals.

Also, compared to most manners of transportation, bikes are the easiest to park safely, no matter where you go. All you need is a poll to which you can chain your bike and you’re good. Maintenance costs are also minimal, most of the repairs on a bike are so easy to perform anyone could do it.

Cycling improves sleep
Students and sleep deprivation is a story as old as academic lifestyle, almost every student in the world is looking for that extra hour of sleep. This is where cycling also helps better than any other alternative. The scientists have confirmed that riding your bicycle in the evening makes our body produce hormones that relieve stress and put our brain and muscles into a calm state. This allows us to fall asleep much easier, especially when there are stressful events like exams waiting for us in the morning.

The greatest advantage of cycling in this aspect is that whenever we’re too stressed out to go to sleep, we can just get on our bike and ride the stress away. You can’t knock your way into the gym whenever you feel worried about your morning quiz.

These were some of the most practical reasons why cycling is the best exercise for students. The bike is an affordable asset because it’s a multipurpose tool, as we saw in the article. If you’re a college student and you’re looking for a way to get your body into shape and have fun doing it, consider cycling as a hobby, it might just pay off.

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