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Gear Break: Pirelli P ZERO, MyVeloFit, KOM Rocker Plate, Rapha/EF, ABUS Helmet & SockGuy

04/16/2021 12:03

Gear Break: This week we have a very varied selection of new kit: Pirelli P ZERO race tires, tested by PEZ’s Chuck Peña, MyVeloFit launches A.I. powered bike fit tool, KOM Cycling’s rocker plate for your home trainer, get your hands on the new 2021 EF Education-Nippo clothing, the ABUS Pedelec 2.0 – the next-gen micromobility helmet and SockGuy releases 38 new sock designs for Spring 2021.

Pirelli P ZERO Race Tires

p zero

The P ZERO Race tube type clincher tire is one of two new Pirelli tires:

  • The P ZERO Road aims to be the perfect solution for those riders who are looking for the most balanced performance.
  • The P ZERO Race is crafted to pack all the benefits of tube type technology into an all-rounder cycling tire for high-intensity training sessions and races.

Using experience from World Tour racing, coupled with a constant desire for excellence, the Pirelli engineers have developed the best performing all-round bicycle race tire ever conceived by the iconic brand. The P ZERO Race is crafted to pack all the benefits of tube type technology into a race-ready all-rounder which outperforms all cycling clinchers that we have created before (tubulars included). After three years of development working with the fastest racers in the World Tour, including Men’s and Woman’s 2019 UCI World Champions, Pirelli designed this new tube type tire with the new SmartEVO compound and the TechBELT casing technology to provide our Professional riders, as well as all cycling enthusiasts, with a superior product.

According to Pirelli:

  • The new TechBELT tube-type carcass is a high performing casing structure with an added layer of high cut resistant fabric underneath the tread to provide superior puncture protection in a wide variety of conditions.
  • The SmartEVO Compound is a new formulation from Pirelli motorsports winning traditions specifically developed for cycling demands, providing maximum grip with low rolling resistance.
  • The tread pattern of P ZERO Race is an evolution of the design of P ZERO Velo: several seasons of research and development on the roads of the World Tour led to a new design that enhances the behavior of the bicycle in every weather condition.

p zero

The P ZERO race comes in three sizes: 700×26, 700×28 and 700×30.

p zero

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:

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PEZ readers know I’m a fan of the Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR tubeless tires. The P ZERO Race tube only tire clincher uses the same SmartEVO compound. The tread pattern is also the same. The actual tire carcass isn’t exactly the same as the demands of tubeless (holding air, puncture protection) are different. The result is that the tube only P ZERO Race is lighter (205 grams vs 270 grams for the 700x26s PEZ got). The P ZERO Race casing is 127 tpi (threads per inch) vs 120 tpi for the P ZERO Race TLR, so — at least on paper — a little more supple and smoother.

p zero
My 700x26s weighed in 13 grams heavier than spec

I decided to put the 700×26 P ZERO Race tires on my Irwin AON38 wheels that I have on my #steelisreal Hollands. Despite my affinity for riding tubeless tires, I run tube clinchers on my Hollands because I don’t ride it as often (but I still love riding it) so it doesn’t make sense to have them tubeless (meaning the hassle of setting them up and having to top off sealant on a regular basis). Also, being a “vintage” 90s bike, 700×26 is probably as wide as I can squeeze in.

With Tubolito tubes, I have a fairly light set up for traditional clinchers. Based on actual weights (assuming my scale is accurate), 259 grams (218 grams for 700×26 tire + 41 grams for 60 mm valve stem tube). So tire+tube is lighter than P ZERO Race TLR spec (without sealant) for 700×26. Inflated to 84 psi rear/80 psi front (Pirelli actually recommend 95 psi for my weight with a 5 psi drop for the front wheel for comfort, but I prefer even lower tire pressure and haven’t experienced any pinch flat issues) my 700x26s measured 25.9 mm wide. I can’t speak for tread life or puncture protection, but this set up resulted in a ride that was smooth, comfortable (not as plush as P ZERO Race TLR tubeless 700×28 at ~10 psi lower tire pressures but a nice ride nonetheless), and felt fast based on my seat-of-the-bib shorts chamois meter (I realize this is subjective but I can’t actually measure rolling resistance).

p zero

A couple things to remember. The P ZERO Race is a directional rotation tire so check and double-check (and maybe even check again … ask me why) to make sure you mount them in the right direction. And make sure you center the Pirelli logo and valve stem for that EuroPro look.

p zero

MyVeloFit Launches A.I. Powered Bike Fit Tool
For the first time, cyclists can confidently check their position at home and receive recommended adjustments with no prior knowledge required.


Cycling is experiencing an unprecedented boom, and helping riders find a good position on their bike has never been more important. Responding to this need, MyVeloFit has launched the world’s first video based, markerless, motion capture bike fit service ( Using artificial intelligence, the service helps cyclists uncover actionable insights about their riding position that they can use to improve comfort and efficiency on the bike.

MyVeloFit was created by industry veterans Jesse Jarjour and Justin Goulding. The team has provided thousands of professional bike fits between them and have held various other positions across the cycling industry. This experience led them to identify a significant gap in the way bike fitting has typically been done.

    We believe professional bike fitters play a critical role in solving complex fit issues for many riders with injury, significant mobility issues, or specific performance goals. However, our experience is that the many riders simply need an accurate and reliable way to find a great position, but in a more convenient and accessible package.
    Our goal isn’t to replace bike fitters, but to make data driven bike fit more accessible and easier for anyone to assess their position and make informed changes on their own.

The MyVeloFit technology uses proprietary motion tracking and human pose estimation to assess cyclists’ mobility and position on the bike. It then makes recommendations based on a machine learning model built on a database of over one billion data points, taken from thousands of fit sessions. This is all packaged in an approachable web-based interface which allows almost anyone to quickly find a great position on their bike. Unlike many other fit tools, MyVeloFit requires no additional equipment and provides high quality results with as little as a cell phone video.

MyVeloFit currently provides fit recommendations for Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Time Trial, Hybrid, and Spin bikes, so no matter what type of cycling you do there is a fit solution for you. Their service offering ranges from riders looking to fit their own bikes, to retail stores, coaches, and healthcare practitioners looking to expand their bike fit offerings for clients.

● Pricing starts from $35 USD
● Full details available at

KOM Cycling: Indoor Rocker Plate RPV1 – $449.99
Reserve yours today to be the first to receive the Rocker Plate when we are back in stock! Estimated Ship Date is April 13th – Hopefully Sooner!


Decrease Discomfort to Ride Longer
The KOM rocker plate is the perfect accessory to extend your indoor ride time whether you are dropping watts on Zwift, Trainer Road, or Wahoo SUF. With horizontal movement it decreases static pressure to your joints, creating a more comfortable immersive indoor cycling experience, that will keep you training all winter long.


Improves Balance and Engages Your Core
The Rocker Plate provides 13° of total horizontal motion that forces you to engage your core and balance your body like you do while riding outside. The result of this is stronger core muscles ensuring you maximize every second of your indoor training time.


Heavy-Duty Skid-Resistant Construction
We enhanced the durability and thickness of the Rocker Plate to ensure it lasts all the laps around Watopia you put in when you cannot ride outdoors. The bottom plate features rubberized grips so it won’t scratch your floor and allows you to sprint all out without having to worry about the Rocker Plate moving.


Universal Design to Fit Your Trainer
A near-universal design that supports most types of bike trainers. The KOM Cycling Rocker Plate is compatible with Wahoo, Saris, Kinetic, Elite and many other trainer setups. Contact us with any questions before ordering and we’ll be happy to ensure it fits your smart trainer and any other specific needs.


Trainer Compatibility Guide
The KOM Cycling Rocker Plate features 13 mounting slots to ensure it will accommodate most trainers on the market. Below is a list of compatible trainers:

● SARIS: Mag, Mag+, Fluid 2, M2
● TACX: Neo 2T, Flux 2, Flux, Flow
● And most other trainers!


What is included?
The Rocker Plate ships from the United States and includes the following..
● Rocker Plate
● Velcro Straps x5
● Inflatable Balls
● Ball Inflator Pump
● Level Tool.


Rocker Plate Specs:
● Length: 64″
● Width: Widest 34.5″, 11.5″ Narrowest
● Height: 3.75″
● Weight: 42lbs.


Rocker Plate FAQ’s
Will this work with the Wahoo KICKR BIKE?
Yes, the KOM Cycling Rocker Plate can be used with the Wahoo KICKR Bike to build the ultimate pain cave setup. More photos and video of this setup coming soon!

Is the Rocker Plate available on Amazon?
Yes, the Rocker Plate is available on Amazon.


● More info at:

Athlete Collections New 2021 EF Education-Nippo Kit
Now available – the world’s most compliant kit

ef rapha

From the low-profile blackout kit debuted at the 2019 Tour Down Under to the standout switch out that shook up last year’s Giro, Rapha and EF have always designed to disrupt. Pulling on a kit should always mean pushing the envelope and committing to driving the sport forwards.

ef rapha

But even as the team who brought the pro peloton its first duck-inspired kit, we don’t want to ruffle too many feathers. After getting into hot water last season, we’ve decided to create a compliant kit for 2021. In fact, we’ve tried to create the world’s most compliant cycling kit. Though we’ve earned a reputation as rule breakers, our design for this season centers around the rule-makers’ regulations.

rapha ef

To ensure we comply with every rule and regulation no matter how seemingly insignificant, our designers have shown their work. For correct positioning and spacing of sponsor logos, they’ve left their meticulous measurements marked up while subtle annotations are a nod to their creative approach to compliance.

These finer details won’t be seen from the helicopter shots but for those who wear our kit, riders and supporters alike, they will serve as a reminder of our team’s desire to move the dial and change the sport. For fans following the team on TV or from the roadside, their favorite riders will still stand out in the team’s traditional hi-vis pink.

rapha ef

Men’s & Women’s EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Aero Jersey
The Pro Team Aero Jersey is made for the fastest race days, when even the slightest aerodynamic advantage can support a race winning move. No ordinary replica, this team edition jersey is identical to those used by EF Education-NIPPO riders at the highest level of competition.

Every element of the Aero Jersey has been designed from a pro racer’s perspective. Smooth fabrics on the front and texture at the back minimizes drag to ensure effort equates to speed. The sleek material on the back panel has a directional nap – smooth in one direction, rough in the other – to provide an additional aerodynamic advantage.

rapha ef

This fabric, as well as those used on the sleeves and the front of the jersey, are extremely lightweight and offer excellent mechanical stretch for a figure-hugging race fit at the lowest weight possible. Bonded seams across the back of the jersey support three pockets even when they are stuffed full of food while inside, a mesh lining aids breathability across the lower back. The full-length zipper is oversized for quick adjustments even when riding on the rivet while a zip guard prevents irritation when zipping up for the victory salute.

rapha ef

Men’s EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Bib-shorts II
Designed for comfort when the race is on, the EF Education-NIPPO Pro Team Bib Shorts combine technology developed over years of all out racing from climbs to cols. Deep blue in color, the bibs complement the EF team’s unique 2021 jersey design and use a soft yet slightly compressive fabric that’s comfortable against the skin. Cut for comfort in an on-bike position, the shorts feature our size-specific, dual-density Pro Team chamois pad, as used by team riders. A minimal seam construction creates a streamlined shape to prevent the fabric from bunching at the hips while low-profile, wide leg grippers ensure a stable fit. The uppers are printed with the compliant design that adorns the team jersey and are made of a high-stretch mesh fabric that is fast-drying and high-wicking for comfort on hotter days. Flat, bonded seams sit close to the skin to prevent rubbing or chafing. A single radio pocket is positioned on the lower back for use in races.

rapha ef

EF Education-Nippo Women’s Pro Team Bib-Shorts
Designed for comfort when the race is on, the EF Education-NIPPO Women’s Pro Team Bib Shorts combine technology developed in the women’s peloton with the most eye-catching design from the men’s. Deep pink and blue in color, the bibs complement the EF team’s unique 2021 jersey design and use a soft yet slightly compressive fabric that’s comfortable against the skin. Cut for comfort in an on-bike position, the shorts feature our women’s specific chamois pad, used by our pro riders during their toughest training rides and most intense race efforts. A minimal seam construction creates a streamlined shape to prevent the fabric from bunching at the hips, and low-profile, wide leg grippers keep everything in place. The uppers are printed with the oil slick design that adorns the team jersey and made of a high-stretch mesh fabric that is fast-drying and high-wicking for comfort on hotter days. Flat, bonded seams sit close to the skin to prevent rubbing or chafing. A single radio pocket is positioned on the lower back for use in races.

rapha ef

EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Socks – Regular
Raced throughout the season by the riders of EF Education-NIPPO, the Pro Team Socks are the ultimate in comfort and performance. Featuring a new, improved nylon fabric, the Pro Team Socks wick sweat efficiently, are soft, comfortable, and stay in position more securely than other race-wear equivalents. With a breathable mesh upper, these socks are designed for high-intensity riding or racing. Aiding comfort and fit, the fabric has added elastane to provide more stretch, while the cuff offers improved support.

rapha ef

EF Education-Nippo Musette
The musette is a classic cycling accessory, used for years by pro teams to deliver mid-race nutrition to riders. As handed out by EF Education-NIPPO’s soigneurs, this limited edition musette features the team’s eye-catching logo and compliant kit design for 2021. Made from a durable cotton, the musette is made to last with a popper at the top to keep contents safe and secure.

rapha ef

EF Education-Nippo Lightweight Snood
Created to maintain body heat while remaining breathable, this lightweight snood is made with PrimaLoft®, a high performance thermal yarn. The snood can be used as a collar to keep cold air at bay or be pulled up over your nose and ears for added coverage while training in cold weather. This team edition version features the team’s updated 2021 kit design.

ef rapha

● Men’s & Women’s EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Aero Jersey: USD195 GBP145 AUD255 CAD270
● Men’s EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Bib Shorts II: USD270 GBP195 AUD340 CAD365
● Women’s EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Bib Shorts: USD270 GBP195 AUD340 CAD365
● EF Education-Nippo Pro Team Socks – Regular: USD20 GBP15 AUD27 CAD30
● EF Education-Nippo Musette: USD20 GBP15 AUD27 CAD30
● EF Education-Nippo Lightweight Snood: USD20 GBP15 AUD27 CAD30
● See more at:

The ABUS Pedelec 2.0 Is The Next-Gen Micromobility Helmet
Safety For Your Bike, eBike and eScooter


Designed specifically for urban use, the Pedelec 2.0 helmet from ABUS features an unmatched combination of safety and convenience features.

Visibility is the first line of defense in the city, so the Pedelec 2.0 features 360º visibility with bright retroreflectors, as well as a large and bright integrated rear LED light. The flashing red triangle LED is one of the largest helmet-mounted lights on the market.


With growing traffic congestion and eBikes and eScooters offering increased transit options, more riders are choosing to head out regardless of the weather forecast. The Pedelec 2.0 is rain-ready, with an integrated rear port hiding a rain cover that can be quickly deployed – the rear mount is fixed in the port and the cover hooks into place on the front, covering the vents for wet or cold weather use. Of course the cover features the same reflectors as the shell and splits around the LED light so both active and passive visibility systems remain functional when it’s dark and cloudy.


Rounding out the package are the clever Fidlock magnetic buckle for one-handed operation, ponytail compatibility for long locks, and full-coverage shell to keep the helmet protected from the minor dings associated with city use.


Pedelec 2.0 Features:
● Constructed with a double shell in-Mold for durable fusion of the outer shell and the shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS).
● The design includes deep temple and neck protection
● Integrated rechargeable Rear LED light
● Integrated Rain cover can quickly be pulled over the helmet
● 13 vents with integrated front fly nets
● Replaceable visor
● Zoom Ace dial-adjustment fit system
● Sizing: 52-57cm (Sm/Med); 56-62cm (L/XL)
● MSRP $149.99
● More info at:
● Affiliate Retailers: Target, Propel Bikes and Amazon.

SockGuy Releases 38 New Designs for Spring 2021


SockGuy has 38 new designs engineered to inspire athletes everywhere from roadies, mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and gym freaks. This release includes new designs ranging from a sock honoring 2020 showing a flaming dumpster to clouds, hearts, and cacti. We’re also launching four stripe designs in our SGX compression line, as well as a new sock style, SGX Sugar, which features a double-over cuff for added ankle support.

With 25 years as sock experts, SockGuy has been providing athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and pretty much everyone else with a high-performance fit and cool designs for hard-working/hard-playing feet. SockGuy socks are manufactured right here in the USA – no outsourcing, no cutting corners – just great-fitting, no blistering, high-styling socks.

See all of our new designs here.

New Designs:


New: SGX Stripes (compression + 6” cuff)


New: Sugar SGX (compression + 2.5” double-over cuff)


● SockGuy socks are available in fine athletic retailers around the world and online at
● MSRP is $10.95-$21.95.

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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Italian Road Star of the 90’s Mario Chiesa Gets PEZ’d!

04/16/2021 0:00

Ex-rider interview: Mario Chiesa stuck with the same manager his whole professional career and, more importantly, his manager stuck with him from 1988 to 1997. As ‘road captain’ he helped to guide riders like Marco Pantani, Urs Zimmermann and Claudio Chiappucci to some big victories. More recently he’s been behind the steering wheel of nine top teams. Thanks to Lucio Belli, Ed Hood caught up with Mario to get his story.

Mario Chiesa in Amstel 1988

Lucio Belli is a faithful PEZ reader, which is a big compliment because he doubts much of what he reads about cycling in the newspapers. He’s originally from Montichiari – home to the famous velodrome – but is now living in Polpenazze Del Garda with his girlfriend Eleonora. One of the reasons for his doubts about the Media are that he lives just 100 metres away from, and is close friends with Mario Chiesa, a man who rode at the highest levels in the sport for nigh on a decade starting in six Giro d’Italia, five Tours de France four Vueltas. Chiesa has now been in team management for some 20 plus years – there’s little this man can be told about the game of cycling.

When Lucio asked us if we’d like him to interview Mario on our behalf, what could we say but; ‘si, si, si!’

Start them young

PEZ: Did you ride for the Carrera amateur team before you turned professional, Mario?
Mario Chiesa:
Yes, it was called Carrera-Inoxpran and was the ‘satellite’ of the pro team that was already Carrera Vagabond; a few riders and small staff, very much a family environment.

Which one is Mario?

PEZ: You rode a very strong Valle d’Aosta stage race in 1987, that’s a shop window for the pro teams, did that seal your pro contract?
Yes, it was the victory at the Val of Aosta that was the definitive confirmation, I went well also in the Bergamasca Week where I made third on the fourth stage from Poulnikov on Saitov. Ours was a small amateur team with only five riders and we didn’t ride so many competitions – they wanted two riders to step up to the pro team and I was chosen.

with Carrera for many years

PEZ: Carrera, a big team with big personalities, it must have been a little overawing for a young rider to join such a squadra?
Certainly, I was a young man finding myself in the midst of so many champions, it was a great thing; the first few days I was a little scared, so much respect, but then I found them to be good guys.

PEZ: You remained loyal to Davide Boifava as your manager for your entire career – unusual in the sport.
First of all, the headquarters of the team was close to my home and in the team there was Chiappucci with whom I always got along very well; then for me becoming a sports director with Boifava was the natural evolution of things.

At the start of Gent-Wevelgem 1993

PEZ: The ’88 Vuelta as a neo-pro, that must have been tough?
I remember that we started well with my friend Ettore Pastorelli winning the first half-stage at Santa Cruz de Tenerife and wearing the yellow jersey. But then second half-stage was immediately difficult, Iñaki Gaston won that stage with Laudlino Cubino taking the jersey, which he held right up to Stage 15; Sean Kelly was the final overall victor that year. I wore the best young jersey and tried to defend it but lost it in the Pyrenees due to lack of experience. However, I remember that Vuelta with great pleasure, and I finished it with good legs. I was so young and between the Vuelta – which at the time was run in the spring – and a few northern classics we were away from home for almost two months competing against great champions.

On the cobbles of Wevelgem’94

PEZ: The Giro in ’89, always special for a young Italian.
Yes, the Giro for an Italian is always a very important thing. We had a good team, with Urs Zimmermann for the overall ranking, he finished sixth overall – and Acacio Da Silva for stage hunting; he won Stage Two on Etna. And we won, with Jure Pavlic, the blue jersey of the Intergiro competition (blue jersey) but I still remember the cold I suffered from on the three peaks of Lavaredo.

Henninger Turm 1993

PEZ: Your win in the Trofeo Matteotti in ’90, your memories?
Strangely enough I remember little of Matteotti; maybe it was the tension of the race, my luck was that there were two teams (Ariostea and Del Tongo) who were at war with each other and the breakaway could not get away. When finally the breakaway started I was there and played my cards – I was good but also lucky.

Rominger, Chiappucci and Chiesa

PEZ: Tell us about mentoring the late Marco Pantani at Carrera.
When he became a professional in Carrera we immediately understood that he had an uncommon engine. In uphill training sessions he stayed with people like the Russian, 1996 Giro winner, Pavel Tonkov who was another great talent. Marco at the beginning was a very polite, guy, shy, respectful and of few words. At his first Tour of Italy he was forced to retire for a tendinitis, but the year after in 1994 he showed to all what he was capable of.

Leading the Tour peloton

PEZ: How did you evolve into team, ‘road captain’?
In reality I have never felt a ‘road captain’, more of a faithful gregario; of course for some young people of the team I was seen as a road captain, but I felt more of a faithful gregario; solid, one who had to be there when the captain needed me.

PEZ: The Tour de France in ’92, how did it compare to the Vuelta and Giro?
That was my first experience at the very highest level, a difficult Tour but with a lot of satisfaction, with Chiappucci’s stage win at Sestriere and our second place in the team time trial.

At the start of Paris-Roubaix 1997 with Asics

PEZ: Those Tour TTT’s must have been savage with guys like Bontempi in the squadra?
Definitely wild – you said it right! When I think about it I still feel the pain in my legs.

PEZ: Your final season with Asics – you were only 31 years-old, why quit?
I started as a sports director in 1998 at ASICS then in ‘99 Riso Scotti. It was a choice I made looking to the future. I could have continued as a rider but I preferred to look ahead and start moving in a parallel world by getting in the car. Let’s say that I anticipated the times a little but I think I made the right choice.

DS with IAM

PEZ: You moved into team management with Riso Scotti, how difficult was it to make the transition to the team car? The first year as sports director with Asics there was Serge Parsani (who then went to Mapei) there, he was a man of great experience and from whom I learned much, therefore it was easier for me. In ASICS there were many great champions such as Bartoli and Bettini; when the team wins it is easier for everyone to do their job, you are calmer. The following year with Riso Scotti and without Parsani let’s say that I had to manage on my own, but still I did it – all experience.

Not easy being a DS

PEZ: You’ve managed with a few teams: Riso, Fasa, Tenax, Liquigas, IAM, Bahrain – your favourite and why?
I’ve had a good time everywhere, but if I have to name names I’d say Fassa, Liquigas and IAM for their mentality, organisation and professionalism. But I repeat, it’s not that I’ve had any particular problems with the others.

‘I’ve had a good time everywhere’

PEZ: How have managerial styles changed in the time you’ve been in the sport?
Everything has changed with the World Tour; once, even the big teams were managed as a family. There was dialogue between all members of staff; today in a large team everything is airtight, all sectoral, it has become less family and more industry.

Yes, that’s Terence Hill

PEZ: Which day of your career is most memorable?
I’ve had so many great memories but I’d say 1992, the first Tour de France and the arrival on the Champs Élysées.

Still on the bike

PEZ: Looking back, anything you would do differently?
No, I would do everything the same.

With the ISEO team

PEZ: What are your plans for 2021?
To bring a rider from my current team (ISEO RIME CARNOVALI SIAS) into the pro ranks and finish in the top 3 at the Giro Bio.

Lucio and Mario

# With thanks to Lucio Belli and Mario Chiesa. Photos from Mario’s collection, if not other wise credited. #

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