30 Best Bike Brands for 2021

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Cycling is loved all around the world and is considered to be one of the best outdoor activities to indulge in. As a hobby that holds great respect, it is only natural to get the most convenient bike for your needs.


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As you shop for a new bike, you’ll discover that there are endless bike brands, all of different styles and specifications, making the task daunting. So, how do you know what bike is going to be best for you? 

A great place to start is to know a bit about some of the major bike makers. Regardless of your ride style and skill level, you need to select a bike that suits your body, budget, and experience level.

If you are a mountain biker, for instance, you need to buy from a brand that excels at mountain bikes. Buying a mountain bike from a brand that specializes in road bikes might give you a lower quality product.

Qualities of a Great Bike Brand

The best bike brands should meet the needs of different people. In line with that, high-quality brands provide decent bikes across all price ranges to suit all budgets and preferences.

We have brands that focus on particular types of bikes, like Mongoose, which is popular for making mountain and BMX bikes. Other brands, like Strider, focus on making bikes for kids. 

These factors are also important when deciding the best bike brands for 2021. For instance, people that are into mountain biking will not cherish Sixthreezero because this brand focuses on making cruiser bikes.

30 Best Bike Brands for 2021

Top Bike Brands
Trek  Cervelo Raleigh
6KU Bikes Kona Bikes Eddy Merckx
Ribble Cube Firmstrong
Felt Critical Cycles Orbea
Colnago Bicycle Sage Titanium GT
Fortified Pinarello Bikes Ibis Cycles
Bianchi Co-op Cycles Kestrel
Cannondale Diamondback Giordano
BMC Specialized Kent
Sixthreezero Mongoose Marin

1. Trek

trek Logo

This is regarded as the biggest brand based in the US according to CNBC. Even though most of its production has moved to other countries, Trek still produces some bikes in the US.

As of 2014, it was producing about 25,000 bicycles domestically yearly, which amounted to about half of all bikes made in the US. Trek makes a wide range of bikes, at different price ranges. It produces bikes for men, women, and kids, and also biking gear and apparel. 

2. 6KU Bikes

6KU Bikes

6KU Bikes began back in 2012, and even though it’s new, it has quickly gained mass popularity. This brand is known for making use of only the best materials in its bikes. For city-dwellers, 6KU road or commuter bikes are great for going around the city and jumping on and off public transport.

3. Ribble


This bike brand has been in business since 1897 and has provided some of the best bikes at affordable prices. They are popular for their unbeatable prices for some quality gear. Their bikes are customizable, and the award-winning series is designed in-house at their facility. 

Their team is also made up of serious road cyclists, offering their valuable input and skills in making quality bikes that speak to a wide range of audience and lasts for a long time. Cyclists can purchase directly from the company, thereby cutting the stress of going through middlemen.

4. Felt

Felt Bikes

Felt is based in California and it makes bikes for the domestic and international markets. It got its name from the founder, Jim Felt. The catalog of the company has a wide variety of bike styles to select from. They include mountain, road, cyclocross, cruiser, triathlon, electric, time-trial, and BMX.

Bikes produced by Felt have great responsiveness, they’re light and stiff, and they come with some great features such as the UHC Advanced carbon fiber frames. Their full-suspension mountain bikes have their Equilink suspension system, which reduces and smoothens the pedal induced suspension on rough roads.

5. Colnago Bicycle

Colnago Bicycle

One of the best and most successful brands in the cycling industry, the Colnago bicycle was established in 1952. This Italian brand has a very long-term tradition of producing race winning frames. They are pioneers for many bike frame technologies.

As a result of the high-quality and winning tendency of the frames, this bike brand is famous and is highly admired among many racers and riders. They are popular for mountain bikes and the best road bikes. The company provides a wide range of colors to their frames including customized colors.

6. Fortified

Fortified Bicycle

Fortified started when two friends had bike accessories stolen off of their daily commuter bikes. They figured out a way to produce bikes and accessories that are more difficult to steal. 

This bike brand is known for its hybrid bikes for city life. There are currently three different models on the market, each created for a different type of urban commuter.

7. Bianchi

Bianchi Bicycle

Founded in Milan in 1885, Bianchi is one of the oldest bike brands, having over 130 years of experience. This brand is focused on a combination of taste, design, style, and quality. 

They provide a wide range of bikes for all types of cyclists, whether professional or casual. Bianchi prides itself on improving the experience of the rider, be it through better suspension, improved gear mechanisms, and many other elements.

8. Cannondale

Cannondale Bicycle

This is another bike brand that was founded back in the 1970s. At first, Cannondale only produced bike trailers, accessories, and apparel. The brand made its first bike, which was a touring model in 1983. And in the next year, it followed up with a racing bike.

9. BMC

Bmc Bicycles

Founded in Switzerland in 1994, this bike brand prides itself on its top-of-the-line Swiss engineering. BMC is often favored by professional cyclists, and it’s not rare to see a BMC bike in the Tour de France.

It is quite a small, boutique company, with only three offices globally and 120 employees. But this brand is an ideal choice for serious or professionals cyclists who want to get a durable and reliable frame.

10. Sixthreezero

Sixthreezero Bicycle

Just as it is with other innovative bike brands, Sixthreezero was created in 2005 by a group of friends and cycling enthusiasts.

The began by making several basic beach cruiser brands that enabled users spend more time outdoors to enjoy the lovely weather. They grew over time and now make beach cruiser e-bikes, which are difficult to find elsewhere.

11. Cervelo

Cervelo Bicycles

Gerard Vroomen started researching the dynamics of bikes at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. He later took his knowledge to Canada and continued his research at McGill University. This led to him co-founding Cervelo Cycles with Phil White in 1995. 

This bike brand undergoes rigorous wind tunnel, CAD, and computational fluid dynamics testing at different factories.

12. Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes is relatively new. The brand was created in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron. The company became famous as being the first company to produce a straight leg mountain bike production fork. They worked with Brodie to create the bike style. Presently, Kona has 10 versions of the fork, designed for mountain bikes and asphalt bikes of different sizes.

13. Cube

Cube Bikes

This German company is considered to be the largest bike producer in Europe. They are also among the most trusted ones when it comes to quality and performance. 

Cube has been selling bikes for a very long time and has earned trust and respect while making a name. People trust this brand and are certain of getting exactly what they’re looking for.

14. Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles

This bike brand is known for its steel frame fixed-gear designs and they bring affordability to cycling. Critical Cycles made its mark in the fixie market and then quickly moved into all types of casual biking.  

The brand was launched to provide the most suitable bike options for commuters, who need affordable, high quality, and flexible bikes.

15. Sage Titanium

Sage Titanium

Sage Titanium was founded in 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Their bikes are made in the USA with passion and quality. This brand is known as the best performing titanium bikes in the world. The bike combines advanced technologies to create a great bike that provides unmatched performance.

16. Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello is an Italian bicycle brand that makes home-based bikes such as track, road, e-bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross. Their first victory model in the market was the Pinarello Montello SLx. This brand stands out from other brands as a result of its distinct designs and racing pedigree.

17. Co-op Cycles

Co-op Cycles

Co-op Cycles is born from the REI brand. It offers some surprisingly good bikes at impressive prices. Created for the adventurers and people on a budget, it’s great for those that are looking for a capable machine without the extra baggage.

18. Specialized

Specialized Bikes

Specialized was formed back in 1974 and since then, they have provided excellence in terms of quality and performance. They produce tires better when cyclists need great tires and made some of the first mountain bikes when people were after cruisers to ride through the dirt. 

Additionally, they provided bikes for kids who were struggling in schools. This brand has earned trust over the years by producing comfortable and stiff bikes.

19. Mongoose


Mongoose is a common bike brand found in large box stores rather than dedicated cycling shops. They are more focused on budget and bikes for children, providing mostly mountain, BMX, and scooters, geared towards a younger population.

20. Diamondback


Although this brand may have an unfavorable reputation because most of their bikes are seen at big outlets such as Target and Wal-Mart, there’s no faulting the quality and success of some of their more serious options.

Now, they produce some of the best and most capable machines in the world, providing bikes for triathletes, downhill racers, beginners, and children. They have something for everyone, making them one of the biggest bike brands around.

21. Raleigh


Raleigh Bikes is a British cycling brand that began in 1887, making it one of the oldest bike brands in the world. At the time, the brand made around three bikes weekly. However, production has since increased to 30,000 bikes per year.

Demands for the bikes increased throughout the 20th century, and the brand kept on growing, making more bikes every year and expanding the size of its factories and plants. It even went into motorcycle production for a while. 

22. Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx is one of the most prestigious bike brands in the world and it was founded by the former professional road cyclist, Eddy Merckx, in 1980. Professionals have marked their latest design, the EMX 525, as one of the fastest and most responsive bikes in the world. 

23. Firmstrong


Firmstrong is all about fun and a love of biking. It provides various cruiser bikes for men, women, and children. Firmstrong isn’t the brand for those that have a passion for mountain biking. But Firmstrong is a good option for those that need a stylish bike that can take them around town or to and from the beach.

24. Orbea

Orbea Bikes

Orbea is a Spanish bike company that began in 1840 as a rifle company. It didn’t make bikes until the 1930s. It then created a bigger factory and produced recreational bikes as well as racing and road bikes. Today, Orbea makes various recreational, road, and electric bikes.

25. GT

GT Bikes

GT is a common household name that can be found everywhere. Their bikes have been common in American households since 1972. Having a wide variety of rides, their lineup is mostly geared towards entry-level and mid-range varieties.

Although they have some high tier units, most of their lineup is focused on beginners and newcomers. However, they have some high-quality bikes having impressive track records. 

26. Ibis Cycles

Ibis Cycles

Ibis Cycles was founded by Scott Nicole in 1981. He privately owned it until he sold the company to a private investment company in 2000. Since then, the company has produced famous brands that have been successful around the world.

Their models are distributed in over 30 countries, and their most popular brands are Mojo and Ripmo. They make bikes of high quality, at affordable prices. Additionally, their bike frames are made from steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon.

27. Kestrel

Kestrel Bikes

They are considered as one of the pioneers of professional cycling because they brought carbon frames to light. Kestrel has had its gears set towards creating high-end road, triathlon, and mountain bikes since 1983.

Representing excellent performance at reasonable prices, this brand is an excellent value for the professionals and serious cyclists out there who need a competent bike at an affordable price.

28. Giordano


Based in New Jersey, Giordano bikes are inspired by the rich cycling history of Italy. Their bikes focus on combining Italian tradition with the most recent advancements in bike technology. The company provides enthusiast-level bikes to its customers. They take the safety of their riders seriously.

29. Kent


This brand caters to the entire family by producing extensive bikes that are suitable for men, women, and children. Some of their most popular bike brands are road bikes, mountain bikes, and cruiser bikes.

Kent also makes some fun models, including dual bikes and adult tricycles. This brand is family-orientated and intends to get families moving using its hashtag, PedalTogether.

30. Marin

Marin Bikes

Marin is loved for its virtues of quality and value. This brand has its roots in the Californian MTB scene since 1986 and emphasizes its motto of ‘Made for Fun’. 

They are known for their exceptional mountain bikes and have also branched off into the gravel, road, and e-bike world with some great models that have an affordable price tag.

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